Poster! "Google 9/11 Truth"

Hit the streets!

--->Download full size poster

The file is in the .png format which can be opened with Microsoft Paint.
This image is sweet for printing out huge banners as well as small posters (in Paint you can go to Page Setup and select Fit to: to adjust the number of pages it will take up).

p.s. I recommend purchasing a hand-held tape roller if you're going to be posting them up--they're only about 10 bucks!

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instead of at the bottom, please write it as

Its easier to read.

And if you make the font of the "P" and the "Q" larger, it will be even easier to read (people can see words easily -- a bunch of lower case letters they won't remember after a quick glance).

Also, others have raised the point that Google has a disinfo site as the top hit for "9/11 Truth". See


yeah that's a solid suggestion. I'll make that modification when I get home from work!

GW or anyone else: once I've got that done, how do I go about editing the attachment so the new image is there?

Great Suggestion GW

How about having a search engine of our own - some type of Genuine 911 Truth Resource.

For eg. 911 Blogger is an EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR 911 truth links.

I am sure there are plenty of smart people out there who can develop some type of accurate and reliable non-censored Search Resource / Engine for the 911 Truth Movement.


Just a thought.

Why do we have to rely on the Military-Industrial-Complex collaborators to do this.

We can slowly and surely build websites with our own search engines and link resources to GOOD INFORMATION uncensored by shadow government stooges.

We have the Will, the Technology.

Let's make the Time.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.

GREAT NEWS !!!!! is back and TOP of the Google index when searching for "" and "9/11 Truth"

Please try and confirm...

Thanks to all that contacted Google and got them to check and fix their index...


Cheered me up !!!

Best wishes

confirmed! sadly the screw

confirmed! sadly the screw loose douches are still right underneath though.....

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


It's a brilliant start though, certainly looking much better than it did earlier :-{)

The screwers wouldn't accept 9/11TRUTH if it was sat on their laps... Like the NIST mob they're only interested in ANTI-science and ANTI-truth

I would not be suprised if they worked for "public relation" companies, funded by....

Of course this is just my opinion...

Best wishes

i tend to think the Screw

i tend to think the Screw Losers are just useful idiots who do what they do out of fear(of the truth) and anger(at us for shattering their simple worldviews). 911myths on the other hand, i would have to assume are a bit more "professional" if you know what i mean. have we ever figured out who runs that site or are they still using only first names and nicknames?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Hey Chris...

I don't know whether to LOL (pun intended) or LMFAO

Not a "screwer" in sight now :-{)

Thanks all and thanks Google !!!

Best wishes

Attachment link not showing??

For some reason the attachment link is only showing when I'm logged in. Are attachments only available to people who are logged in?
If so, that's not good--I'm sure there's a lot of people who visit the site who have not registered for a user ID.
Can someone confirm that? Thanks

I just tried it and it

I just tried it and it appears to work when you're not logged in.

You should be able to edit your post when you have a new image available, it will put it back into the moderation queue after you update it, but we'll get it back online before too long.

I took off the attachment...

I'm not sure how you got it to work Somebigguy!
I've tried on two different computers--both times I couldn't access the attachment without being logged in.
So I've removed it and put a direct url link.

edit: Hmm the attachment is still there for some reason--I tried to remove the damn thing when I edited the page...guess it obviously didn't work!

Actually, it turned out the

Actually, it turned out the attachment you tried to include was too big, so thats why it didn't work when you tried it. I attached a much smaller version just for the blog entry, thats the attachment you are seeing.

google is not your friend!!

I would stick with simple links you know,. google is filtering and providing links to misdirection web sites,.
when I google 9/11 Truth the top site is; why you think that is,. humm,.
second link is; with that,. you give a 50/50 chance for people to find Fetzer's crap,. not good truth,.
and the third link is wikipedia's titled; "9/11 conspiracy theories" not a good start,. and wikipedia is quick becoming a propaganda tool ot the fascists and there bottomless pockets,. yes that is the main stumbleing block of this here truth movement the neo-con fascists have ENDLESS money supply ,. this can not be combated in the current system,. . they ARE the banks and the banks create money,. go figure,. military -industrial -congretional -complex, yeah that's it. and now that they have full control over the creation of money,. and can hire lackeys to shill all over the free net,. by just pointing to google you are letting them set the tune,. hope is becomeing very tough to find.

good point about google

I tried on both google and yahoo. What a difference - I dropped google as homepage.

But google

is lingua franca for SEARCH

probably time to ditch that slogan

Is "Google 9/11 Truth" worth salvaging?

Hey YT: someone replied to your mini-article that "'Google 9/11 Truth' is a simple and powerful phrase that is definitely worth salvaging." I definitely agree.

That individual also posted on how we can employ Google bombing to fight back. Check it out: !

is it accurate or is it manipulated?

yes, it is quite a good idea to make your sites compatible with Google's search bots,. that could help overall Truth preasence on Google results pages,.
HOWEVER,. that is if you think that the current results are based on the regular methods and is not being manipulated. If you go look over at you will see the current situation with their emails and how all the huge corrporate freemail systems hotmail, yahoo, etc, have been refusing to deliver!!! I suspect the net will get worse and worse as far as fascist manipulations of open discussions, email notices, and search results,. and eventualy the dissidentes i.e. US! will be weeded out altogether,. just look what happens in Burma or any more milliteristic and totalitarin regime,. I just heard from a guy fresh back from India that when ever the millitary pulls an opperation all the cellphones in the area go down. we are becomeing addicted to media we cant possible hope to control,. i.e net/cels etc. they are easily shut down by the regulators or the military,. . at the behest of the new Emperor. Sorry to be a downer,. but just look at how the system gets you hooked and then pulls the plug,. its a real tactic.

This slogan doesn't deliver anymore.. has been removed from the Google search pages, so if that's where you want to send people-- no dice. Google is pissing me off. Even a Google search for "" itself won't bring up!

I was in this dilema with a letter to the editor recently, and not being able to use an actual link, I went with Google "9/11 Proof" and "Patriots Question 9/11". These both were very effective as my intended site comes up first each time.

I also like the idea of just a poster which says "Question 9/11!" and then gives and

But "Google 9/11 Truth" is not the answer. Looks good though.

Google is proving itself a joke...

finding it hard to believe that Googling "" would not list as top result, tried it, and you are 100% correct.


The webmaster of needs to contact Google because the results it presents are a FARCE !!!

Thanks for the heads-up

Best wishes

Yeah--their webmaster does need to contact Google...

...Doesn't look as if that has happened yet though--in the article that have written on this issue they are just recommending using a different search engine (

But why wouldn't their webmaster be able to contact Google and get this straightened out??
Seems like it would be fairly easy to me.

Just sent this email to the Webmaster...

"Hey Mr. webmaster: I saw there is an article on your site regarding this. But the article is just recommending people just switch search engines (“May we simply offer a recommendation to readers, based on what's become more evident in terms of life with Google? We think it's clearly time to find a different way of living in the virtual information world--A way that doesn't include Google in your sphere of friends.”).

But why are you guys laying down for them? Could you not contact Google and fix this up? I mean if you search for ‘’ your main site doesn’t even appear.
There’s no way they could not fix that!

I am just concerned because it doesn’t seem (from the article) that any action has been taking to fix this.
Thank you."

Janice Matthews runs the site

and it just so happens that she is going to be the guest on my radio show tonight -

we will be talking about this, among other things :)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Last I knew

their webmaster was Dan Nalven (still is so far as I know).

YT: how did the radio show go?

Is Janice trying to get this fixed with Google?

Btw, I haven't gotten a reply to my email yet.

911blogger member...


Had a brilliant suggestion, you can find it at...

Everyone can do it, it takes only a few minutes, no registration required, just an online form.

The fight for "9/11 Truth" on Google has commenced.

Best wishes


ADDED - You can listen to the 01-Oct show archive at :


Thanks for that fight-back tip!

I just used it.

Also I got a reply from the webmaster (Dan M. Nalven):

"Hi Patrick,

Trying to get a straight answer from google is like fighting city hall.

Something insidious has been done to redirect google's bots and we are
trying to get to the bottom of it.

Don't rest assured that we can do this on our own (any and all help is
appreciated) though we will post any relevant news and updates...

I had the same problem!

I agree that it's AMAZING that you can Google and not get a listing for the website!

Why don't you use the "Yahoo! search" image instead for your sign?

This is Bullshit ! Everyone

This is Bullshit !
Everyone now knows that Google filters and therefore the words 911 truth.
If you want people to go to screwloosechange - then you are promoting the right actions.

911 Truth and Google don't go hand in hand.

If you want people to see the truth - you would know that.

Do not put google and 911 truth on the same sign.

Hello............! - 911 Videos + Clips

just as a matter of interest

hm, interesting comments above me....
I've seen "Google WTC7" slogans on shirts and so before and that seemed kinda cool, cause I'd expect people to be intrigued by it

so anyhow, I tried to Google "911 Truth" and the results were funny, with Press for Truth on top and Screw Looschange pretty high as well...Ill post it here below, just remember it's the dutch google version

and yeah, as of matter of interest, why did you choose the Dutch Flag as your background for that banner? Or just a coincidence? ;P (although the blue is almost light enough to be the flag of Luxembourg, lol)

11 press for truth
84 min - 4,6 van de 5,0

Screw Loose Change Video index site
When did the Truth require a Second Edition or a Final Cut? ... that back up the Screw Loose Change video claims and counters a few other theories on 9/11 ... - 9k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's - Noteren | Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Mission Statement: To research and to disseminate the truth of the 9/11 “collapses” of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings to every architect and engineer Why are ... - 336k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's - Noteren

Scholars For 9/11 Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth: The 9/11 scholars group has two major websites. Visit either of both of these to learn the truth about 9/11. - 3k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's - Noteren
9/11 Truth Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 9/11 Truth Movement is the name adopted by the loosely-connected organizations and individuals that question the mainstream account of the September 11, ... - 160k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's - Noteren
AE911Truth - Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth Homepage. - 67k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's - Noteren

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

You got 'Press for Truth' #1 ??

I just tried googling '9/11 truth' and it was still the site at #1.

We need a new sign badly!

I wanted to print a bunch of these but after reading the comments I'm convinced the words should be changed. Google is not my friend or a friend of truth.

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