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Visibility 9-11
in conjunction with
proudly announce the formation of the new action campaign Mission Statement:

In the six years since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, the mainstream media in America has largely been a mouthpiece of the Bush administration. All of the major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and others had until recently, been silently complicit in the cover-up of the events of that day, the un-Constitutional wars that would follow, and the steady erosion of our Constitutionally protected rights.

When the "9-11 Truth" community grew to the point that it could no longer be ignored, these same networks that had ignored the issue for so long began to attack individuals and groups of individuals who were seeking answers to the lingering questions which still remain about 9-11. As the success of various truth movements continues to broaden, these attacks have now escalated to include Peace activists, monetary reform activists, and now even supporters of Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Recent attacks have suggested that the 9-11 movement, Peace activists, and Ron Paul supporters are terrorists, and some in the media have implied that we should be silenced.


  • 1) We are proud Americans exercising our First Amendment Rights to free speech and the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances.
  • 2) We categorically condemn and refute any and all attempts to associate us with foreign or domestic terrorism. Our entire mission is to oppose terrorism in all its forms, including false flag terrorism. We abhor violence in all its forms, whether committed by individuals or by governments.
  • 3) We recognize that for six years the mainstream media in America has been woefully inadequate in covering any version of the events of September 11th which does not coincide with the "Official Story" put out by the government. We see this as silent complicity in the cover-up and demand accountability.
  • 4) We also recognize that certain personalities have shifted from ignoring us to attacking us with lies and slander. We will not sit idly by as our good names and reputations are slandered and our freedoms are attacked.
  • 5) Most attempts to get the mainstream media to report on the alternative version of the events of September 11th have been greeted with silence. When they have been forced to report on us, they have attacked us. This represents an obvious bias toward the "Official Story" and implies an organized effort to stymie our quest for the truth.

THEREFORE: We intend to compile a comprehensive Black List of the advertisers who support this anti-American programming and urge concerned parties to boycott these products and services until the product advertisements are pulled.

We take these attacks very seriously and regard them as a frontal assault on our freedom and liberty as Americans. The garbage coming from the talking heads makes a mockery of the First Amendment to the Constitution and MUST NOT go unopposed. We must take a stand against this kind of yellow journalism and we think we have a way to make these networks feel our presence.

All network television and radio are driven by advertising dollars. We can get the networks attention by targeting their sponsors, and therefore, have an impact on their advertising revenues. The most effective way of doing this is to boycott the products and services of the advertisers which choose to advertise on these various networks. There is strength in numbers and we need to make ourselves heard by hitting them where it hurts, in the pocket-book. This site is dedicated to beginning that process.

Here Is How the Site Works

This is a group effort! We need your help for this campaign to succeed! As time passes, we will work hard on adding to, updating and refining the site. If you have any input or want to help, please let us hear from you. Below are ways you can get involved in this project and make things happen.

  • 1) You can help in many ways, first and foremost, by participating in the boycott and pledging not to buy the products or services advertised on select mainstream media networks and programs.
  • 2) We need TV watchers to help us identify the products and services which will be black listed for boycott. Send us a list of the product or service advertised, the network the ad is played on, for example Fox or CNN, and the program the ad is supporting. We'll do the rest!
  • 3) Make your voice heard! Go to regularly and look at each of the black listed products or services. Each posting will contain information that you can use to contact the company which makes the product or provides the service. This is the backbone of the 9-11 Black List Project and will tell the company that you are voting with your dollars. When possible, we will provide an online contact form, e-mail address, phone number, and physical address for each black listed company. You choose how to contact them based on what is the best way for you. We urge participants to be courteous, yet stern in voicing your extreme disapproval of the advertisers support for such anti-American programming
  • 4) While we urge that you compose your own letters to send to these companies, we have provided sample letters that you can use, either verbatim, or as a model to build your own.

Here Is How to Use This Site will contain individual postings which resemble postings at a blog. Each posting will contain a product or service which has been blacklisted for boycott. Your job is to visit each posting where you will find the following information:

  • 1) The name of the product or service.
  • 2) The name of the company which provides the product or service.
  • 3) Contact information for the company including, where possible, links to online contact forms, e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, and physical mailing addresses.
  • 4) The network and program the product or service is advertised on.
  • 5) Use one of our sample letters, or compose your own and send it in.

It's that simple! Of course, you have to repeat this many times but a few minutes spent on this each week will pay huge dividends.

Tips for Using the Site Effectively

  • 1) Use the Categories feature to help navigate through the Black Listed products and services.
  • 2) Look in the Categories for business names. Click these links to see what other products made by the same company, if any, are black listed. You may wish to write separate letters, or include a list of the black listed products made by the same company in one letter.

For more information and to get involved in the 9-11 boycott actions, go to

Please pass this on to your email lists and post banners and links at your websites and MySpace pages!  We need everyone's help for this project to succeed.  Get involved today!

Great Idea

I once proposed this on another site, but at the time no one tried it - now's the time. The print media should also be included. The sponsors must be informed that they're supporting distorted, unthruthful news, and propaganda of a country (ours) that is in pre-Nazi mode so far as news and information.

I only see two problems

I'd have to go back to watching TV and listening to regular radio....... really, must I?


Since the lies and complicity are on nearly every MSM TV and radio news channel, will there be any products - not - included? ;)

I know, Maybe I'm getting too cynical in my old age........

Anyway, just kidding. I think it's a great idea and I applaud you for taking one of the few kinds of direct action available to us. And even though I won't go back to TV and MSM broadcast radio, I WILL check the site to see what products to avoid. And I will send letters to advertisers as indicated on the site.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Good idea, but...

The problem is, it's essentially a boycott of every midsize and large company and most packaged products. It's too broad of a boycott, in my opinion. Without it being a more focused, targeted boycott, they won't feel anything. The boycott of NIke is a good example of a successful strategy; Reebok and the others were/are also using slave labor, but by focusing on just Nike at first, the boycott was more effective. I think it would be better to choose a specific show (Glenn Beck, or someone else who deserves a boycott) and focus on it and its advertisers; a boycott until we get an apology and/or time for our argument. Then we move onto the next one.

I hope that makes sense. I need to run to work, so I'm rushing my thoughts...


Nice Graphics

Site looks nice and the information is very good. Whether the boycott works, the effort of spreading the information makes it worth it.

Excellent idea

Great to get this started! If nothing else, the sponsors will begin to see and think twice.


Boycotts work and the 9/11 movement is international.

And if the peace movement picks up a boycott, that can become huge. Part of the whole effect is for businesses to just see that they are listed on a "boycott" site (that looks very professional and so, serious) and that can have the same "chilling" effect that the attacks on us have. They have no idea how many people will be "turned off" forever to their products by such actions.

Great work.

Everyone needs to link to it to get it going is great!

This data will not be a waste on me. I am now using as an alternative to I work on many computers that use GoToMyPC and I will convert them all for free. Thanks for getting this info out there because it's better off 'out there' in the sunlight rather than 'in the dark'. I wont be going to Walgreens anymore. It would be nice to have a letter to print or email so I can spread the info and URL. Maybe a reference to the polls as well.
Many hands make light work!
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tremendous idea

...and also great initiative for getting this site together. I agree with what others have said, that this is going to have to be targeted more closely. Maybe target advertisers on Glenn Beck for 1-3 months then advertisers on Bill O'Reilley for 1-3 months, etc.

Bush's GOD is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

Do a good job.

If the site is kept current with all the relevant documentation (ADD the DATE AND TIME OF BROADCAST TO YOUR DATABASE), then it could be a powerful tool.

Once advertisers feel the heat of being "unpatriotic" or other scary buzzwords for supporting a lie, then the stations may come around to our POV -- at least a little bit.

Precision Targeting

Hey Everyone-

Thanks for all the feedback. YES, specific targeting is being implemented as I write this. This was not really articulated in the Mission Statement, however, if you browse what we have up so far, you will see that the obvious first target is indeed Glenn Beck and CNN. As time passes and we get more and more content added, we will extend our reach to focus on other targets worthy of Blacklisting.

I will be on Truth Revolution Radio with Cosmos on Friday to discuss this aspect and others of the new site.

Might I suggest....

That everyone particularly target The Villages Vacation Resort in Florida. My reasoning is as follows:

I live in Colorado where there is a large number of similar Resorts and tourism is big here, as it is in Florida. There is A LOT of competition among the various vacation spots, which is my guess why The Villages is advertising on CNN and Glenn Beck. Most of these tourism spots are in the mountains and 2-4 hours for me to drive to look at. Additionally, they are very spread out so it would be difficult to visit several personally to make a choice This is often the case when people plan vacations and they are using the internet to select their lodgings and activities. I have used the internet many times to book weekend get aways and such.

My point here is that this resort in Florida is probably VERY SIMILAR to the resorts we have in Colorado and I have visited many over the years. Without exception, these resorts are basically small Mom and Pop operations, some with a small staff. With precision targeting of The Villages Vacation Resort, it is quite possible that this could be the first "domino" to fall at I would imagine that a very small number of phone calls, emails, letters will get their attention and quick. Hundreds of calls and letters will virtually assure that the days of The Villages advertising with Glenn Beck and CNN are numbered. Once that first Domino falls, it will hasten the fall of others.

This many not be one of the big fish, but will be effective just the same. In fact, the bigger companies will be much harder to bring on board, but in time and under enough pressure, they too will eventually acquiesce if enough of us make our voices heard. Please see:

Let's put the pressure on these folks!

P.S. GW, as imgstacke said, there are incentives for those blacklisted to be removed from the Blacklist of targeted companies and placed on the Whitelist of recommended business's.

smaller icon?

What about making a smaller icon so that activists can put this on their blogs and websites?

The graphic you made looks awesome, but it's too large to put on the side of your blog.


More Graphics

Coming soon.


Correction to The Villages-

Apologies but in my haste to get things posted at the site, I mistakenly identified The Villages as a Vacation resort. After rechecking I realized that is in reality, a retirement community. doht. Wanted to make that correction but the principles of the above comment remains the same. Go after the weakest links and try to get the dominoes moving. Sorry for this mistake.

The flipside of this idea

is buycotts. Wikipedia defines a buycott this way:

"A buycott is the opposite of a boycott; that is, an active campaign to buy the products or services of a particular company or country."

If anyone is interesting in organizing buycotts of companies that support 9/11 truth, email me and let me know.

GW - take a close look -

GW - take a close look - there is a BlackList - and a WhiteList - I assume the whitelist is for companies that have openly support 9/11 Truth in some way.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month



Economic Pressure can translate into

media coverage. This is the best idea yet as far as strikes or boycotts go!

TR Radio

Truth Revolution Radio is here:

The official broadcast of
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
9 PM Pacific Time
Call In: 1-888-202-1984

Great idea...

Excellent mission statement.
Posted here for more visibility:
Thanks for doing this.

JFK on secrecy and the press


I've been having an entertaining little spat with a blogger who thinks
we are all, "Troofer type idiots"
Anyone care to join in?

"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past"
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Richard D. Brinkman
Excellent idea: very effective! I plan to get this linked here in Edmonton911 truth as well our Canadian counterparts may want to add our own Canadian blacklist for all our readers and supporters. Glenn Beck is a racist, hatemonger who inspires anger. I'm saddened by Mr Ted Turner employing this sort of war propaganda on CNN . It weakens the integrity of media for the sake of ratings. Mr Turner has contributed to good causes here in Alberta for the Alberta Wilderness society and I would encourage Ted (If he comes across this black-list) to re evaluate Mr. Glenn Becks employment on CNN... Thank goodness our own CRTC is wise to Becks racism and has blocked him out on occasion. If he continues promoting hate perhaps our CRTC will end CNNs broadcasting to Canada. I know this may come to a shock to Americans hearing about the hate laws in Canada. They are not popular laws for most Canadian freedoms here either but in this case perhaps by shutting Beck down could save some stress he creates for those who fight against racism in Canada. Racism is sick, twisted and freaky for most! Glenn Beck knows this first hand being the freak he portrays on National TV. I have to give Beck cridit for having our own Hero in Canada Mel Hurtig on air yesterday, perhaps there hope for BECK, stay Tuned!!!

Not Ted anymore

Ted sold out years ago to Time Warner

The site's a great idea. I've only watched Beck once but I was amazed how many companies I frequented advertised on his strange show. Now I'll try to shop elsewhere.

Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman
Time Warner? Boy am I out of the loop, Ted should buy it back and fire that sick twisted freak!

Nice one!

Hit them where it hurts--in the money.

Need to add a link to me site now.... ;-)

Good job, good idea.

Good job, good idea.

Another way to start pressure where it ought to be, is to write letters to bloggers that delete comments of yours or mine, regarding the massive body of evidence of 911 from our perspective, our understanding. It is especially annoying when it is a Liberal site, which steadily has been a scathing critic of the GWB and his mafiosos. One of the sites I've loved for a long time, has blocked me, since I commented on the obvious 911 irregularities of the government story. That site is . Also, . Fortunately others, even Right wing sites are willing to engage in conversation of it, even if I'm ridiculed, and called every nasty name imaginable. I know more people, probably 10 to 1 come and just read comments on various blogs, versus the ones that comment. So, it's okay, I just present the evidence, drop in some highly credible links, like and know I've done what I can. I compliment the ones speaking foul of me on their post, for their brilliantly creative talent for insulting, but remind them, that their arguments still don't offer anything.

I think it is important to keep going to many different sites and dropping information with links, and if they just have to keep deleting and blocking us, well, they are just going to be continuing to lose people. And remember, WE are the majority now, that acknowledge the truth. THEY are the "fringe" because they have chosen to remain uninformed, or willfully ignorant, unlike the majority of the US population that now knows our government is criminal, and worse than any serial killers we've ever seen movies about or read about. We've got the equivilent of a Charles Manson running our country.

The rest of the internet community NEED to get on board. We have got to reach enough of the population, yes MORE, to make us all irreproachable.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

a boycott of every midsize and large company

Unfortunately, I suspect you're more right than wrong. Don't most companies have advertising budgets? And even if we managed to straighten out the media on 911, what about all the other essential issues that affect us?

IMO, it'd be much better to "boycott" the media, itself, by replacing it with something that serves the public, as opposed to something that serves the purpose of profit for business and "manufacturing consent" by government.

Please see my proposal "Putting the NY Times Out of Business"

>> Putting the NY Times Out of Business <<
Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media

I have posted a proposal on the Randi Rhodes show forum for replacing our current media with a new, sustainable media that facilitates the selection of "filtering agents". You can think of these as honest gatekeepers that YOU trust - and that keep out trivial information, rather than very important information that groups with economic and other hidden agendas prefer to hide from you.

Broadband access is now up to 42% in the US, so it is quite possible to target TELEVISION, which is how about 48% of Americans get 30+ minutes of news per day (as opposed to only about 9% over the internet). See

The thread is entitled: "Putting the NY Times Out of Business"
The thread is subtitled: "Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media"



Just bumping this up to the top of the page

Seems people in some quarters dislike this as much as they dislike helping activists improve their organization...;-)

Update: 12-20-07

Hey Everyone-

We have an update to announce. Thanks to Scott for his hard work at a new presentation at the website. Thank you for all your comments and helping us tweak everything to make it better understandable and easier to navigate. We hope you will like the new look and feel!

New at the site is the forum area that Scott has set up to aid in the dialogue for the new site and campaign. We are very much in need of folks who would like to help. Please sign up at the forum if you are interested and lets get the dialogue going.

We have some very specific needs that we will be posting in the forum. One need that is immediate:

We need a video tape, or DVD, of the History Channel's hit piece that has not had the commercials edited out. If you recorded this, contact us so that we may be able to get a copy from you. The History Channel and the advertisers who paid to advertise during this program are officially blacklisted; we just need to get the content and start adding it to the site.

I was recently able to find an original copy of the March 2005 (can you believe its already been almost 2 years???) issue of Popular Mechanics with the Debunking 9-11 Lies article. All advertisers in there are blacklisted and will be added to the site very soon. The magazine is being shipped and I should have it soon.

Last, but certainly not least, we hope that you are participating in the 9-11 Blacklist campaign, not only with your dollars, but with your voice. Please begin calling, emailing, and letter writing TODAY! Please post our banners and widgets at your site and help us get more exposure for this potentially explosive campaign. We have many surprises in store so plug in, stay tuned, and TAKE ACTION.