9/11 Truth Activism In Wayne, PA - 12/1/2007

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Today, Betsy M. and I took part in a 9/11 Truth street action in Wayne, PA. The purpose of our going out was to get the neighborhood ready for a movie series we're going to show in the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater. With any luck, sometime in January or February, we will be showing "9/11: Press For Truth", and "In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories Of The 9/11 Families."

Most of the traffic was friendly, but some of it was downright rude. People were flipping me the bird, and I smiled. I managed to get one interview that wasn't Betsy or me, and as it turned out, it was someone I interviewed last year at the opening of "World Trade Center."

Is that ...

a real fur? (pic) And I thought it was cold in LA today.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

I'm glad that most people

I'm glad that most people were friendly. I guess the ones that flipped you the bird coudn't care less about a little thing like 3000 innocent people being murdered by a group of high level psychopathic criminals in a psychological warfare operation on live tv. They probably couldn't even locate Iraq or Iran on a map. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't locate the state of New York on a map. Beleive me, I live and work around a bunch of these types. We just have to accept the fact that a substantial portion of the American public are as dumb as rocks and wouldn't have it any other way. I am even starting to get the impression that alot of Americans pride themselves on how stupid they are. Sickening.


Someone could put this on GooTube or Google Video, it would be much appreciated. Google Video is not accepting any uploads from me for some reason. When I hit "upload", it times out every single time. Thanks.

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Good action. The video was long but worth it.

Good action. The video was long but worth it.

Press for Truth wil be showing in Paris the Friday 7 december 2007 à 20h30 , ciném 4 rue Christine 75006 PARIS.

Details on the European Tour 9/11 Press For Truth (in French) can be found here

Although I will be seeing it next Friday I would like to download it. Anyone have a link to where we can download it ?

Yours John

Press for Truth

Hi John -

I'd be happy to mail you a new, original Press for Truth dvd (in English) and its recently released supplement "In Their Own Words") if you want to email me your mailing address.

Thanks for being involved in this. We Americans need all the help we can get. Our free press is no longer, a big part of the apathy problem here. If most Americans knew what was really going on, I would like to believe they would be angry. But if it's not front page news, forget about it.

Best wishes for a huge turnout in Paris for this eye-opening movie.


Press for Truth DVD

Pease Betsy send me the Press for Truth DVD.
My mail address is

17 rue de la Tournade

I will pay you back for it. With the DVD I will do copies for other French people.

It is asking a bit much, but do you have "The rellecting pool" also ?

It is by passing things hand to hand, mouth to mouth and computer to computer that the truth will brake out.

Hoping to have your DVD soon


PS Do you read French ? Would you like a CDRom of my collection of 911 photos ?

Sending out a package of

Sending out a package of various DVD's to you tomorrow. Sorry it was delayed. Pls make as many copies as you can! As far as I know, "Reflecting Pool" is not available yet. . . . I do not read French. Wish I could. : ) Would love a CD of your 911 photos. My address will be on the return address of the package I sent you. Keep on spreading 9/11 Truth all over Europe!

Merci bien! Merci beaucoup! Merci mille fois!


Former resident of the main line

great job! but I feel for you guys. the Main Line is a tough nut to crack. As a former resident of Paoli, I know first hand
what's it's like to deal with the 'rude' people around there. In early '06, i was actually pulled over for no
reason by an officer in Treddyfrin Township by the name of Hittle. this guy saw my '911 was an inside job' sticker
(a very small one at that) on the back of my car and decided to give me a sobriety test for no reason
whatsoever. when another officer came by...they looked at the sticker and laughed. in finding out more
information later...apparently officer Hittle is a former marine and used to work in CA. (no wonder - a former
CA officer pulling someone over?)...
my point here is to be very careful in that area with 9/11 truth. In speaking with the Captain in the Treddyfrin office
the next day about the incident, i was appalled at his response... he actually told me that's it's more dangerous
on the streets of Paoli then it is in Iraq!!? Obviously, this area is whacked... i have obviously moved away
and i'm not looking back. good luck with your premeire!! some people will simply never sway from their
opinion...an area that's elected the same neo con republican - Gerlach - that many times is obviously
messed up.

Thanks for the warning, I

Thanks for the warning, I hear you . . . I have a United States Marine Corps bumper sticker next to my "9/11 Was an Inside Job" one, which is right next to "Support our troops, impeach Bush". Maybe it will confuse them . . . : )
We're hoping to show 9/11 movies with an emphasis on Press for Truth every Tuesday in January & February at 5 & 7. Say tuned for confirmation and details.


I said Jackie...

Instead of Kathy. I'm sorry Kathy.

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