2 New Yorkers have just released their 9/11 Video Footage

Almost 13 minutes. Excellent quality. Never seen before.
The videographer is right beside the towers when the second plane hits. I got chills watching this. Several jumpers are seen falling. Not for the faint of heart. The hosting website is in Belgium and the server a little slow. I paused the video so it would download a bit ahead, then resumed play.

Show "double" by AboveAverageAmerican


Around that time, a half second before the 2nd plane strikes, you can witness very clearly, explosions of black smoke at least a floor below the already blown out windows. Magicians know all about misdirection.

Are you not making an assumption...

based upon the sound of the second plane striking WTC2? You are failing to take into account that there woul be a delay of that sound wave reaching the camera. You could only correct for that delay if the second plane were also seen on this video.

After replaying the section during second plane's impact several times, this is what I have noticed. There appear to be at least three large black plumes ejected at the same level from the east side of WTC1. there is the appearance that they come from one or more floors below the existing black smoke plumes. However, there are also grey-white plumes that are ejected a little furtherr down, as well.
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I watched this over and over again full screen on a 27 inch monitor, something dynamic happens in that tower as the other one is being hit.


........As soon as you hear the plane coming into the south tower.it damn well looks like there is an explosion in the north tower.

10:06 Zoom in and see intact

10:06 Zoom in and see intact outer columns. Also note from this angle we clearly see the South Tower's damage from the plane has basically missed the entire core structure. This is some heartbreaking footage here. It's also valuable because it provvides further evidence for Controlled Demolition. It should also help clarify how we will punish the culprits responsible for the mass murder of Americans. I believe we'll have to consider pushing the murderers off the top of a skyscraper.

Can the no-planers finally

Can the no-planers finally put their case to rest?

Did you guys catch the Manhattan Demolition Truck passing by the camera around 9:20, I got chill seeing that.

Manhattan Demolition Company, Inc.


Manhattan Demolition Company, Inc.
816 43rd Avenue
Long Island, NY 11101
Phone: 718-361-0397

SIC: 1795
Sales: $2.5-5 Million
Employees: 50 - 99
Special Trade Contractors
Wrecking and demolition work


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Can you put this on the front page please?

Red Truck Manhattan Demolition

Did anyone else catch the irony of seeing that huge red truck that looked like a garbage truck with enormous lettering from back to front that read MANHATTAN DEMOLITION? Surreal.

(edited) Oops, sorry, someone mentioned that same thing a few post ago)

No Plane Theory -

No Plane Theory - TvFakery
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Lets hope so.

Lets hope so.

haha, if only you were right

haha, if only you were right about that. the sad thing is they'll just say this video was "tv fakery" as well. thats whats so convenient about that ridiculous theory, when evidence to the contrary comes up you can just call it all fake.

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Someone make sure that

Someone make sure that Professor Steven Jones gets this as well as Richard Gage. Matter of fact, I'll email this to Gage, but if anyone knows how to get a hold of Steven Jones, please email this. The explosions just prior to the second plane hitting are, in my opinion, a huge, huge development.

I agree

Gage needs to see this.

Ok, I looked at it again and

Ok, I looked at it again and now I'm not so sure. Maybe the apparent "explosions" are really just from the second plane hitting and, like someone already suggested, seem to occur before because of the difference in sound time. Plus, why is it only on that particular side of the building. sorry for the initial enthusiasm.

theres other videos that clearly show

explosions going off in the North tower at the time the south tower is struck. This video is not a good example of it but many others exist.

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Are you maybe jumping the gun here??

I looked at the "blast" around 6:20 and it seems like the blast wave from the second hit caused it. So the sound took a second or two to reach the camera. Do you see something else that I'm not getting?

Also could you point out where in the film this "demolition truck" is?

On a side note, notice around 0:15 to 0:26 seconds he says "smashed into the Twin Towers" twice in the same manner, with the same inflection in his voice?

Could be...

...lets throw it on top of the coincidence pile heavy enough to collapse a skyscraper. Back to sleep...

9:22 Red truck

The red truck starts to enter the video frame at 9:22, its full frame in the video and blocks the recording as it passes.

Looked at it again

I looked at it over and over and it seems like something came form INSIDE the North Tower, aside from the blast wave pushing the outside smoke.Could a blast wave been so big that it pushed out new plumes of smoke from another building?

That is kinda weird.


...Will Rodriguez experienced pre-stirke explosions from the first plane, it is likely the pattern was the same for the second. Misdirection.

It needs to be compared

with existing videos. Great new footage by the way!

To me it appears as if there is an explosion in the tower. New smoke plumes appear 2 or 3 floors below the existing fire.

I guess it could be the blast wave...on the other hand the blast does not appear to have much effect on the existing smoke???

Good point about the smoke

It doesn't seem to affect the less dense smoke. But wave propagation might do the reverse of what you/we think.

If I think about it all though,what are the chances that someone would time a demo exactly at the point of impact in another building? I don't hear any overlapping "booms" in the audio. It all seems kinda far fetched, but then again, events are obviously happening WITHIN the North Tower to make smoke go OUTWARD.

I'm stumped.

Wow! Video fakery WITH audio fakery

Lighten up, I'm kidding.

Now THAT is bad karma. Being hit and killed by debris that far away.

And then the wuss videographer ran away and missed out on some great shots.

He had a nice camera, though. It took nice images.

Where the Hell have these people been these last several years???

And, as I've stated before, how much more is out there that we haven't seen and don't know about.

Here is some more new, unseen video:


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To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein