Lobby your Representatives! Tampa 9/11 Truth did!


Yes, I felt so incredibly free after walking out of Bill Nelsons' office! This was a truly rewarding experience and I propose that EVERY 9/11 Truther make sure that their local representatives are lobbied and made aware of the growing concerns of their constituents! If you do not report treason it is a CRIME!

My account:

I woke up early, trimmed my beard, and put on a dress shirt and a tie. I wanted to look professional and presentable. I may be a college student, but I know how to be taken seriously!

We all converged at the federal courthouse and had a bit of trouble getting in because of the tight security. No cell phones, cameras, or anything!

We had briefly gone over the packet prepared by 911truth.org on the way to the senators office. I felt unprepared, but Mia assured us that the presentation was very simple and that all the work was done for us already. We had the simple outline, the supplemental material to leave with the senator, and Dr. Griffin's list of 115 Ommisions and Distortions of the 9/11 Commision Report.

We assigned people one section each and decided, to STICK TO THE LIST! lol! No getting off track or being creative. Everything had been done for us! Well I think we had a little trouble with that, but it was not a huge problem.

Mia started out by asking the women who were Bill Nelson's aides whether they were "aware of the controversy surrounding 9/11". One said that she had seen the Michael Moore film ( AHAHAHAAA!!) and another had actually seen the latest version of Loose Change, and said that she was impressed with all of the witness testimony (I personally haven't seen it yet...).

After establishing a base from which to approach the women, who were very cordial, we began our presentation. Mia began with the "New 9/11 Investigation" part and elaborated each talking-point according to whatever else she felt was necessary to add and augment the presentation. If you've ever met Mia Hamel you'll know that she can TALK about 9/11 and all the flaws in the official story! Perhaps she got excited and took up more time than the rest of us, but she did a great job explaining the talking points of the presentation. The two largest skyscrapers in tampa put together at the base are ALMOST as big as building 7, and this was a great way to explain how incredible it's collapse was.

Next Mary did the section on Impeachment. She simply read straight from the presentation and was very direct about it. I don't know if she was nervous about straying from the presentation, but she did a great job as well. Like I said, all the work was done for us by this fantastic 911truth.org package, and the message was certainly delivered: "IMPEACH!"

Then I took up the third part about the "War on Terror". Being a confident public speaker I elaborated briefly on each point. As I student of psychology I brought up the issue of "linguistic framing" in terms of the actual slogan for this war, the "War on Terror"; "Terror is an emotion, it is not a group of people or even a tactic. A 'war on terrorism' would be somewhat more correct, but that is not what it is called. It's called the 'War on Terror' because the phrase is ment to instill fear and terror into us so that our minds shut down and we simply obey the authority that claims to protect us. The 'War on Terror' is nothing more than propaganda."

I also emphasized the bullet point that "this supposedly endless war has not been declared by congress." In fact NO war has been declared by congress as is DICTATED by the constitution. This war is illegal and the strategy of global preemptive military intervention is EXACTLY the "Transformation of the Military" described in the PNAC document, "Rebuilding Americas Defenses".

I also elaborated on the long term costs of the war, Depleted Uranium pollution, and the damage being done to our soldiers. Being a member of Sarasota Food-Not-Bombs, I feed the homeless with free vegetarian meals as a protest against militarism every weekend. I see the homeless veterans, I see the problems they have, and I see the lack of help that they've recieved after they got home from battle. This is very personal for me, and I know that in 20 years I will still be feeding homeless veterans, but rather than Vietnam vets they will be Iraqi, Afghani, and possibly Iran veterans. This is a terrible strain on our society, not just financially, but socially and psychologically.

And to wrap it all up Derrick read the part "Restore our Constitutional Rights". This is what's really at stake here. The point of 9/11 was to destroy our freedoms and institute a police state. The "Patriot Act" could never have been passed before 9/11, and the Constitution can never stand side by side with this terrible document. They are mutually exclusive and for good reasons!

An important part of this section was the mentioning of the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism" bill (HR 1955) that is being shoved through congress and is obviously going to target dissenters like US, the 9/11 Truth Movement. We expressed GRAVE concern about this bill and the inclusion of our websites in the Weisenthal presentation to congress' Homeland Security Commitees' hearing on Terrorism and the Internet.

The aides seemed to take us very seriously and promised to pass on the information, and the actions that we demanded be taken, to senator Bill Nelson. We left him the supplemental packages provided by 911truth.org as well as a copy of Press for Truth and a short dvd about the collapse of building 7.

When we left we were ECSTATIC! Mia was singing "IMPEEEAAACHMMENTTT!" on the steps of the courthouse to the melody of "Maria" from the West Side Story, and I have never felt so effective and free in my life! This movement has gone beyond a cluster of people handing out dvd's and waving signs like lunatics. We are organized, we are strategized, and we have the criminals on the RUN!

Everybody needs to get to their local representatives office and do this NOW! It is a crime to not report treason, and it is your DUTY to make your elected representatives express your will in the halls of legislation! We sent a brand new batch of people to congress last year because we wanted CHANGE, and damnit we are going to GET change if we have to it ourselves!

Good job, and here is what I

Good job, and here is what I have done.....

I contacted my local AG and tried to present criminal charges against Pelosi for aiding and abetting. They told me that I needed to contact my local law enforcement, and they would process the charges.

I took them to my local police station last week, and probably tomorrow I will call them and see what they have done with them. Here are the charges I have filed against the Speaker of the House.

Also, when I filed the charges I was asked by the police officer: "so you have been wiretapped?" I told her that I did not know for sure, but given that they are sucking up EVERYONES data it was a good possibility.

Then she asked: "so you have been torchered?" I said. "I have not, but these charges are not about me, they are about the Constitution."

This is a request to file criminal charges against the Speaker of the House, of the Congress of the United States of America, Nancy Pelosi for the partial list of crimes listed below. Since Ms. Pelosi is preventing Impeachment charges from being voted on, she is preventing criminal charges being introduced against Bush or Cheney. This action signals that she supports Bush’s, and Cheney’s, actions and is doing all she can to help with these criminal acts.

These charges do not encompass the entire set of criminal acts that have been performed by Ms. Pelosi, but they do represent the most serious of crimes committed so far. The list below is not in any particular order and is only meant as a record of the crimes not a sequential account of them.

1) Knowledge of ILLEGAL Wiretapping, post and PRE 9/11:
It has been shown, in documents that were once on the web that this spying began well before 9/11. The whistleblower has documents and has stated publicly that these rooms at AT&T were being built BEFORE 9/11. This whistleblower has shown that Bush began speaking with AT&T only WEEKS after getting into the White House regarding spying on Americans. This makes the crime premeditated and by Ms. Pelosi not performing her Constitutionally mandated job, and by not taking legal action, she has stated indirectly that she supports Bush’s illegal actions.

2) Knowledge of Torture:
By allowing Bush to perform torture on people such as German, Canadian, and many others, including American Citizens, she has condoned the action and has made herself a party to the crimes by the very stance of refusing to perform the ONLY legal path available to the people against the Crimes Bush has performed.

3) Knowledge of denying American Citizens Habeas Corpus:
By allowing Bush to detain American Citizens, without providing them their Constitutionally mandated rights. By not speaking up for this American Citizen, Jose Padillia, and Demanding that Bush provide all information about why he held him without granting him his Constitutional rights is just as criminal as Bush for doing it.

4) Knowledge of Dereliction of Duty by Bush on OBL (Osama Bin Laden):
(Using Bush’s own words. "I don't know where he is..... I just don't think about him much") By Bush’s own admittance, he has stated that he is not interested in protecting America against its enemies. By Ms. Pelosi’s failure to Impeach Bush for his crimes, she has again stated that she in-fact supports Bush’s actions and is therefore a party to the Crimes of Bush.

5) Knowledge of the ILLEGAL creation of Homeland Security by an Executive Order:
Only the Congress can create such organizations through law, and the Constitution specifically states who has the power to do that and that is the Congress. The president has no power to create such organizations, and by the Congress standing back and doing nothing about this criminal act, they are stating that they support the crime; As Speaker of the House Ms. Pelosi is responsible for this action by the House of Congress.

6) Knowledge of the outing of a CIA NOC:
It has been proven that Mrs. Plame was in fact a Covert officer and that her cover, and the company she used as a cover, was blown by this administration as revenge against her husband for demonstrating the lies of this administration about the Iraq pre-war information being distributed to the American people. Ms. Pelosi has done nothing about this criminal action, which is in fact traitorous and is punishable by execution. To quote George H. W. Bush: “I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors.” [Speech at CIA, 4/26/99]

At any time the AG needs to have further, and more detailed, information regarding the partial list above, then I may be contacted from the information listed at the top and I will provide the requested information within two weeks.

The actions by the Congress, and driven by Ms. Pelosi, are criminal and legal action is demanded by the Constitution of the United States of America in order to re-establish our legal standing with this document.

If the Attorney General of Michigan does not pursue criminal charges against Ms. Pelosi, then Mr. Cox is also a party to the crime and is also aiding and abetting these crimes. I hope that Mr. Cox realizes that he to took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” and that this oath is more than just words uttered at a ceremony. Those words are what true patriots, and citizens, of America stand by, whether it is easy or difficult.

The Constitution specifically allows, and demands that, charges be pursued against Ms. Pelosi. Amendment 10 - Powers of the States and People. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I strongly encourage the Michigan AG, Mr. Cox, to immediately begin criminal charges in the items listed above.


Thank you


For your good work. Tampa 9/11 Truth comes up with good ideas and carries them out.