Clarifying our own program - help me out here folks.

I have been engaged in a spirited exchange at Dissident Voice with Rosemarie, who was trivializing the efforts of 9/11 Truth activists, and embracing the blow-back theory without reservation.

She did hit one of the other posters with the following salvo (below, along with part of my reply), which demands a good response I think. Can any of you help me out on this? I don't feel that I have a completely articulated position on this currently, and could use advise. See: for the whole article and comments thread.

mike zimmer said on September 12th, 2007 at 1:58 pm #

... you raise legitimate questions here:

“Brian…you say that there is already enough proof to convict. If that is true why is there NO Conviction, NO Indictment, and NO Trial. In my view, even IF there was absolute proof, it might not matter. You are placing too much confidence in the Judicial process. As others have said (to paraphrase), “If the Court system worked, they wouldn’t let us use it.” Here’s just one of the many roadblocks - the whole issue of Expert Witnesses, which your case would require. Expert witness are otherwise known as “Liars for Hire”. I have written articles about that problem in the Courts. It is unlikely that your side could match the amount of money that the “Defendants” in this case would have. In usa courts it is usual for the side with the most money to win. Are efforts going forward to get a Trial? Do you believe that it would be a fair process that would result in truth and justice? If so, why do you have faith in that branch of the same government that you are trying to expose? Do you have a Plan B that would not require Court action?”

These are serious questions, and deserve a serious response. Others have addressed many of them, in diverse articles. You clearly understand some of the issues (not meaning to be patronizing). I am not going to address them here, since they clearly deserve an article in their own right. It could be an important article, if handled correctly. I am going to run these questions by others whose opinions I respect. Maybe I can talk someone else into doing the heavy lifting.

Mike Zimmer