WTC responder spearheads three-way kidney transplant

Good luck John. - Jon


John Feal, a Nesconset resident and former demolition expert, has dedicated his life to helping others after losing half his foot working at the World Trade Center site in the aftermath of 9/11.

August 30, 2007

In January, John Feal was ready to give his kidney to a perfect stranger. But they weren't a good match.

That bad news led to a series of events that will culminate this morning in a Manhattan hospital and potentially save not one life, but three.

The daisy chain started by Feal includes six surgeons who will conduct three simultaneous kidney transplants at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.

Feal, 40, of Nesconset, said he will give his kidney to a recipient, whose spouse will give a kidney to a second recipient, whose spouse will give a kidney to Paul Grossfeld. Grossfeld, 56, from New Jersey, was the intended recipient of Feal's kidney, but Feal was a better match for someone else. So the chain, called paired donation, was established.

"I feel great," Feal said Wednesday. "I feel like I've been training for a prizefight."

There were 17,090 kidney transplants in the nation last year, according to the National Kidney Foundation, which does not tally the number of paired donations. But a foundation representative said that procedure is relatively new.

NewYork-Presbyterian confirmed the operations were scheduled to take place but would not identify any of the patients, citing strict patient confidentiality laws.

Feal heads the Fealgood Foundation, an organization that advocates for and gives financial assistance to 9/11 responders and workers who have fallen ill since working at Ground Zero.

Grossfeld, a former Queens resident, found Feal's Web site last year while desperately searching for a donor. A former volunteer paramedic in North Massapequa who has suffered from kidney disease and diabetes for years, Grossfeld e-mail- ed Feal to ask whether he could post an appeal for a kidney to Feal's Web site. He soon got a call back from Feal saying, "You got yourself a kidney."

Grossfeld, appreciative of all Feal has done, said Wednesday, "It's been a rough road."

"I'm ready, though," Grossfeld said. "I'm taking my last dialysis treatment right now."

Feal, who was a consultant for Michael Moore's health-care documentary film "Sicko," began his efforts because of his own pain. Seven days after the terrorist attacks, Feal was working demolition at Ground Zero when an 8,000-pound steel beam fell on his left foot. A former Army veteran, Feal made a tourniquet out of his belt and yelled for help. Soon after treatment for the injury, gangrene set in and he lost half his foot.

As he began to recover, he decided his calling was to help other 9/11 responders and workers, including those with respiratory illnesses from working in the toxic environment.

Feal said his gift of life to an anonymous recipient is his way to shed light on all those responders and workers now in need of lung and kidney transplants themselves.

"I'm committed to 9/11 issues," said Feal, who cites a 9/11 worker he knows who says he now needs a double-lung transplant. "The real reason I'm doing this is to spread awareness of the needs of 9/11 responders. If people on Long Island read this and sign their organ donor on their license, I've done my job."

Best wishes, John! You are amazing.

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Good luck guys

I gave a kidney to my aunt in 2002. We both are feeling fine and healthy since that day.
I hope everything goes well with you all.


God bless...

and again, John, much respect.
We've spoken over e-mail and I can't stress enough the forever debt we are into you
and your foundation for doing the things you have done.

And another thanks to Jon Gold for continuously bringing this movement back to 'reality' when it comes to the value
held on human life - for the reasons we are continuing to fight every day for a new investigation.

Mark in Philly

John is such a true hero

Words don't even begin to describe a spirit such as his.

Something We Can All Agree On

John Feal is a hero. I am awed by his sacrifice.


The 9/11 Truth Movement has been covering the environmental impact of 9/11, and the lies surrounding it for as long as I can remember. The 9/11 Truth Movement has held fund-raisers for the 9/11 first responder community.

What has the "Debunker Movement" done for them? Nothing?

I can't speak for John Feal, but if he was aware of the devious, dishonest, underhanded, and aggressive efforts you make against those of us in the 9/11 Truth Movement, I can almost guarantee he would want nothing to do with you.

I was trying to hold my tongue, but you make me sick.

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John Feal = American Patriot and hero

Thank you John for setting an amazing precedent. You have a large heart.

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Oprah looks for footage from 9/11

I'm about to go to sleep...

And my thoughts are with John Feal. May everything go right, as I'm SURE it will.

Edit: I just heard that John Feal is doing fine, and is already "wisecracking." He got out of surgery a half hour ago.

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Is what a hero looks like...

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damn right. what an amazing

damn right. what an amazing guy. i dont impress easy but this guy is in a class all by himself.

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I would also like to thank Jon Gold.for all his efforts in helping the first responders. You're a damn good man John Feel ! May God be with you!


Just spoke to John. I asked him how he's doing, and he said, "I'm a little lighter." He said all 6 people did well. He is already walking around, and they are letting him out tomorrow.

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Absolutely amazing.


Sent him flowers, two teddy bears, and two balloons with a note that says, "You are my hero."

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John is home...

John and Paul...

By the way...

The FealGood Foundation gave 9/11 Family Member Michele Little the money she needed to buy a plane ticket to be here for the anniversary. I can guarantee it made her "FealGood."

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