5 Minute Strike


The 9/11 General Strike was a great idea, but it didn't work.

Why not? Because not enough people participated. It didn't send a message loud enough for the tyrants to notice. It didn't put a dent in the corporate machinery or the "bottom line" or the machinery of government.

The problem wasn't getting the word out. The General Strike was advertised really well. The problem, instead, was that many people (including most Americans) were too comfortable and not motivated enough to take a whole day off from work, from shopping or from school.

But if we don't strike and protest in large numbers, then -- given how worthless both blue and red politicians are -- the slide towards fascism will continue until it is complete.

So are we helpless? No. I think people just aren't pissed off enough yet to pour out into the streets. We have to do a better job of educating people about what's really going on.

And I would would argue that, by thinking smaller (at least in the short-run), we may actually get bigger results.

Instead of taking a whole day off, let's take 5 minutes off. Almost everyone can sneak away from work for 5 minutes. Everyone can stop shopping for 5 minutes. Many students can make an excuse and get away from their class for 5 minutes.

If, instead of a couple of thousand people engaging in a general strike, we can get a lot of people to take 5 minutes off, it will send a clear message to the wanna-be emperors in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere that we're here, we're awake, and we know that we have the power to shut down the whole economic, social and political machine if we want.

I propose every Tuesday at 10:03 a.m. local time. Why 10:03? That is the time that the 9/11 attacks ended, and the last hijacked plane crashed, according to the 9/11 Commission. Because many of our freedoms have been taken away since the horrible attacks of 9/11, and two wars (and counting) waged based upon 9/11, and because numerous highly-credible people question the 9/11 Commission's findings, the Tuesday at 10:03 a.m. time is appropriate.

So take 5 minutes once a week to walk out of work or school (and don't buy anything for those 5 minutes). EVERYONE can spare 5 minutes. And if enough of us do it, we will send a message loud enough to be heard by the powers-that-be.

Context: The Indonesian people stood up to tyranny and won. The Ukranian people stood up to tyranny and won. The East German people stood up to tyranny and won. The people of the Phillipines, South Korea, Bangladesh, Serbia, Czechoslovakia and other countries around the world have won against tyranny whenever ordinary people have poured into the streets in massive numbers and demanded freedom.

What about present day American people? The U.S. has turned or is close to becoming fascist. Are we standing up to the tyranny in our country?

America taught the world something about the fight for liberty back in 1776. But we've forgotten what it means to be free people. We've forgotten that we have the power to make the government start representing us and respecting our freedom. Perhaps looking at modern people in other countries who have stood up to tyranny will help us to remember our power.

Spending 5 minutes once a week peacefully protesting is a good place to start. It might not be much, but it will get people in the habit of taking action to protect their rights and liberties, and will help wake people up from their stupor and inertia of passivity.

Remember, we're talking 10:03 a.m. local time -- wherever you live.

Just like JFK,. Americans seem willing to just let 9/11 go,. .

People are resiliant and just like to put the past behind them and move on,. most people will just live with what ever the powers that be crap down on them, contented with what little they are left to keep. Strikeing for 5 min. could be symbolic,. perhaps, however I think the majority of america has prooven that they are incapable of 'inconvienencing' themselves,. and that they have no moral problems with the wars being waged on poor people around the world for the benefit of some American wealthy elite class, that they still aspire to be a part of!
Instead of making all these largly fruitless efforts to get these pathetic sheep to join us in embracing reality over the lies of the TV spin culture,. perhaps we should just disengage from the system,. . insain radical capitalism has created a culture of vast over consumption,. has removeed the connections of people to the land, and devided people,. keeping them locked in suberbia, planted front of the propoganda machine of television. Perhaps it is better to remove our support from the system fully ,. and band together with others of like mind, building new sain communities that resetablish our connections to the earth, and reject radical consumerism,. personaly I am currently seeking an eco-village to move to,. and help build,. I am partial to straw-bail homes,. ready to be off-grid striving to be self-sufficiant. From their it makes more sence to then reach out to the rest of the culture and show them the alternative to living on a system that is doomed to eat itself,. peak oil, peek consumption, over-shoot, and die-back! just my thoughts (frustrations) of watching the masses of Americans turn a blind eye to the rise of facism since 9/11. The mind control systems are so strong that people have forgoten that the current agangments are not the only way to live,. we can choose how we live,. . its a matter of creativity, vision, and people working together. disengage the system. or throw your self into the gears,. the corporate death system will die one way or another, . start building the alternatives now! sustainability does not fit with radical capitalism or corpratism or military fascism,. creating sustainable alternatives will undermine the structures that support these things.

BOYCOTT "The Big 5"

Our media is controlled by 5 Corporations that have merged and consolidated in an attempt to impose their will upon us. The 9/11 deception depends on controlled media. Fascism depends upon this fact. We must do more than a 5 minute strike. We must become enlightened consumers who make an informed choice about which companies we support and which ones we don't.

Granted, these 5 Media Giants own so many subsidiaries now and are so pervasive, it won't be easy. But we must try our best.

The Big 5 Companies: 5) News Corporation which owns FOX Broadcasting-- Chaired by Rupert Murdoch.
4) Viacomm who owns CBS, MT-V, Infinity Broadcasting, Blockbuster Video, and Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster, 3) Burtlesman, owned by someone named Middledorf, which owns many radio and TV stations, Arista Records, Random House, Ballantine publishing, etc. Lots of international control. 2) Walt Disney Company, owns ABC, Mirmax, Discover Magazine, A&E and The HISTORY Channel, E- Entertainment, Disney Channel, Lifetime, ESPN, Hollywood and Mammoth Records, plus many other holdings. 1) AOL Time-Warner, who owns Time Inc., CNN, Time-Warner Cable, Warner Brothers, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Fortune, Money, People Mag., Popular Science, CompuServe, AOL, and many other online services, Turner Broadcasting Systems, and on and on.

Yes, these 5 Media Giants are the backbone of fascism and we must try to keep from supporting them as best we can, while giving support to worthy companies. For example, instead of doing business with Blockbuster (who's owned by Viacomm) far better to go to Netflix, which has several 9/11 documentaries in their inventory and isn't controlled by the "Nasty 5."
Barnes and Noble carries 9 books on 9/11 truth in my store and will order more! Clearly they are a large company, but not controlled by the "Nasty 5" and are friendly to us. Our only ally on Cable TV appears to be C-SPAN, who's not controlled by these 5. Let's give them patronage and get more coverage from them. Air America should get our support. Even Google and YouTube are valuable assets for us.

Other ideas: Cut up all credit cards and use only debit cards if you must use plastic. No more interest scams. Buy food from Farmer's Markets and local sources, or fair trade companies. And avoid all pharmaceuticals if possible. Big Pharma is not our friend.

OK, enough bloviating. I do like the idea of a strike to simply "let them know we're awake," as GW has alluded to before. That is important to demonstrate, but our daily patronage choices as democratic consumers is really, really important too. And we should do so, not occasionally, but continuously...
Check out Michael Woolsey's podcast on "Controlled Media" from Sun., March 5th, 2006. You can order this as a CD from order911dvds@yahoo.com

The Eleventh of Every Month

Interesting idea

I took both days off and worked my ass off at the 9/11 Truth film festival in Oakland.

Unfortunately, I am increasingly discouraged by the divisiveness in this movement, which was evident both at the festival and is abundantly evident on what used to be my favorite blog.

All you have to do is scan the ratings on a bunch of posts here, and it becomes obvious that there are certain people who get voted down no matter what they post, including posts that contain information that would be considered valuable from any other poster.

This amounts to ad hominem attacks via the voting system. Unfortunately, ad hominems and squabbling over who is and is not conveying disinfo or acting like an agent have had the very real effect that is the dream of any true agent.

It has affected ME this way. I have just about had it. So good job, any agent who reads this. You've done your job well.

Don't lose heart Yarrow, you do brilliant stuff...

Maybe have a time-out and do some other stuff, when the urge returns you'll feel much better.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a marathon obstacle course and not a 100m sprint.

We'd be kidding ourselves if we thought the perps / cover-up crew wouldn't be trying to disrupt any investigation of probably their most heinous and blatant crime ever.


If you don't mind me asking, what went on at the 9/11 Truth film festival in Oakland ???

Best wishes in whatever you do dude, many thanks

Honor in Truth

I agree with veritas. Don't let the bastards get you down. It would be a thousand times better to die with honor and truth, than to live a life of deliberate deceit and corruption.
"On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow."
Friedrich Nietzsche
Keep your chin up.

Thanks, 911Veritas

I appreciate the love.

But you know what? Last time I read your comment it had 1 point. Now it has 0.

Either someone doesn't like you, or someone doesn't like me.

Someone voted your comment down, and all you were doing was wishing a fellow activist well and encouraging him to keep up the good fight.

THAT is fucking sad.

I will never give up the fight while I have breath to draw, but I have to recognize when an environment has become toxic with ego, and withdraw myself as necessary.

This site is still an incredible resource. Just avoid the comments sections, ignore the voting, and ignore anything having to do with paranoia about disinfo, because all the paranoia and infighting about it is more damaging than any actual disinfo.

It's amazing to me that that is not BLINDINGLY obvious.

(PS Thanks to you also, Phaedrus)

"...because all the paranoia

"...because all the paranoia and infighting about it is more damaging than any actual disinfo. It's amazing to me that that is not BLINDINGLY obvious."

Word, Yarrow. Word.

I've been meaning to ask if G&B (a true gem!) will be able to make the programs available in mp3 format, perhaps through a podcast subscription or with access to mp3s of the archives with a certain donation level. Many won't make the effort to buy a CD (and with the increasing popularity of mp3 players, many don't listen to them at all anymore), but I suspect that many like myself would happily fork over a tidy sum either as a donation or to purchase a subscription. The information you and Bonnie are putting out is so important, and the program's tone is so wonderful, I would love to see it disseminated as far and wide as possible. It's tough for those of us who must listen "on the run," and I never want to miss a single episode. I'm sure there are initial financial hurdles, but it may work out that "if you build it, they will come."

Thanks for all you do to make this show possible, and kudos to Bonnie as well!

Didn't see that

I was at the Festival both days (from about 5 p.m. on) and I didn't notice much divisiveness. The only difficulties I noticed were during some Q&As.

The same man (an Arab) during two of the Q&As asked about Jewish influence in bringing about 9/11. It was answered well, though very differently, by the two speakers who got this: Joseph Culp calmly and positively deflected the question, whereas Richard Gage sharply rejected the question as out of bounds. In both cases, that seemed the end of it.

Then there was also the man who, instead of asking a question, tried to give a little talk about the 9/11 movement needing to become a violent terrorist one. (Talk about agent provocateur!) Speaker Gage simply expressed his outrage, and that was the end of it.

I never got a sense that the audience was torn by such momentary distractions. There are always going to be such distractions when you have a large group dealing with highly controversial material. Thankfully that's all there was, and that the speakers responded with grace and polish.

As to 911blogger, there are major problems. It may arise from trying to be all things to all people. Which inevitably means that powerseekers, eccentrics, and conscious disinformation agents are going to elbow their ways in here. When there's no substantive gatekeeping -- for example, allowing self-styled 9/11 truth leaders to initiate threads that blithely propagate against the controlled demolition thesis when that's the very backbone of our movement -- it's entirely predictable that distrust and animosity predominate.

My advice about the Film Festival and the like: Get over it. Little frictions come with the territory, and can even be healthy.

As for 911blogger: It's a jungle, inherent in its structure. It's also a great central location for breaking news, so use it that way and find your 9/11 "home" someplace that accords better with your own thinking.


I won't get into specifics, but you missed it. "It" meaning one major example of what I am talking about. Sorry for being cryptic, but to go into more detail would mean descending into exactly the shit I am trying to avoid.

Not everything happens out in the open here, and I really don't think you have a full appreciateion of what I am talking about. Again, sorry to be obtuse, but I ain't gonna go there with specifics or I'm inherently engaging in what I am upset about.

i think i know what you're

i think i know what you're getting at Yarrow and if so i totally agree with you.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA