Perception Test by Montreal 9/11 Truth

The Eleventh of every month

A Perception Test brought to you by Montreal 9/11 Truth

On the 11th of October members of 9/11 Truth Montreal set up in the McGill metro station with their laptop and pre-made video of some building demolitions patched together with the footage of Building 7 collapsing. They expected people to react by saying that the collapse of Building 7 looked like the others, or that all of them were controlled demolitions. Instead some of the answers are quite surprising. It seems the public at large wasn't able to identify all the collapses as controlled demolitions. This may have been due to our approach and we are refining it for next month. People in general were very receptive and agreed that if Building 7 was a controlled demolition then it raises huge questions about the rest of 9/11 as well. Montreal 9/11 Truth was very encouraged by the results and plans to do this again on the eleventh of every month from different locations. Next month will most likely be from the campus of McGill University itself. Feel free to contact us @

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Off the charts great.

Great Job, you guys!!! I did

Great Job, you guys!!!

I did this exact same thing here in Long Beach. Only, I showed them the one video of WTC7 and asked the viewers to give me the most specific answers possible. 90% told me they thought it looks like "when they take a building down with explosives". After that, let them know about the specs such as '47 stories" and '6.5 seconds', eyewitness testimony, etc.....and everyone I talked to wanted more information. I even got a LBPD to email me back and request that I link him to some more videos!!!!

This Perception Test stuff really works!!


What a great idea to have a laptop on the spot to show people building seven. I have found that it is very difficult to explain why this building's collapse is so important to people on the street, because they think it is natural that two buildings falling would knock others over. But if they saw a video of it they would know there is something terribly wrong.

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for all the positivity guys. Does anyone on here have any familiarity with youtube? I am trying to change the video still it shows when the movie is paused and embedded from the camera icon currently there to the frame where it says "Perception Test" but I can't figure out how. So far youtube only gives me the option of that camera icon. Any help?


You let the evidence speak for itself.

A great way to get people interested in learning the truth

This video is amazing -- watch the people's interest and involvement in the test. This is a completely different style of activism, in that it's non-confrontational and doesn't make people feel uncomfortable and exhibit cognitive dissonance, the way that, I believe, the "9/11 was an inside job" signs and bullhorn use does. These people are given a task to perform, and have a completely open mind.... and when the evidence is viewed without the shock of 9/11 terror masking their ability to be logical, they naturally are curious as to why.

Hopefully a high-quality version of the source video (only the building videos) is available in several formats for downloading, so that people can replicate this activity around the world ... either in public places, or even just with their friends.

Great Point.

Sometimes I get too caught up in the confrontation. This method and your explanation make a lot of sense. Thanks.

Good idea....

We will post high quality video for all to download soon...

Here it is....

Here is the raw video of the five collapses we used for the perception test. Use it to spread the word!

Hey Montreal, this is so

Hey Montreal, this is so spot on, great work. Do you guys have a WeAreChange group in Montreal? It's a great way to get people together to carry out more Truth action like this one.

Two Great Organizations...


This is an effective way!
A citizen who takes responsibility, bravo.

(the guy at the end of the video wanted to see it again!)

Good job guys and gals -- great idea

I wonder why you didn't use the "classic" version of WTC 7 falling, though.

The one you used is more difficult to see and is not as good of an image.

The one I'm talking about is this one, or one like it, since I think there are a couple of angles of it:

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It's all about building 7...

I bought these cards too and distribute them everywhere. I need to load the video onto my laptop. The visual opens up a whole new world to people. PUSH BUILDING SEVEN!!!

We actually...

decided against using that "classic" footage because you cannot see the bottom of the building or the dust clouds rising a dozen stories in the air from that angle.

Great work!

That was very nicely done! style point for Montreal,. I also see this as a very positive tactic,. curiosity is a very powerfull human trait,. and what doesn't get peoples attention like video of buildings blowing up! asking for them to respond as if you are just taking a poll, is a great way to get their mind's involved in the subject matter,. . well done indeed! cause once you see the images you can never forget them.

We should get more people doting this,. set up in subways, parks,. malls, . like the sugar-water callange used to do back in the day.

Excellent Idea

I look forward to being able to download this Perception test video - it could be used by activists all around the globe and awaken so many people.

You can download it....