The Military Drills of September 11th: Why a New Investigation is Needed

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The Military Drills of September 11th: Why a New Investigation is Needed

by Elizabeth Woodworth - 9/27/2007

Information regarding military exercises is classified and difficult to research. Though there was unusually high and confusing drill activity on 9/11, this strange coincidence has not gained much public notice. This essay quotes military officials from their own magazines, and compares their statements to what the 9/11 Commission wrote about the so-called surprise factor, and also to the Commission's position that the drills aided the response.

Though both the 9/11 Commission Report and members of the Bush Administration repeatedly stated that the use of planes as weapons could not have been predicted, other official sources indicate that military exercises had been underway to counteract this very possibility.

1. Was it a Surprise that Hijacked Planes Were Used as Weapons on 9/11?

The element of surprise has been widely given (and quoted) as the reason why the 9/11 attacks were so successful against the world’s greatest military power.

Before proceeding to the statements on both sides of the issue, the context for these attacks should be understood in light of three defense procedures which were unusually and significantly changed in the months preceding 9/11:

1. A May 8th 2001 Statement by the President gave responsibility for coordinating, training and planning all national defense programs related to weapons of mass destruction to Vice President Cheney, whose office was not part of the National Command Authority. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission that he was present and observed Dick Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center tracking the position of Flight 77 for many miles as it approached the Pentagon. “Based on Norm Minetta's testimony and other information, it appears that the military have regarded Cheney as a ‘Deputy Commander-in-Chief’. They also understand that he is the real power behind the throne...It appears that Vice President Dick Cheney was in charge of all the many air defense exercises that took place on the morning of September 11, 2001."

2. The 1997 hijacking scramble protocol CJCSI 3610, which distinguished emergent situations (requiring immediate action between the FAA and the military) from non-emergent situations (requiring decision input from the highest levels of the DoD) was rewritten June 1, 2001, as ordered by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. As a result, the number of fighter-interceptor scrambles fell from the usual average of 7-8 per month before the rewrite, to zero during the 3.3 months before September 11th, and to zero on September 11th itself.

3. Changes in the dates of annual and semi-annual military air defense exercises resulted in an unprecedented concentration of air drills on September 11th, and included hijackings and drills in which planes hit buildings. These will be explored later.

The transfer of two line defense roles to senior members of the Bush-Cheney Administration, paired with the concentration of air drills on the day itself, raise serious questions regarding the success of the attacks.


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The 9/11 Truth B-Team

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Excellent article

Well researched.

The question I have had for years is this: How unusual is it to have that number of war games exercises overlap? That is, I would like to know from a military person how often they have overlapping exercises, and how often they have this many overlapping exercises.

Of course, on the surface it looks incriminating. I think it's a huge smoking gun. But can we get confirmation from someone that indeed the military often/sometimes/never has this many overlapping scenarios in one place?

Numerous Overlapping War Games

that acually mimic the actual attacks! (Amalgam Virgo, Vigilant Guardian, the NRO drills of planes crashing into buildings, etc.)
This is far and away one of the most bizarre and suspicious aspects of 9/11-- and one of the best lines of attack for truthers to pursue. Our movement has made great strides with awareness of Building 7 this year, and now we should make War Games a second priority.

Has anyone heard the CD of original songs by Thomas Hansen, PhD. called "HIDING 9/11?" His first song is called "Those Lucky Terrorists" and is about War Games. Very cool songs. I highly recommend everyone get a free CD from Thomas by emailing him:
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Off Topic - but needs attention:
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The 9/11 Truth B-Team

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The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.


Read a response to the cartoon here:

Wolsey comments here:
"Not a bad likeness, although my girlfriend says my chin isn’t as long. One thing for sure, they got my cheap sunglasses! For a background on the ongoing attacks on me, Cosmos, Arabesque, and Col. Jenny Sparks, be sure and read my essay, 9-11 Synthetic Error - The meltdown of Webster G. Tarpley."

I haven't had a chance to read this article yet, but I'm glad to see the military drills highlighted. They need to be taken seriously by the 9/11 truth movement as they are extremely incriminating.

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Elizabeth Woodworth's article has errors in it.

She mixes up Vigilant Guardian with Northern Vigilance. V.G. was the domestic air-emergency exercise that included hijack scenarios, which the NEADS people were expecting to start that morning and which therefore initially confused them ("Is it real world or exercise?") V.G. did not involve a North Pole scenario, as she writes. V.G. would be logically paired with the Vigilant Warrior mentioned by Clark (presumably the red team). It is unlikely Clark is making a mistake in the designation, for reasons argued in the following article by myself, which I think gives a superior treatment to the issue:

Northern Vigilance was an Operation (not an exercise) in response to the Russian maneuvers scheduled for that day. This is what sent forces to the North Pole. This is also what the Commission acknowledges in its footnote, without mentioning any of the other exercises.

NORAD announced N.V. days in advance with a press release:

NORAD Maintains Northern Vigilance

Sept. 9, 2001

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN AFS, Colo. – The North American Aerospace Defense Command shall deploy fighter aircraft as necessary to Forward Operating Locations (FOLS) in Alaska and Northern Canada to monitor a Russian air force exercise in the Russian arctic and North Pacific ocean.

“NORAD is the eyes and ears of North America and it is our mission to ensure that our air sovereignty is maintained,” said Lieutenant-General Ken Pennie, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of NORAD. “Although it is highly unlikely that Russian aircraft would purposely violate Canadian or American airspace, our mission of vigilance must be sustained.”

NORAD-allocated forces will remain in place until the end of the Russian exercise.

NORAD conducted operation Northern Denial from December 1 to 14, 2000 in response to a similar, but smaller scale, Russian deployment of long-range bombers at northern Russian air bases. NORAD-allocated forces were deployed to three FOLS, two in Alaska and one in Canada. More than 350 American and Canadian military men and women were in involved in the deployment.


The fact that the Russians were holding their own real-world maneuvers in the Arctic on that day, serving up the pretext for the U.S. to respond by doing the same, raises potentially interesting questions. Perhaps this is what determined the rescheduling of Global Guardian (the umbrella of joint Stratcom/NORAD/Spacecom exercises) for this period, instead of October as originally planned. I suppose it's also possible that the Russians colluded in 9/11 as part of a deal in which the U.S. has done nothing to expose the Moscow 9/99 false-flag apartment bombings engineered by the FSB. ("I have looked into President Putin's eyes, and seen that he is a man with a good soul," GWB said.)

Woodworth altogether missed Timely Alert II and TRIPOD II, both potentially important parts of the picture. Also covered in my article at the link above. Also, she apparently did not track down the Amalgam Virgo documents that have been made public, and which are very revealing about both the June 2001 exercise and the plans for July 2002 (hijack scenario involving a plane flying to the Capitol building). Finally, there is the interesting matter of the primary radar gaps that may have been employed in creating further confusion.

I wonder if she went through the many treatments of this issue. Her article's pretty good on the whole, but could be better.

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

Interesting point

'I suppose it's also possible that the Russians colluded in 9/11 as part of a deal in which the U.S. has done nothing to expose the Moscow 9/99 false-flag apartment bombings engineered by the FSB. ("I have looked into President Putin's eyes, and seen that he is a man with a good soul," GWB said.)'

Interesting point--I hadnt thought of that before. Of course, the false-flag op in Moscow has been exposed as such anyway, but a U.S. promise to keep looking the other way might still have been sufficiently of value to Putin et al. to cooperate with 9/11 in some degree.