Former Italian President - Latest Osama Video Will Be Proven a Fraud - CIA/MOSSAD Involvement in 9/11 Common Knowledge

(Please note when reading this report that Francesco Cossiga was fully aware of, and helped to set up Operation GLADIO, which puts him in a very small, and suspect clique. I would recommend Giulietto Chiesa's approach, which is one of some skepticism and caution, because Cossiga's intent may not be altruistic. Babelfish translations in the comments area below. -rep.)

Former Italian President, Minister, First Minister, and currently Italian Senator-for-Life, Francesco Cossiga, declared that, to his knowledge, "Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, the most important Italian magazine and newspaper editor will give proofs that the new Osama bin Laden video [sic] [...], in which there are threats against former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, is nothing but a fake, produced in Mediaset [Berlusconi's TV network] studios in Milan [...]. The trap has been forged in order to obtain solidarity towards Berlusconi[...]"

He then says that: "Palazzo Chigi [headquarters of the Italian government] circles, nerve center of Italian intelligence, note that the video's falsity is proven by the fact that Osama Bin Laden reportedly confesses that Al Qaeda made the September 11 attacks against the twin towers in New York, while all democratic circles in Europe and America, above all those of the Italian left-wing, know that the disastrous attack has been planned and executed by the CIA and Mossad, with the help of the sionist world, in order to accuse arab countries and force western powers to intervene both in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is why there has been no word of solidarity to Berlusconi from the Quirinale [home of the Italian president of the republic], from Palazzo Chigi nor from members of the left wing coalition"

In Italy, Cossiga is well known for his links with the USA and NATO intelligence services. This is the reason why Italian European parliament member Giulietto Chiesa wonders if Cossiga is actually trying to prevent the scoop he speaks about, or he is trying to "send messages" to the US government.

Cossiga's decleration can be read on the website of italian most important newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" at the following link:

Chiesa's comments can be found on his website:

Alcenero -

Cossiga's statement

In Italian.

Babelfish translation:

"To how much me it has been said tomorrow or after tomorrow the most powerful chain daily paper-periodicals of our Country it would have to give the tests, with a scoop exceptional, than the video (in truth an audio, ndr) in which Osama Bin Laden reappears, leader of the ' Great and powerful movement of Rinvicita Muslim To the Qaeda', than Allah the benedica!, in which threats also to former premier the Silvio are formulated Berlusconi, it would be nient' other that a videomontaggio realized in the studies of Mediaset to Milan and fact to reach the islamista television net To the Jazira that it has wide diffused it ". The emerito president of the Republic asserts Francisco Cossiga in an official notice. "TRAP" - "' trappola' it would have been mounted, second over cited press chain, in order to raise a solidarity big wave towards Berlusconi, in the moment in which he finds in difficulty also because of an other scoop of the same journalistic chain on interlaces between RAI and Mediaset", he continues the senator to life. "From atmospheres near Chigi Palace, nevralgico center of direction of the Italian intelligence, attract attention that the authenticity of the video is not testified from the fact that Osama Bin Laden in it ' confessa' that To the Qaeda september to the two towers in New York would have been the author of the attack of the 11, while all the atmospheres democratics of America and Europe, with in front line those of the centrosinistra Italian, by now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Cia American and the Mossad with the aid of the sionista world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part are in Iraq are in Afghanistan For this - Cossiga concludes - no word of solidarity is reached Silvio Berlusconi, that would be the ideatore of the brilliant counterfeiting, neither from the Quirinale, neither from Chigi Palace neither from exponents of the centrosinistra!". SOLIDARITY - In truth it is reached Berlusconi the solidarity for the government of Vannino Chiti, minister for the Relationships with the Parliament: "I express my solidarity to Silvio Berlusconi called in cause, together to other European leaders, from the terrorist Osama Bin Laden in its message of propaganda. Against the terrorism and these farneticazioni it must strongly be the unit of the political forces in Italy and the common engagement and the solidarity of the European people ".

Giulietto Chiesa's commentary

In Italian.

Babelfish translation;

That Francisco Cossiga does not believe in the official version of the 11 september is a acclarato data for a long time. But yesterday 20 November 2007, it has made a lot more. He announces to the Handle - than filler faithfully - than the last esternazione of Osama bin Laden would be a false one. And he specifies that the authors of the false one would be within Mediaset. More just, Cossiga says, it would be a matter of a "videomontaggio realized in the studies of Mediaset to Milan and fact to reach the islamista television net To the Jazeera that it has wide diffused it". The tests must still come, but Cossiga announces also who has to them and it would have to show "tomorrow or the day after tomorrow". He be a matter himself nientepopodimeno that of the "more powerful chain daily paper-periodicals of our Country". It will be the Courier of the Evening? Cossiga communicates that someone it has spifferato "the scoop". It does not remain to us that to wait for, rather you amuse yourself, the development of the news. To someone the suspicion could even come malignantly that, anticipating the scoop, the emerito president can have try the operation of bloccarlo. But it is only a suspicion, whose fondatezza will be verified tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Sure that some question mark the movement of Cossiga raises it. While because Mediaset would not have had need of some "videomontaggio", being be the esternazione of only sonorous Osama. Moreover To the Jazeera ribadisce that that one is the voice originates them of bin Laden, although it admits to have received it, this time, not through the "traditional distance of the communications of the head of to the Qaeda (made to recapitare to the writing of Kabul)", but through "one of the forum where they come exchanges the video and the audio to you of the jihadista propaganda" (Rak/AKI 30-NOV-07 18:18). But there is an other criptico passage that Francisco Cossiga has peritato itself to send, in the river of words that it has spold: laddove it says, testualmente, that "from atmospheres near Chigi Palace, nevralgico center of direction of the Italian intelligence, attract attention that the authenticity of the video is not testified from the fact that Osama bin Laden in confessà it that To the Qaeda would have been the author of the attack of the 11 september to the two towers in New York, while all the atmospheres democratics of America and Europe, with in front line those of the centrosinistra Italian, know by now well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Cia American and the Mossad with the aid of the sionista world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part it is Here is more than one imprecisione, in order to speak eufemisticamente. Because how much describes to contraddice Cossiga that evidently that officially declares to think "all the atmospheres democratics of America and Europe" and more than all "the Italian left center". It comes to think that Cossiga, (sure before), has once again not assumed the role of the crazy one of the village that can be allowed - exactly in how much crazy one - to say truth that nobody would dare to pronounce. With the only difference, regarding the crazy one of the shakespeariana tradition, than this former president of the Italian Republic, truth says average, when she says to them, stirred to average falsità. Une and the others clutched from velenosi cords that are impossible to untie, because only who uses them of it knows all the secrets. The crazy one of the village spoke to the people about the village. This nozzle messages that can only understand the cortigiani and, from far away, also the Emperor.

cossiga probably has it half

cossiga probably has it half right....

the video was poduced, but not in italy, is my guess

at 79 one does make a lot of errors.

I sent...

An email to Paul Thompson asking him if he thought "Al-Qaeda" was the equivalent to America's "Gladio" or "Strategy Of Tension", and he said there were many similarities between the two. Which is obvious to some, but I wanted to hear what he had to say on the subject.

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I'd be interested to know Nafeez Ahmed's opinion as well, if anyone is able to find or obtain this.


Awareness of Gladio

Why does being fully aware of operation Gladio put someone in a suspect clique?

Let me clarify that.

Cossiga helped set it up, at the time, nobody but the most inside of insiders even knew of GLADIO's existence, never mind what it was really up to; FALSE FLAG TERRORISM.

"Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga (DC) confirmed Andreotti's revelations, explaining that he was even "proud and happy" for his part in setting up Gladio as junior Defence Minister of the Christian Democratic Party."

Sorry for the confusion.

I'm going to edit my little preamble on this blog entry...


Things are complicated by the dual nature of Gladio: the overt purpose, which was to prepare for a possible Soviet occupation, and the hidden agenda, which entailed false flag attacks on civilians. Which did Cossiga defend?

On the other hand, it is possible that Cossiga feels that 9/11 had no legitimation while Gladio had (the Soviet threat).

It is even possible that he has changed during the 15 years since Gladio was revealed.


I believe it was originally set-up to disrupt the soviets if they moved in after the allies left Italy after WW2. There may have been a logical sounding reason to set it up but then like other assets was utilized in a different manor than advertised.

Cossiga and P2

Cossiga also worked in the past with members of P2, publicly defended Lucio Gelli, and may still be connected to some of these old networks. Perhaps new ones as well:

"Behind the facade, however, lies one of the most sinister episodes of the Italian Republic, an episode in which the entire secret state was fully involved. The Secret Services, which were supposed to find Moro’s prison, spectacularly bungled their search, together with the police and the Carabinieri; the P2 Masonic lodge, whose members happened to be put in charge of the investigations, deliberately messed up the search; Interior minister Francesco Cossiga surrounded himself with P2 members and CIA officers; the Mafia offered its services to free Moro, only to be told in no uncertain terms that Moro was wanted dead not alive. At the time, public opinion knew nothing of all this; the existence of the Masonic lodge P2 only became known three years later, in 1981...

It was only with the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the Cold War that the enormity of the effects of such war upon Italy and the Italian political system began to emerge. The Gladio scandal, in the early 1990s, brought to light the existence of a whole secret network of anti-Communist organisations throughout Western Europe, whose official aim was to fight in the event of a Soviet invasion, but which also had the all-important unofficial aim of fighting against the internal communist threat in those countries considered most at risk. At the time of the Gladio scandal Francesco Cossiga was President of the Italian Republic. He publicly defended Gladio as a legitimate organisation against a young judge, Felice Casson, who proclaimed its illegitimacy. It was in those days that Cossiga and Casson expressed openly and clearly their allegiances to two contrasting states and principles of legitimation. Referring to P2 leader Licio Gelli, Cossiga declared ‘He is a patriot’. With reference to the same man, Casson stated ‘He is a traitor’. Never before, I believe, had the dual identity of the Italian Republic been so crudely exposed. By patriot, Cossiga referred to Gelli’s loyalty to the secret anti-Communist state. By traitor Casson referred to Gelli’s betrayal of the antifascist legitimating principle of the official state..."

Daniele Ganser on P2, GLADIO, etc.

How to test it..

So, how do we stand with this particular "revelation", any official news/followups?

I'm not following the italian politics, so it's hard to say whether this old politician (79) is still lucid
and not a complete crank of his rocker nowadays used/misused to spread disinfo and to harm the truth movement..

The best shot on this story is to gauage the response of the other EU based media..
Mainly, If at all, when, how and what kind of spin will use the other media in covering this story is crucial!

Obviously, dead silence = + some credibility points
some coverage = testing the waters
widespread coverage + spin = disinfo mission

Hah, and the unlikely possibility:
if joint photo of Berlusconi, the fake halfdressed Ladin talent inside the studio set "cave" would pop up..

i think you should read the prison planet version

where he apparently reveals the truth about Gladio.
regarding false flaggists: takes one to know one

Yeah, well...

Cossiga wasn't the guy who "revealed" GLADIO. He was part of it, and defended it through the whole scandal.

The man who revealed GLADIO was the current Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti.

AFTER Andreotti, Cossiga didn't have much option but to confirm it. His goose was cooked;

"In Italy, on 3 August 1990, then-prime minister Giulio Andreotti confirmed the existence of a secret army code-named “Gladio” - the Latin word for “sword” - within the state. His testimony before the Senate subcommittee investigating terrorism in Italy sent shockwaves through the Italian parliament and the public, as speculation arose that the secret army had possibly manipulated Italian politics through acts of terrorism.

Andreotti revealed that the secret Gladio army had been hidden within the Defense Ministry as a subsection of the military secret service, SISMI. General Vito Miceli, a former director of the Italian military secret service, could hardly believe that Andreotti had lifted the secret, and protested:

"I have gone to prison because I did not want to reveal the existence of this super secret organization. And now Andreotti comes along and tells it to parliament!" According to a document compiled by the Italian military secret service in 1959, the secret armies had a two-fold strategic purpose: firstly, to operate as a so-called “stay-behind” group in the case of a Soviet invasion and to carry out a guerrilla war in occupied territories; secondly, to carry out domestic operations in case of “emergency situations”.

The military secret services’ perceptions of what constituted an “emergency” was well defined in Cold War Italy and focused on the increasing strength of the Italian Communist and the Socialist parties, both of which were tasked with weakening NATO “from within”. Felice Casson, an Italian judge who during his investigations into right-wing terrorism had first discovered the secret Gladio army and had forced Andreotti to take a stand, found that the secret army had linked up with right-wing terrorists in order to confront “emergency situations”. The terrorists, supplied by the secret army, carried out bomb attacks in public places, blamed them on the Italian left, and were thereafter protected from prosecution by the military secret service. "You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game,” right-wing terrorist Vincezo Vinciguerra explained the so-called “strategy of tension” to Casson.

“The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened."


After Andreotti's revelations, and before investigations that revealed that GLADIO was up to its neck in False Flag Terrorism; Cossiga was stinking proud of GLADIO;

More from Ganser;

"Only Francesco Cossiga, Italian President since 1985, confirmed what Andreotti had revealed and explained that he was even “proud and happy” for his part in setting up Gladio as junior Defence Minister of the Christian Democratic Party. During an official visit to Scotland, the President declared to journalists that all Gladiators were good patriots, adding: “I consider it a great privilege and an act of trust that ... I was chosen for this delicate task … I have to say that I'm proud of the fact that we have kept the secret for 45 years.” Back in Italy, the President found himself in the midst of a political storm, and requests were made across parties for his immediate resignation or impeachment for high treason. Judge Casson wanted the head of state to testify in front of the investigating Senate committee. The President refused and even threatened to shut down the entire parliamentary investigation: “I'll send the law extending its mandate [the mandate of the commission already approved by the Senate] back to Parliament and, should they re-approve it, I will have to examine the text anew to see if the conditions exist for the extreme recourse to an absolute [Presidential] refusal to promulgate.” The attack was completely without any constitutional grounds and critics in the press started to question the President's sanity. As the Gladio scandal culminated, the Italian President only narrowly escaped his impeachment by stepping down in April 1992, three months before his term expired."


Cossiga is no hero. He threatened to kill investigations into GLADIO, not reveal it! Is he hip to Covert Ops? He should be, he was neck deep in Italy's secret government for half a century. He is a dangerous man, and anything he says should be deciphered accordingly.

What's the matter?

Why do you want to discredit our latest whistle blower?

It could very well be as Vesa said above. Cossiga defended Gladio's role as anti-communist guerrilla in the case of a Soviet invasion. But, was unaware of its more sinister functions.

...This is the political

...This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened."

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Prison Planet

is not a credible source

It is difficult to explain

It is difficult to explain to non-italians what guys like Chiesa (an ex-stalinist) and Cossiga (one of the most compromised and suspicious creatures the italian republic ever generated) mean with their words.
'Cause they always mean something else.

While all Giulietto Chiesa ever wants is to speak against americans (and that's why he always maintained that 9/11 was an inside job) (right belief for the wrong reasons) all Cossiga ever wants is to speak against the center-left wing and in particular against his personal enemy, Romani Prodi (now Prime Minister, formerly in the same Democratic Chrstian Party as Cossiga).

Alas, as much as I'd love to hear someone in the high ranks to come in the open about 9/11, in this case my impression is that Cossiga is using a very convoluted irony to imply many things:

1) that the italian center-left is compromised with international powers, CIA Mossad and such, just as much as he and his party were compromised in the '70 and '80 with CIA and NATO. (And this is the only reason why Giuletto Chiesa, who always said that 9/11 was an inside job, is mad about it)

2) that the italian media, in spite of Berlusconi being the big tycoon that he is, is in the hands of the center-left, and that if Berlusconi tries to pull a fast one, still they are the ones who are always in control (while the left always pretends to be honest and fair compared to the criminal right of Berlusconi and his gang);

Now, I know what you are thinking: to achieve this little purpose the guy comes out in the open about 9/11?!

Well, I know it sounds crazy but the idea of 9/11 being an inside job is not very much talked about in Italy, and Cossiga is probably convinced that his irony against the "conspiracy-nuts" is just clearly perceivable between the lines. In other words, he will always be able to maintain that what he really meant was that such are the crazy theories the center-left toys with (although no political leaders of the center-left ever talked about it), hypocritically.

That said, I am also sure that Cossiga used those words because in actuality he knows those things to be true; he knows that 9/11 was planned by the CIA and Mossad. He knows very well of the inside job; He knows that this is common knowledge in certain circles; he knows that speaking out, although in convoluted manner, he's disappointing a lot of people. Chiesa rightfully says that Cossiga likes to play the "village idiot", the fool that can speak the truth when nobody can.

The reason why he's doing it? not to speak the truth, unfortunately: just to embarrass someone else. Maybe blackmail someone else.

To the ones who said that Cossiga is an hero, think twice: this is a guy who played with state-sponsored terrorism his whole life; when he was minister of internal affairs (in control of the police and secret services) the red brigades accomplished their worst crimes, all CIA-driven operations aimed at keeping the italian political situation under control; that he is personally responsible for the death of Aldo Moro, leading political figure and the president of his party, supposedly kidnapped by a army of five people when Cossiga was minister, and held in custody 55 days in and around the city of Rome while millions of apartments in the whole country where searched; was Aldo Moro saved? No, he died, killed by the Red Brigades in custody without any reason but to keep the government in the right hands... (yes, italian history is very complicated: but illuminating too. Kissinger once said Italy was a big experiment...)

Only CIA and Mossad?

...Not the fbi, even in light of WTC1993?
Is this fella Cossiga still with the CIA?
Are his statements made to protect the fbi?

What could one make of this individual?

Watch out: Cossiga is very dangerous!

I totally agree with one point: Cossiga is very dangerous. I hope to write something soon about Cossiga and the so called Gladio's "Strategy of tension". Here in Italy everyone believes that he was fully involved with the darkest aspects of Gladio's operations: for example he confessed that when he was a young politician at the end of the second world war he was part of guerrilla warfare teams ready to do a coup d'etat if the left had (democratically) won an election. From those teams Gladio was born. But, above all, Cossiga is heavily suspected in the case of Aldo Moro's murder in 1978 (W. Tarpley is an expert in this argument).

I know what you may think: maybe he thought Gladio was a legitimate cold war operation while he actually does not agree with present false flag operations. I don't think so: I have heard his statements about some of the wrongdoings in the 'war on terror' (e.g. extraordinary renditions) and he was absolutely aligned with the Bush administration; more aligned than any other italian politician.

Nonetheless he is a very strange man (though I dare not to say that he is really crazy) and he could be tempted to blow the whistle about 9-11 as an inside job only for vanity reasons. Anyway I think that G. Chiesa is probably right in saying that there could be some hidden agenda behind Cossiga's words. I don't know what the hell Cossiga has in mind: maybe he is sending messages in a mafioso's style to black-op circles. I really don't know. I will let you know if there are any other news on this subject!

Italian media

Has Cossiga's statement been discussed in the Italian media?

Not at all

As far as I know Cossiga's statement has not appeared in italian media (obviously with the exception of Corriere della Sera). This is really "strange" because italian media usually report what he says, expecially when he is very provoking: he is still influential, to the point that his vote in the senate has been deciding in more than one voting also for the present left-wing government.

But, as you know, it is not at all strange that mainstream media, in a western country, do not report something related with the truth behind 9-11 events!

Does this person...

Have proof of CIA/Mossad involvement, or is he just speculating?

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lots of evidence and clear

lots of evidence and clear connections that make it quite obvious actually. do you have proof of Cheney and Bush's involvement?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

cossiga probably has it half

cossiga probably has it half right....

the video was poduced, but not in italy, is my guess

at 79 one does make a lot of errors.



Italian ex-President: CIA & Mossad planed

The 9/11 atrocity killed 3,000 innocent Americans and was used by Bush as an excuse to wreak havoc across the world from Somalia to Afghanistan (will Iran be next?). The post-invasion excess deaths associated with the Bush War on Terror in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan has caused the death of millions of people. (see "State Terrorism" on MWC News). Whoever did 9/11 is accordingly also responsible for the subsequent carnage of the Bush Wars.
The Bush Administration have spun an unbelievable, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Hollywood-style, Men in Caves story that the Mainstream media of the Western Murdochracies have made an Article of Faith – anyone who does not accept this story 100% is a fool, delusional, soft on terrorism or a terrorist.
However at long last a distinguished, intelligence insider – former Italian President Francesco Cossiga - has come forward to state that in his perception the CIA and Israeli Mossad planed 9/11 and that major intelligence agencies are well aware of this.
Of course this is the opinion of one man, albeit a very highly placed western political leader with intimate knowledge of intelligence matters.
Who was behind the 9/11 attack? This is best addressed by analysing Motive, Opportunity and Means.
Addressing the question on the basis of Motive and "Cui Bono?" ("who benefits?") is instructive. After the example of the Gulf War and Sanctions War against Iraq (1990-2003 excess deaths 1.9 million and under-5 infant deaths 1.2 million) it is surely highly implausible to suggest that Muslim-origin non-state terrorists would bring comparable devastation upon their own people – and themselves - by committing such an atrocity against such a dangerous and violent country as America. In contrast, Bush and Zionists have benefited enormously from 9/11 with war, devastation and occupation visited on a swathe of Muslim countries since 9/11 ( Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan) and with anti-Arab, anti-Semites, Islamophobia and xenophobic, proto-Nazi , civil rights-violating "terrorism" laws employed throughout the world.