I Apologize

Dem Lee Styles and a couple of other people have told me that I'm being counter-productive by posting anything about no-planes or directed energy theories.

Maybe they're right . . .

Screw Loose Change is making hay out of the dispute between Webster Tarpley and others (which I have nothing to do with): http://screwloosechange.blogspot.com/

And Shout Wire is making hay about harassment of 9/11 activists (which I have written about): http://www.shoutwire.com/default.aspx?p=comments&id=111580

Basically, the defenders of the official story are saying "see, the 9/11 truthers are fighting amongst themselves, and that shows how dumb they are".

Of course, disinformation, disruption and infiltration are not concepts they write honestly about.

In any event, part of being responsible is admitting when you're wrong. I don't know at what point I went from writing productive essays to doing more harm than good. And I don't understand how pointing out dishonorable tactics or unclear thinking could possibly be used against the vast majority of 9/11 activists who are civil and logical, but it appears to be being used against us.

In any event, maybe I was wrong to write so much on these topics, and I will stop unless and until someone can explain how to do more good than harm. It is possible that I "cannot see the forest for the trees". Indeed, I think one of the principles of 9/11 activists is “first, do no harm.” I currently appear to be doing harm, and I sincerely apologize if that is the case.

Giving someone their walking papers is not fighting with them

As you point out, that coverage is selective and dishonest. You don't have anything to apologize for. If anything other "leaders" and personalities should be apologizing for you and others needing to pick up their bleeding work. There are more "pink slips" for "leaders" who insist on being useless..

There are many tasks to be done in 9/11 activism. And some necessary tasks are basically thankless. But if they do not get done, nothing else will get done.

No one has to do everything.
No one can do everything.
Most of use dealing with this recent shite are doing it with the goal of making EVERYONE'S 9/11 activism easier and more effective.

So, for fucks sake take advantage of the fact the troublemakers are occupied and DO whatever else you were planning to do--street actions, lectures, conferences, films, whatever.

Don't just sit there watching the disinfo train wreck--otherwise all our work is for nothing!

I Cover It Because It's Interesting

And I have commented on the infiltration aspects before; I just think the infiltration is coming from groups like LaRouche rather than the FBI (which you folks seem to think would rather infiltrate your group than change the wording on Osama's wanted poster).

LaRouche is a bad guy and many of the folks associated with him over the years are no better. They are experts at subverting movements by putting themselves in key positions.

Have you picked a date yet?

With that special someone...?

Oh my gawd, what is this world coming to

when Brainster says something incisive, non-insulting, and that I agree with.

For those who don't wish to click on the "show comment" link:

"LaRouche is a bad guy and many of the folks associated with him over the years are no better. They are experts at subverting movements by putting themselves in key positions."


Something is wrong with this

Something is wrong with this blog- Just saying it now - i took a snapshot of this page and another node 12207 and they were missing the posters name and other things...

Is this really GW's post? Not questioning as a matter of content but of the page I have saved via Zotero. Surfing through the collapsed nodes I see comments and entire blogs buried in the html....

Need confirmation of this anomaly.
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First time I say it, it was by Anonymous

And the name had black text in the tracker list, as if the person was banned. Then I couldn't return to the page--it was just an error message. So I went back to tracker and was surprised the thread had returned under GW name--for all sorts of reasons....but I didn't think it was anything more than a Blogger glitch..until now.

*sigh* More thankless work ..

Well i saved node 12207

Well i saved node 12207 which now is a 404 page - this is 12208 which appeared exactly like 12207- could be a glitch i agree - but the html has complete blogs, comments, etc about a dozen or more that do not display.

Why I am looking for confirmation - the anonymous timestamp was 7:15pm i believe and this is 7:26pm - anyway If something is screwy i can email the html to the mods if they want to try to diagnose.

If the blog is bogus, then well something should be done, if the blog is authentic - then perhaps it is an indication of something else either benign or malignant. Either way, Zotero and Firebug rock.
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I posted this blog, but somehow it posted anonymously. So I deleted it, and re-posted.

Hope that explains...

Thanks - you know me ever

Thanks - you know me ever vigiliant (and security conscious)
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month


when you stop being paranoid that's when they get ya!

"Education drains the swamp"

GW, a few points.

The SLC people will always ridicule us. We will make history, and they will ridicule us while we do it.

In your post about the poll, I think we already know the answer that most people reject these theories. Telling us that most people reject these theories will not stop the theorists from promoting them endlessly:

"Interestingly, if one closely examines these ideas, the level of the absurdity becomes abundantly clear and denying the relevance becomes more difficult. For example, if one considers which people we know personally (not on the internet) who seriously believe that holograms were involved in the attacks, we usually cannot think of a single person. Sometimes a person will show up at local activist meetings who advocates these ideas, but more often than not they are also dysfunctional individuals who tend to disrupt the group at the expense of organizing, or are also presenting anti-social positions to the group, such as advocating racist ideas." http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/patriots_question/index.html

You can expect the controversial theorists to come out when their favorite subjects are mentioned. It's what they do.

Saying "9/11 was an inside job" is one thing. Proving it to someone who does not know this is another.

Why do people believe the official story of 9/11? Because it is misleading. The definition of disinformation is deliberately misleading information. Therefore, the official story of 9/11 is disinformation. As David Ray Griffin has said, the 9/11 commission report is a "lie". Disinformation as Jim Fetzer says, is on par with "acts of lying".

The same tactics of disinformation are seen in what is regarded as obvious nonsense, and what is believed to be true by most. What's needed is an understanding of the techniques of disinformation--omission, ad-hominem, and distortion, an understanding of the scientific method, how to evaluate evidence, theories and explanations, and an understanding how fake debates and poison the well tactics are used to disrupt discussion and prevent forwarding our understanding of 9/11.

The NIST report is an exercise in disinformation. They admit their "they'll never read all this" report does not attempt to explain the collapse of the towers after collapse initiation--the most critical question and inexplicable event of 9/11. It omits (the most common disinformation technique) consideration of conservation of momentum. They called the presence of molten metal "irrelevant to the investigation"! That's for starters. We need to educate non 9/11 truthers on the facts of 9/11. This is an act of countering disinformation.

If we can't explain to someone why the official story of 9/11 is misleading, why the official story is inadequate, or what really happened, we won't convert others to our cause. Therefore, understanding and combating disinformation, and how it functions in relation to 9/11 is a central and indeed, the primary problem of 9/11. Jim Hoffman says disinformation is an important part of the cover-up in the crime of 9/11:

"if you look at the history of disruption in [other movements] in the past, the disinformation component isn’t as large or as important as it is in the case of 9/11… articles about COINTELPRO list… infiltration, psychological warfare, harassment through the legal system, extra-legal force and violence—those are the types of tactics that were more prominent in those operations. With 9/11… the facts of the attack are so important just disinformation… takes on a much bigger component… the main [purpose of this disinformation] is to ridicule skeptics of the official story. It becomes less viable to do really nasty things like killing people… that would actually give us more credibility. That puts all the more emphasis on the necessity to muck things up by promoting false theories, bad information, muddying the waters—all kinds of disruption to create a hostile environment in which rational critique is not possible… shrouding the verifiable evidence, clear case for an inside job—a key component of the cover-up of 9/11." http://arabesque911.blogspot.com/2007/10/truth-revolution-radio-october-...

As I have said:

“The official story of 9/11 is disinformation, which means that the subject of disinformation is a vital and essential topic of 9/11 discussion. The opinion that disinformation is ‘extraordinarily low’ in this movement misses the mark by a long-shot since the very purpose of our movement is to expose the disinformation of the official story of 9/11. We cannot avoid the subject of disinformation.” http://arabesque911.blogspot.com/2007/10/truth-revolution-radio-october-...

If we accept this as true, we have to understand the tactics of those who promote disinformation:

1. They are not interested in discussion, they are interested in disruption
2. They are not interested in dialog, they are interested in personal attacks and ad-hominem
3. They are not interested in debate, they have contempt for debate, and prefer straw-man arguments
4. They are not interested in understanding, they are interested in misunderstanding and misleading arguments

We can respond to these tactics in several ways. Debunk an argument, and then move on. Refuse to debate with those who will not fairly debate. Ignore attempts to continue debating debunked arguments by referencing articles.

Barrie Zwicker's view on disinformation is that "education drains the swamp".

I couldn't agree more.

No need for an apology

as far as I'm concerned -- and it hasn't been your blogs that I've been mystified by -- it's been your engagement in the kind of endless, pointless arguments in the comments that seem to be KT's raison d'etre at this point in his career. It's just not worth the time or energy.

Actually, I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of blogs you've written since you've stopped being a mod.


I agree: pointless argumentation

"it's been your engagement in the kind of endless, pointless arguments in the comments that seem to be KT's raison d'etre at this point in his career. It's just not worth the time or energy."

Inspite of his many good contributions, GW now seems to thrive on generating pointless controversy.

I dont understand the moderators lettng this attention grabbing stuff loose.

Meanwhile, I submitted this breaking news post : Rumsfeld charged with torture during trip to France

Needless to say it was censored to make room for "I Appologise".

IMO, space beams & hologram planes are disinfo aimed at

making the truth movement look foolish. It's hard enough for the general public to believe that our own gov't would do 9/11 to us, so shills try to make it even harder to believe by claiming it was done by these extremely dubious methods.

Moreover, the perpetrators would never have risked using space beams or cartoons when merely using explosives & real planes/drones works just fine.


In these days it seems very rare when someone is willing to admit a mistake, and I don't think your mistake here was that grave of one...and I don't even think you owe anyone an apology. You're a great activist and we need you. Keep up the awesome work!!

Don't worry about any of

Don't worry about any of this crap man, you don't need to apologize for anything! It's just I believe by even pointing out the obvious ridiculousness of the disinfo it unnecessarily gives it a platform and then the clowns can come in and try to "debate" the garbage, which just goes round and round in circles.

Keep up the good work GW

Keep up the good work GW !
Everyone has a bad day.

I think I made lemonade

out of lemons . . .

After Shoutwire linked to my "harassment" blog to claim infighting among 9/11 activists, I added the following to the beginning of that blog:

"There is overwhelming evidence that the government's version of 9/11 is impossible."

In other words, the first thing anyone who now clicks through to the blog from Shoutwire will see is lists of the most credible people who question 9/11.

I tried to use their own momentum in our favor, judo-style.

Screw those assbites!

ALL of them!

(is that a "valid" form of "name calling"?)

I've said it before elsewhere:

Why should we care what those people say or think about anything we say, think, or do?

To do so empowers them and suggests they have credibility and legitimacy. (do I have to point out the reality that they have none? sometimes I wonder...)

Like a child throwing a tantrum, they should be completely and utterly ignored until they stop acting out. (I don't even read their worthless spew-crap anymore — I don't even think about them unless someone brings them up)

And we should go about our important adult business as usual.

Anyone who wants to listen to their worthless comments should do so, if that is the type of person they are and choose to be. Maybe they will eventually get their act together and come away from the dark side and step into the light of truth and reality. If not, whatever. No big loss, that's for sure. They are all a dieing breed. What we are seeing are their death throws. They are "acting out" to get attention, because that is the only way they can get people to pay any attention to them. Especially their ilk, who only respond to that sort of thing. (and if they can't find anything to whine and cry and apoplexy about, they will spin and skew something or make it up out of thin air)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm speaking English around here. I think I'm being clear. But so many people just don't seem to get it. It's a conundrum of sorts.

No apology necessary. Period.

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To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. — Abraham Lincoln

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein