Dr. Jones' Orem-Utah talk (June 24, 2007) available on video.google

A local 9/11 activist taped my talk given June 24, 2007 in Orem, Utah, to an audience of about 700 people (standing room only in the large Friendship Center). Thanks to Tim Costello! He inserted photos and some text (based on my PPT slides) and put this on a DVD, with the idea that it could be copied and distributed freely. Now Tim has put the DVD onto video.google (55 minutes long), here:


A strange thing is that when I checked this several days ago, the number of views was over 700; this morning it was just 138 views... Do they reset the counter?
The talk was one of a series given in cities in Utah and Idaho, and represents an effort to bring the most salient points regarding 9/11 to the public. It could be considered a sequel to my talk given at UVSC in February 2006 (also in Orem, Utah). I welcome comments!

OUTLINE of the talk:
1. Complete WTC skyscraper collapses at near free-fall speeds: challenging the "official story"
2. Lack of Air Defenses on 9/11
3. WTC Dust: Toxic and Loaded with Melted Spheres
4. Megabucks made on Airline "Put Options" (just before 9/11)
5. Was my paper peer-reviewed?

Ah, google.....

Reported to have been started with CIA 'seed' money, Google is indeed a player in the disinfo war. They are frequently accused of resetting counters..... on Loose Change, on Alex Jone's vids and so forth. They have been known to eliminate videos (for apparently purely political reasons as well as for others). It is not only conceivable but probably predictable that they would do that to your vid.

Perhaps others may qualify, clarify or expand upon the above. But these have been my impressions over time.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Temporary Resets Have Happened Before


A couple of months ago, the entire Google video site reset all video's back to zero views. This situation was corrected within 1-2 days.

I'm not aware of any such recent corrections.

It would be unusual to my knowledge, for a single video to experience such an adjustment.

I hope I am wrong but

I noticed just now that it is still at 138........ I don't know how many here have viewed it since Dr. Jones posted this article. But I did. So, it should have been at 139. Time will out, I suppose.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Does Anyone Deny Google Vid Temporarily Reset Its Counters?

True or False:

One weekend 2-3 months ago, Google video reset all video views back to zero and within 24-36 hours, restored all video views to their originally accumulated view counts.



I've read articles about the hit numbers being changed over at Google Video for controversial titles. And if you study the page over here:


you will see this sentence about "indicators"- "A PSYOPS Officer conducts operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences. The goal is to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, decision-making abilities and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals." I see it says "foreign", but then that's why I made my comment...

Show "nice presentation" by borepstein

Thanks for the

Thanks for the comments.
Boris -- by "standing room only" I mean that as I got started, there were people standing who evidently could not find seats. Most of the approx 700 people there were sitting, of course, you're right about that. It was a large hall and a good group. There were two other speakers also -- kind of a 'mini-conference.'


Another excellent seminar Prof Jones. These presentations in academic setting are very productive, having attended about 4 meetings, I have met other like minded individuals in the area (which is quite comforting).

The seminar in the thread held 700 people, in turn each of those people speak to many others, and the value of word of mouth is extremely important for familiarization of a concept. This is obvious (of course), however, should never be underestimated.

The groundswell of interested people over the past year has been encouraging, and most certainly a result from meetings like yours, Gage, Rodriguez, Ryan, Griffin, Scott, and film LCFC.

At last we can move-on from snowballs and pennies.

Prince of Light

Steven Jones

The Truth and Newsweek

Dr. Jones as most readers here know was discredited in Popular Mechanics in a nonsense article. Now, Newsweek has Karl Rove as a columnist - AND if you want to get a subscription to Newsweek they are offering a free 12 issues to Popular Mechanics.

--{{projectile vomits all over keyboard}}--

Could it be more obvious?


From talks to RALLIES...

Isn't it past time for organizing large-scale rallies which are a call for justice? Rallies that feature Dr. Jones who has large name recognition... It is a mistake to wait until the Anniversary to hold a massive protest, and it is insufficient to have small scattered monthly actions... We need large organized RALLIES that are a call for justice and which receive media! !

Isn't the case already made? We've had 6 years for that. We are no longer in study mode. Dr. Jones, would you attend a well-planned rally in either NYC or LA this Spring? Like Loose Change, Steven Jones is a marquee name for 9/11 truth. It appears that Richard Gage is fast becoming one as well. Do we need to just accumulate more and more papers and documentaries or do we need to take action? We already have the truth--- now is time for justice.

Spread the truth

Great presentation. It's important to spread these presentations so people can see them. Credible evidence and presentation as usual.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Professor Steven Jones on The TV

Professor Steven Jones on MSNBC

Steven Jones on "The Situation Room" with Tucker Carlson. Why won't Tucker play the Professor's clip? Why does he keep trying to change the subject every time Building 7 is mentioned?


Early 9/11 Truth: Professor Steven Jones on Utah TV News

This is one of the professor's first television media interviews on the subject of 9/11. Since this interview, he has found conclusive evidence of thermate residue on the steel beams at the WTC.


Thursday November 9, 2006
Professor Stephen Jones Calmly Discusses 9/11 Building Collapse Science on Public Radio

* source = http://www.kpfa.org

errors in talk

Dr. Jones

The "Tom Kenney" claim was debunked by Mike Ruppert in 2002.


Tom Kenney is a firefighter.

Tom Kennedy was the FEMA guy.

That section of this talk is botched.


Next, you call Barry Jennings (unnamed) a "security guard" as you tell his ordeal inside WTC7.

Boston Globe says: "City Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings, 46,"

Another source calls him, "Barry Jennings, Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority."

I confirmed this title here:

I don't know what his title was back on 9/11, but I doubt it was "security guard."


There is a typo: "Asociated Press" in the slide about scrambling jets 67 times.

The drawback of that claim is that they never say the reasons, the targets, the situations for any of those scrambles (which Pop Mechanics exploited).

A good rebuttal is this report from GAO:


While not as current as we would like, this shows how the mission to scramble jets was carried out with real numbers.

NORAD has refused to give detailed info about scrambles during the 2001 period, and claims they don't have the data in an accessible form.


The case about not scrambling should include the "phone bridge" data, the knowledge of hijackings by secret service and others. The FAA flight controllers have been silenced, and their tape recorded testimony destroyed by an FAA supervisor. The conflicting stories also reveal a less than honest explanation why they left their capital undefended when anyone with half a brain would have defended it by 9:03 at the very latest.

Also, Rumsfeld gave no "approval" as per the June 1st 2001 orders on "Air Piracy." It is highly likely that the "orders" that Mineta spoke of were these June 1st orders. Rumsfeld deliberately made himself scarce when America needed his "approval" and he gave none, by his own admission (ignorance) prior to the Pentagon strike.

PNAC member Cheney and PNAC member Rumsfeld apparently worked together to suppress the fighter response.


Very good to have a fresh speech from Doctor Jones! I've put it on my website.

But the counter is still on 138...

The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects

Google and type in "we got nuked on 9/11"

Go to google and let the NSA indentify your computer . .

. . . by typing this text string in.

First thing I thought of. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you.


Have you ever talked with "Rocky" Anderson about your research?

I would love to hear

the answer to that question, as well as if you did what were his comments? And if i might be so bold to ask. Did you recieve any negitive responses from BYU ?
What do you think of Richard Gage's work?...Where do you see the truth movements progress in the next few months,and what would you
like to see? Also one last question. What do you think of Sibel Edmonds,and the lack of media response to her saying that she will go against her gag orders, and risk going to prison if only a major television station will let her tell all unedited?

Hi Dr Jones!

It's exciting to send a message to a living legend. The outline of your speech is a great format for the Truth Community to use as a basic format when making an "argument". That's argument in quotations because actually arguing isn't convincing or constructive, but facts are. And I think everyone should make note of the fact that you used the terminlogy "almost freefall speed" and not simply freefall speed when describing the descent of the Towers. You also didn't name names or libel anyone, you simply called for a criminal investigation. The humor was the finishing touch that put the cherry on top. Thank you for that.

We need to send money to a trust in your name to support you and your efforts. I'd chip in to that.

Count me in

For the same message.

Bravo! It is very refreshing to see outreach to senior citizens

Bravo! It is very refreshing to see scientific outreach to senior citizens, and the best messenger to them is a peer within their own age range. Excellent that you mentioned courage. Having successfully worked through our own fear process serves to gently guide the way for other fearful citizens. Pure intent is the key to all communications. We call upon courage to face what we fear.

In case you haven't yet seen it, this thread contains a few valuable resources, and will have new directions.

Re-Framing the Debate(s) Around the 9/11 Cover-Up

He Who Defines, Wins

It's rather like the strategic energy at play in a sports game.
Frame it so citizens are on the defense and it weakens the offensive.
(continued at link)

Dr Jones is no Senior Citizen...

He's obviously healthy and has mental vitality. Only the young at heart can do what he's doing.

No offense to you.

Steel sample analysis

Congratulations on this release.

I've read about your research into the residues of explosives in WTC steel, but haven't had the time to look at the presentations. Have the results been, or will they be, released in some journal? Is there currently an article on the net that details the findings?

Thanks for comments and questions!

Now will try to catch up on some of them. (I've been out of town...)

1. Residues -- microspheres especially -- yes, I have written a paper with some results here: http://journalof911studies.com/volume/200704/JonesWTC911SciMethod.pdf

Other results have been written up as well and submitted. Awaiting peer-reviewer comments.

2. Since you (wisdom) asked, there was no response to my latest talk from BYU... Yes, I like Richard Gage's talks and his AE911Truth.org (which I joined, among other groups).

3. The 9/11 truth movement is very dynamic, you see it on 911blogger! An excellent place to look for news. In the future, I hope for coordination with other growing groups -- such as the Peace and Impeachment movements, and the anti-NAU movement. And perhaps some Pres. candidates will help the Truth effort (Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich come to mind). We have much in common and would benefit from working together. Also, I'm looking to Keith Olbermann and others to keep dropping hints about 9/11 and the need for further investigation.

4. Good question about Tucker C not showing the WTC 7 clip. His crew called earlier that day and asked what I wished to show/discuss -- and I pointed to video clips of the WTC7 destruction. I thought we had that understanding, but he wouldn't show it! You see, it is important to keep showing the WTC 7 fall... and asking -- why?

5. Nope, haven't talked to Rocky Anderson. But I was at a protest rally where he spoke out against the war in Iraq, in Salt Lake City. (Where he is Mayor.) And I have also called for impeachment -- would like to talk to Rocky as you suggest!

6. I will look into your comments, John -- thank you.

7. Sibel Edmonds -- very much would like to see her have an opportunity to speak out. Look, there are a number of people we're aware of who would testify under oath -- if subpoena'ed by Congress. If Congress would just provide the forum, there are whistleblowers we know of who would come forth and testify. Now THAT is a challenge. How do we throw down the gauntlet?

8. Someone calls for RALLIES with media attention -- and I agree, but getting media attention is not so easy we're finding. See 6 for an approach that would garner media attention IMO -- when whistleblowers speak out. There needs to be a venue where 9/11 whistleblowers can speak out freely. Let's have ideas on how to achieve that! A bold Representative or Senator could take the initiative, with support from us, and that may do it... Or a Presidential candidate might be able to do something. I think Rallies have their place also.

Comment on the paper and question

Thanks for your replies, Dr Jones.

One comment on your above-linked paper, in which you write as follows (p. 67):

"[...] but first consider taking the same 14 floor block and dropping it where it free falls through air until impacting the ground. The fall time is easy to calculate and would be about nine or ten seconds."

It is agreed that the absolute free fall time for an object dropped from the entire height of either Tower is 9.2 seconds, and that would *include* the 14-floor block referred to above. (That is, 9.2 seconds is the fall time for either tower's roof in a vacuum.) Therefore, the absolute free fall time for the 14-floor block would be less than that, as the block would be dropped from a lower altitude than the roof. (Obviously, there is an equation with which it can be exactly calculated.) The fall time through air, unimpeded, is naturally slightly longer and cannot be so precisely predicted. Of course you knew all this, but I think it's important to be fairly precise, also because of the "debunkers".

A question: if controlled demolition can be scientifically proven beyond reasonable doubt, when can we expect to see articles detailing those proofs in established printed scientific journals? The tenacity of the gatekeepers will, of course, vary. Have your tried to have a paper published in such journals?