More Google Censorship: Zeitgeist Views Reset

I checked "ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Film" this morning 9/2 and the views were 32,750.

I put in "zeitgeist" on Google and it came up in the main page results ranked 4th. But go to the video, and the views are reset.

This event is exactly what has happened to Alex Jones's videos time and time again.

Get active and tell people about Google censorship.

I forgot to mention that the

I forgot to mention that the last time I checked the Zeitgeist views was just a week or so ago, and I'm pretty sure it had more than 1.8 million views since June 26th (the post date). I'm not sure about those numbers though. Does anyone have the latest true stats on the views before they were reset?

it was over 2 million about

it was over 2 million about 3 days ago - was trying to find a way to see the viewing trends for an extended period of time and ran into a dead end.

I don't think the number of viewers is dependent on its rank in Google Video's ranking as most people link to the directly of which the google video is embedded. But at about 50K a day - not counting torrent downloads (of which the one in my sig is just one of dozens) googles reseting is just to keep the MSM from reporting on its popularity, rather pathological to destroy facts so you can insure acceptance of your conclusions.
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America: Freedom to Fascism

They did the same thing to Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism. That had over 3 million views at one time.

They've done something

They've done something similiar with my own little movie, The Third Stage:

Although they never reset the count they froze it for weeks at a time. At least a dozen people noticed this and commented on it.

Right now it stands at 75,000. I have no idea what the actual count is.

Do no evil? Um yeah....

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counter was set to original value

Probably too many people noticed this google messing with numbers.