Spread The Word, TONIGHT!!!!

Remember to drop flyers, stickers, and DVDs into Trick or Treater's bags tonight!

911 Truth, North American Union, Ron Paul, whatever the topic, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people tonight with very little effort. Here are a couple of flyers to consider, post your own flyer ideas in the comments below and I'll update the main thread:


You can find the 8 individual 9/11 info flyers (PDF files) on blog...


There's some excellent 9/11 info flyers...

that were put together by bruce1337 - They are exceptional and great for questions too !!!

You can find the 8 individual 9/11 info flyers (PDF files) on blog...



For convenience I have put all eight in a zip file on megaupload (3.5MB) - Could 911podcasts please mirror - thanks

Link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W25FL62W


Best wishes

- nick9/11I have a feeling

- nick9/11

I have a feeling that you will turn off more parents then inform them. But hey, it's a free country that won’t be free for long so I guess you have to try and do something. I would only suggest that we spread things that are based in facts and not speculation.

To those that have deception

To those that have deception dollars - crumple them up and slip them into the kids bags with candy. They will not notice until they get home and will possibly be picked out by the parents while sorting.
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maybe a bad idea?

Im not so sure that dropping flyers into little kids candy bags will be the most effective form of activism.

Maybe a better idea is to go with your kids and hand out flyers to the parents that are giving out candy.

Just a suggestion...

I don't know, we think its

I don't know, we think its perfectly acceptable to give these kids gobs of candy that will do nothing but rot their teeth and make them fat and unhealthy, and yet giving them valuable information that can only help them and their families isn't a good idea?

With All Due Respect....

With all due respect, there's a difference between exposing children to the nutritional evils of candy, and the hardcore truth of corporately motivated war and assassination.

I'm with the Truther above who recommends treating children as children, and adults as adults.

Let's consider our actions and how these actions reflect upon : A) the larger truth community; B) the memory of those countless innocents; and C) our ultimate aim of bringing those responsible for these atrocities to justice.

How's about we be smart as well as diligent?

In all likelihood, the

In all likelihood, the children's parents will go through the candy and see the flyer. The kids won't know or care about any flyers with all that candy around, the parents however might learn a little something.

Uh, NO . . .

Tonight is a time for the kids to have fun. And I think 9/11 truth is TOO scary a subject for them -- even on Halloween. ;)

Stick to the adults and don't use the kiddies as carriers for our message!

Good idea, but a little late

I suppose we can do it next year.

And probably the year after that. And the year after that....

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