Inside the Bill Maher "rendition"

My friend Zan Overall asked me to post this:

There is quite a story about what happened to the man who was ejected forcibly. I got what I am writing first hand from the man involved. He does not want his name used.

Other demonstrators were escorted out, without incident. Because he was the first to speak out he bore the brunt of the anger from the people associated with the show. He saw people come down from the stage and head towards him. I had assumed that he was ejected by security guards but he tells me that most of the people ejecting him were crew people from the show. Some of them were well dressed and he assumed they were producers of some kind. He says there may have been one security guard in the "posse." that ejected him.

Once outside the show, on an outdoor balcony, near the ledge, he was taken to the ground roughly. He was handcuffed. Someone put a knee in his back to hold him down. He said they twisted him like a pretzel. It is fortunate he did not have serious injuries. By the way, he is not a large man. You might call him slight. He would appear to have grounds for a lawsuit

This kind of treatment for a mere heckler is insane. Not normal. I think, since crew people from the show were involved, it is a reflection of the fanatical anger Bill Maher has for anyone doubting the official story on 9/11. It looks like a case of lackeys doing what the boss would want. After all, they heard him say, "I'm going to come down there and kick your ass outta here!" Big Bad Bill arrived after the heckler was well controlled by others. Our hero!

Here is an exact quote directed (I would presume by someone from the show) to a man who protested later: "Don't be gentle. Ass kicking is what's called for."

I know that security guards are cautioned not to even touch someone they are confronting unless absolutely necessary. And these were "civilians!" They must have seen the "Andy Griffin" show where Jim Neighbors would yell "Citizen's arrest! Citizen's arrest!" at Don Knotts.

The employers of security guards are afraid of suits. The Bill Maher Show laid themselves open to such a suit.

The man involved (let's call him CH----comedian heckler----for short) said the most brutal person was a stagehand type -------casual work clothes----long hair. I believe CH said his name may have been "Chris." This man talked to him on the ground. Told him that he would be in jail all weekend. Told him that some black guy was going to f---- him. Told him the cell will smell like piss.

CH said that some of the people standing around, obviously from the show, were sayng to "Chris" to "take it easy." They must have been worried about the unnecessary physical and verbal assault "Chris" was committing.

Through all this CH kept repeating: "I heckled a comedian! That's all I did! I heckled a comedian!"

CH is a cool guy who kept his head. While he was still in his seat, he saw the posse coming and said to himself "I might as well get a few more licks in." He yelled out, "Building Seven came down faster than the Sands in New Jersey" (referencing a hotel that had been demolished and shown on TV the day before).

He must have been heard because one of the panel members made an inane remark about the panelist being "from New Jersey." None of the guests used this happening to go into any kind of meaningful discussion----certainly not about 9/11 itself. Until finally, after multiple interruptions by additional audience members, Maher eventually did tell his panel and the audience what the demonstration was about. He explained that the people who had been protesting to him (on this and previous occasions) believed that the buildings came down as "controlled demolitions." Thanks, Bill Maher for getting those words on national TV!

CH also got in one more zinger directed at Chris Matthews whose slogan is:" I promise not to let anything get by me." CH yelled out, "Chris Matthews, you said ~I promise not to let anything get by me." CH's glasses were knocked from his head when he was grabbed. They were returned later.

The police didn't get there for about 30 minutes according to CH's recollection. When they got there they were very courteous and asked if CH was hurt. They gave CH their cards and told him to contact them if injuries developed. He was sore later but as far as he knows, no serious injuries occurred. The police immediately removed the ridiculous handcuffs.

CH told the police about the abuse he had received, describing the chief culprit. The police went to interview "Chris." CH does not know what was said.

You can all draw your own conclusions from this ugly incident. I'll close with a copy of the message I sent to HBO and the Bill Maher Show:

HBO and the Bill Maher show:
You should be aware of the very unnecessarily brutal treatment given the first protester who was ejected. He was assaulted by members of the crew, thrown to the ground with a knee placed on his back. He is not a large man. Members of the crew also verbally assaulted him saying he would spend the weekend in jail and be f------- by some black man. This is outrageous and VERY unwise on the part of the Maher show.

The ejectee kept saying, "I heckled a comedian!" Does that call for a knee in the back in this country these days?......The police were very cool and professional. They did not arrest the man and interviewed the crew member who had been most brutal.

A word to the wise. Mention it to your lawyers. I would make an appeal to Bill Maher's better judgment asking him to put someone on the show who could represent the MILLIONS of people who do not believe the official fairy tale about 9/11 but I don't think much of Bill Maher's judgment.

Zan Overall

Thanks for the update -

the least we can do for those taking heat for this cause is to publicize their ordeal and try to follow up in their behalf. So thanks again to nuggets and to Zan Overall.

Please pass on my best wishes to the very brave CH...

It's not easy being the first over the fence...

It was a great display and amusing too (not the physical bit)... and has given some limelight to 9/11 Truth, and to those who consider this a negative action, I cannot agree, desperate times require desperate measures and to be honest, Bill Maher asked for it with his recent "New Rules" kakka.


What I would like to see documented, is the pre-priming and instruction given to the audience before the show. I also heard on AJ's show about some dodgy "mixing" regarding John Edwards section.


Regardless, great job WeAreChangeLA, many thanks and best wishes

Apparently Bill Maher has sold out

the 911 truth movement.
It does make one think about whether he is following in Dennis Miller's footsteps into prime time football announcing.

Not exactly 'selling out'

In order to sell somebody out, one has to have been on their side in the first place, and to my knowledge Bill Maher never has been on the side of 9/11 Truth.

Yeah thanks a lot for all the details...but

Am I the only one who's thinking that truthers who are going to the "front" need protection. It's the third time that I post something like this.... Can those truther bring with them a big guy, body gard or some?! There must be muscled truthers somewhere... I'm not sure that CH would have been hit like that if some big guy would have stood up saying "Hey man you don't touch this guy!" No fighting just disuation. I'm sick seeing our people being brutalised.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

he should charge them with assult,.

being assulted for speaking words,. is not acceptible! The 'show' had the right to eject the man,. he was admitedlly being disruptive,. however a physical attack was in no way an acceptable response. Hold them to account! I regret not doing so in a similar incident,. I realize it is a bit of work to do but holding them to account is the correct action now. mend well! and thanks for the action!

who was screaming "don't taser me"??

any comments on that?

same guy

who was screaming "don't taser me"??... mainly the same guy, and a girl too. That was for "effect". No taser involved.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Maher actually screwed up big time

He was an instigator. "CH" should sue for what happened. And Bill Maher should be one of the defendants. He should sue on principle. Contact the ACLU.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Principle Investigator, Forensic 9/11ologist

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

Sue the hell out of him!

They can't get away with that sht and they should be strongly discouraged from bullying people around like that IMO.

! I concur !

Assault is a crime.

Maher's reckless threats to do physical harm "kick his ass" implicate him in the attack.

Hit em where they least want to be hit: in the wallet.

If 9/11 truthers had knocked Bill Maher down, put their knee on his back, twisted his arms and put him in handcuffs -- we'd be in jail looking at prison sentences!

Turn the tables. Sue him for $1 million. Make him get lawyers and have to defend his actions and the actions of his employees WHOM HE ORDERED TO BEHAVE THAT WAY (WE HAVE VIDEO, YAY).

The publicity for the movement alone is worth a milliion dollars.


It also has the human interest story angle. It tells what happened NEXT, after the clip that everyone is going to see. This is our attempt to play the victim card and get a lot of news coverage as a result.

Make the lawsuit, and then try and get some interviews to tell your side of the story to TV news mags (if the lawyer thinks it's a good idea).

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