Creative 9-11 Truth Action on PBS Auction -

Special thanks to We Are Change Colorado and Colorado 9-11 Visibility, and of course, KBDI Channel 12 Denver Colorado.

Nice work!

"Two Thumbs Up!"

Thank you!

Second that... Very good video indeed !!!

Many thanks and best wishes

creative indeed!

Excellent work!! very punk rock,. 'get in where you fit in',. public air-waves in action! bit of give, of time, for a bit of TRUTH bombing,. nice!
We really need to get people thinking of revolutionary action to end this elite pirate banker rule over us,. and have some real people in control of our own direction,. not "the decider"'s corporate rule of the wealththy over class ,. . Public opinion poles proove that the current system does not represent the majority opinion,. this must change.

A Creative and Courageous Group. BRAVO!!

BRAVO! Congratulations, Thank You.

Creative, indeed--

great idea, CO 911 Vis'. Seems like when there's a will, there's a way! Oh yes, extra gramercy to our congenial hosts