Randy Who? Philly 9/11 Truth Exposes Senator Bob Graham

Philly 9/11 Truth Exposes Senator Bob Graham

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Randy Who? Philly 9/11 Truth Exposes Senator Bob Graham -Article Continues Below-

     Bob Graham, former Florida senator, was Chairman of the “House/Senate Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.” From his experience on the congressional inquiry, Graham wrote a book released in 2004 outlining the failures of U.S. Intelligence that contributed to 9/11. The book, “Intelligence Matters,” chronicles pre-9/11 intelligence that could have prevented the attacks; however it does so with palliation and omission. Graham’s book excludes many well established facts, facts such as his exchange with FBI asset and whistle-blower Randy Glass, facts which are detrimental to the official narrative. Philly 9/11 Truth, eager to resolve these unsettled matters, had the opportunity to confront Graham during a speaking engagement held at Rowan University in New Jersey.

      Senator Graham subdivided his speech into three segments each followed by a brief question and answer session. He began with 9/11, moved into U.S. Intelligence, and concluded with the “War on Terror.” As if expecting criticism about his dealings with Pakistani Inter-services Intelligence, Graham preemptively admitted to his meeting with Representative Porter Goss, and ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad on the morning of 9/11. Graham claims the three were discussing Usama Bin Laden while the attacks began and continued to do so until after Flight 175 impacted the South Tower. After the speech Graham hosted an open forum. The time had finally arrived for Graham to answer some real questions.

      The first member of the Philly 9/11 Truth-squad, Dominick Ciaramboli, prompted Graham on the wire transfer of $100,000 by Omar Saeed Sheikh to lead hijacker Mohamed Atta prior to the 9/11 attacks. If the wire transfer had indeed occurred, then General Mahmoud Ahmad was the person responsible for the ordering of the deed. One month after 9/11, General Ahmad resigned from his post, it was rumored that the FBI was investigating the transfer at the time. According to the 9/11 commission, the source of the wired funds remains unknown and is of “little practical significance.” Graham was evasive in his response, but did concede the possibility that Gen. Ahmad funded Sheikh. Graham added that his concern was not so much about Pakistan as it was for Saudi Arabia because two of the hijackers living in San Diego, were aided by and lived with an FBI informant Abdussatar Shaikh who Graham contends was an agent of Saudi Arabia (7:15).

      Graham was then broadsided with a question by Nick about his personal dealings with FBI asset Randy Glass (8:54). Nick explained how Glass conveyed information to Graham in June of 2001 about a plan by terrorists to bring down the World Trade Center. Graham twitched and his gaze hardened as the facts Nick cited tightened a vice of indisputable truth around his neck. Glass was a former conman turned FBI asset where he specialized in underground arms dealing. In 1999 Glass met with a man named R.G. Abbas in Manhattan’s trendy Tribeca Grill, during the meeting Abbas pointed at the World Trade Center and proclaimed, “Those building are coming down.” Abbas also admitted he was connected to Usama Bin Laden. Glass reported this incident with Florida State Senator Ron Klein and Senator Bob Graham. Graham initially confirmed receiving Glass’s information and passing it on to an unspecified Intelligence agency to NBC News but later retracted his statement with a letter from his office “clarifying” he received Glass’s information after 9/11. In response the former senator sunk to a new low, he denied any relation to Randy Glass and disputed Charlie Yonts’ – his congressional staffer who met with and was nearly a pen-pal of Glass – exchanges with Glass and even had the audacity to claim he didn’t know the name Randy Glass. Glass purports to have recorded the meeting with Graham; the tape has yet to be released.

      In a final showdown, Philip Figuireido brought forward the cases of two major 9/11 whistle-blowers. He began with the account of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer who participated in operations with Army Intelligence that identified several alleged hijackers up to a year before 9/11 (11:00). In early 2001 using data-mining, Mohamed Atta and Ziad Jarrah were identified in a Brooklyn mosque. In May of 2001, Able Danger was abruptly terminated. After 9/11, Shaffer spoke out about lawyers who stifled attempts to communicate this information to other agencies as well as the flat-out denial by SOCOM that Able Danger identified any of the 9/11 perpetrators. Once again Graham tried to be dismissive but Phil pushed onward with the case of Sibel Edmonds (14:30). Sibel claims that Turkish spies within the FBI attempted recruit her and one of those individuals, translator Melek Jan Dickerson, stole top-secret documents delivered them to unknown recipients outside the FBI with assistance from her supervisor Mark Feghali. Graham interrupted Phil to attack the credibility of the information by asking what the source was. Apparently the FBI record wasn’t enough for Graham so Phil quoted this unwarranted dissent by citing Time Magazine. Graham tried to dismiss the issue by sardonically equating the concerns with age-old conspiracies muttering, “There are still people arguing whether or not Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, or whether it was a sniper on the bank” and also mentioned the JFK assassination. His secret service detail, seeing that the senator was overwhelmed, bailed Graham out by yelling, “Senator Graham, one more question”.

      After singing a song, which the senator nervously bumbled through, he was escorted by secret service into the hallway. With one last face-to-face, Nick reiterated the public record of Randy Glass to the senator. Graham was still reticent to acknowledge even the name Randy Glass, so Nick assured the senator that the truth would be pursued and all the perpetrators of 9/11 revealed, no matter the circumstances. After the event, Philly member Nick Falcone called author and activist Sander Hicks to inform him of the confrontation. Hicks had personally interviewed Glass on live-satellite-TV, and includes a portion of his book, “The Big Wedding: 9/11 Whistle-blowers & the Cover-up” to Randy Glass. When Hicks found out that Graham denied his meeting with Randy Glass, Hicks referred to the statement as hilarious.

Very Impressive !!

Great job, preparation, tone. Hope you put it on Youtube.

Notice how

his memory gets suddenly fuzzy when Randy Glass is mentioned?

And notice how he pretends like he doesn't know Sibel Edmonds' case? WTF? Doesn't he watch 60 Minutes, if nothing else?

To the guy who asked about Sibel Edmonds: Nice work. If you get challenged on her credibility in the future, remember to mention the conclusions of Inspector General Glenn Fine.

Here is the CooperativeResearch.org entry:

(July 8, 2004): DOJ Inspector General Report Supports FBI Translator’s Allegations
Edit event

Glenn A. Fine, the Justice Department’s inspector general, completes his report on Sibel Edmonds’ allegations (see Afternoon March 7, 2002). The 100-page report determines that “many of Edmonds’ core allegations relating to the co-worker [Melek Can Dickerson] were supported by either documentary evidence or witnesses” and concludes that “the FBI did not, and still has not adequately investigated these allegations.” Additionally, Fine’s report concludes that Edmonds was fired because she was having a “disruptive effect,” which could be attributed to “Edmonds’ aggressive pursuit of her allegations of misconduct, which the FBI did not believe were supported and which it did not adequately investigate.” Fine adds, “[A]s we described throughout our report, many of her allegations had basis in fact. We believe… that the FBI did not take them seriously enough, and that her allegations were, in fact, the most significant factor in the FBI’s decision to terminate her services.” The report is immediately classified by the FBI. Not even Edmonds is allowed to see the contents. An unclassified 37-page summary of the report will be released in January 2005. [Washington Post, 7/9/2004; Associated Press, 7/30/2004; Associated Press, 1/14/2005; CNN, 1/14/2005; New York Times, 1/15/2005; Vanity Fair, 9/2005]

In other words, Sibel Edmonds is credible.

Graham looked really nervous...

when he was being asked the Glass question! I think he was lying when he said he didn't remember.

Article: Ron Paul and The 'Polls' by Jane Aitken

London Bombings were also staged fake terror.

Members of WeAreChange UK confront Peter power of visor consultants. Visor is a consultancy agency with government and police connections which was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.

On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants,

Peter Power was a former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch.

Power told the host that at the exact same time that the London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.


Can we trust randy glass narrative?

Randy Glass is an ex-con with an extrordinary tale about an extraordinary admission by an agent of the Pakistani ISI.

Here is the scenario...

Randy Glass is undercover as a weapons dealer. He's having dinner one night in NYC with some bad Arab men. Over steak and wine, one of the Arab baddies makes some extraordinary admissions:

He claims that:
1. "I am with the ISI (Pakistan's CIA)"
2. "These weapons are for Bin Laden"
3. "Those towers (WTC 1 & 2) are coming DOWN!"

So in one dinner Randy Glass was given a golden egg that would give any anti-terrorism expert a wet dream. While selling weapons the weapons purchaser outed himself, his state sponsor, and the true end-user of the weapons.

Randy Glass is an ex-con for sure. But his story is so beyond far fetched that his criminal past needs no mentioning.

The extraordinarily tale of spooks outing themselves, outing their state sponsor, and outing the money-man (ubl) and his main target (wtc).....wow...all over steak din din.

And lets say Randy Glass is telling it like he experienced it....

How do we know Randy Glass even knows who this guy is? My sources tell me that international weapons dealers, ex-cons, and people claiming to be representing intelligence agencies are a seedy bunch...so it's not beyond the pale to suggest that Randy was helping set up 911 Patsies, knowingly or not.

What if the guy Randy was meeting with was giving phony information? Or what if the 911 Patsies were being set-up way before 911? Seems likely...don't you think? And this story kind of fits the MO of a patsy set-up.

Would you believe a story where Randy Glass talks to the ISI agent and the agent says:

"You know who these weapons are for? Tom Cruise!"

So why believe this story of Randy Glass years later because a politician is having a hard time playing coy about it?

It's as if people here (911blogger.com) are saying:

"Look at the politician sweat & wiggle...Randy Glass's narrative MUST be the truth!"

It seems more likely that the Randy Glass narrative is a red herring that just happens to prop up the official theory that Muslim evil doers were behind the attack and intel. 'missed the boat'...some how some way.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I agree. After all, he is a

I agree. After all, he is a con man. However, Graham says the info was passed on to the "appropriate intelligence agencies", whatever that means.


Somehow I suspect...

That even a "conman" may be "good" enough that if he found out that people may die that he might try to prevent those deaths. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. The issue isn't whether he is a conman. The issue is whether or not he did as he said he did, which appears to be the case, what information he passed along, and what those who were given the information, did with it.

Who Is? Archives

Not Entirely

"The issue is whether or not he did as he said he did"

I don't think this is entirely true.

I think the key here is whether or not the information Randy Glass was given is accurate. Randy thinks he's getting information from a seedy international arms dealer who also happens to claim to be a spook for the ISI and also claimed he was there to get weapons for Bin Laden.

Let's assume that Randy is telling the truth. Then don't we have to depend on this international arms dealer that is claiming to be a spook ISI agent for Pakistan and also claims to have information about Bin Laden that he is eagerly willing to share? We get to trust this guy for 911 Truth?

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

You ignored...

The rest of the statement, as well as the context it was put in.

"The issue isn't whether he is a conman. The issue is whether or not he did as he said he did, which appears to be the case, what information he passed along, and what those who were given the information, did with it."

You ask if we're supposed to trust this guy. I ask whether or not we're supposed to trust spook Senators for the U.S. that receive this information and choose not to act on it, or address it, or investigate whether or not the guy that gave Glass this information is trustworthy.

It seems your argument is one to defend the Pakistani ISI agent that gave Glass this information, and my argument is one that asks for accountability for those that serve us in Government, and don't do their jobs.

Who Is? Archives

No my argument is...

I may have been unclear Jon.

My argument is that just because Sen. Graham is squirming doesn't mean Randy Glass actually spoke to an ISI agent. It also does not mean that the man knew Usama Bin Laden or that he had information that usama was buying these weapons.

I'm not ready to discount it fully but for the most part I feel the information is meant as a distraction and Graham's actions perpetuate this. People say:

"OMG Graham is squirming....Randy must be right!"

Consider you are an agent of the ultra-sekrit ISI. Would you just go to NYC to purchase weapons and tell the guy you don't really know who you work for, who the weapons are for, and what the target is?

It's a ridiculous scenario unless it's a set-up or made up.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I never said...

"because Sen. Graham is squirming doesn't mean Randy Glass actually spoke to an ISI agent. It also does not mean that the man knew Usama Bin Laden or that he had information that usama was buying these weapons."

I think you may be arguing against the the contents of this blog, including its' title, as opposed to the information about Glass. I was arguing for maintaining the promotion of Randy Glass' information. I wasn't arguing that Bob Graham was "exposed" or that because Bob Graham didn't recollect who Randy Glass was, that that automatically means Randy Glass is credible.

It appears that Glass gave information to two Senators before 9/11. If that information could have somehow prevented 9/11, if the proper channels were informed about it, and those Senators did nothing, or they did, and those that were informed didn't do their jobs, then it is most certainly a legitimate issue. It would be one more piece of information to substantiate the call for a new investigation. Nothing more. It is not by any means the end all be all of 9/11.

Who Is? Archives

My thoughts exactly

My thoughts exactly on Glass. If the conversation really did occur, then I have little doubt that it was a 'performance' staged for his benefit, helping to lay the groundwork for the eventual official story.

Observations made in a Global Research article by Chaim Kupferberg may be worth bearing in mind here:


In particular, scroll down to the sections headed, 'Flashback: Assembling the Legend' and 'Assembling the 9/11 Counter-Legeneds (Or, Stacking Your Patsies)'.

Very good...

With just a smidgen of critique... don't tell a story. Be quick with your questions. Don't cite from memory to the best of your ability. Write your questions down before you go to an event. Also, if you are planning on meeting someone in particular, pick a particular subject that they are associated with, and bring every single news article you have pertaining to that subject with you... that way, you can say things like, "According to MSNBC news as reported on such and such a date...", and then they can't say things like, "I'd have to look into this information to verify what you're saying, etc..."

Otherwise, very good.

Who Is? Archives

Randy Glass...

Extremely impressive, and well coordinated

You guys have really done your homework and that is what it takes to really put these people on the spot, which needs to be done. After putting and keeping Senator Graham on the spot, Nick's comment to him, that the truth about 911 is going to be pursued and the perpetrators outed, was just the right icing on the cake. You were courteous and intellectual with the discourse and since Graham wouldn't or couldn't come totally clean he resorted to the old conspiracy theory ad hominem. I guess he doesn't realize how thin that is wearing these days.

I am proud to be associated with you fellas.

On a side note, I hope you are still finding time to keep up with your collegiate studies, although you have probably gotten very sharp figuring out the 911 puzzle.

If looks could kill.

Check out his expression as he's leaving and he says something about you obviously doing a lot of research. He is not pleased.
His referencing the Kennedy and Hamilton assassinations were weak arguments in this well informed crowd and he knows it.
Congratulations on the high quality interrogations Philly.

Redundant Post


Excellent questions & good intervention!

great effort! Graham has plenty of explaining to do! He's part of the cover up and I'm shocked he has the audacity to appear in public! Pretending to not know anything about Sibel Edmonds--now that's spells G-U-I-L-T-Y. Graham, hopefully, will wind up in front of an investigation making his bogus statements about knowing nothing under oath. Perjury, they call it...

The dear senator was quite

The dear senator was quite overwhelmed a number of times by the level of preparedness of the questioners. Great 9/11 Truth Action.

I've got a question...

Senator Graham--

Did your inquiry look into the 200 detained Israeli agents reported by Carl Cameron of Fox News? And can you say for a certainty that none of those "foreign governments" you referred to on PBS, as participating in 9/11, was in fact the state of Israel?

Oh, hell. He'd just lie anyway.

Graham is full of it

I realize the Saudis aren't good guys. They treat their own people like crap. That said Graham's insinuation sounds like Posner's. They both imply 9/11=Saudi op. Yet neither will ever ask the obvious follow up questions:

Are you truly suggesting the Saudis sponsored 9/11 and the CIA didn't know about it? Is it simply the most amazing coincidence of all time that the same two al Qaeda operatives who were supported by Saudi agents happened to be the same people the CIA knew about in January 2000 but because of X (insert stupid excuse) this information was not shared with the FBI?

OTOH, we are supposed to believe that Tenet and Co. were extremely worried of a possible attack in the summer of '01. Yet evidently not worried enough to share the names of known al Qaeda operatives in the US with the FBI.

It's their (Graham and his pals) story and it makes no sense! They came up with this and then have the nerve to call people conspiracy theorists for not buying their absurd account.

Best most informed thread to date!

This is clearly the intelligent man's thread. I appreciate its informed tone. Sen. Bob Graham was on his heels. The fact Graham is actually meeting with Porter Goss and Mahmoud Ahmad on the very morning of 9/11, doesn't reflect well on him.

There is a lot to digest here but it seems likely Glass is set up to help buttress the myth or legend of 9/11, the official story! It's amazing how practiced they seem in these operations!

Kudos to everyone in this thread, it's raised my level of awareness on the spot! Thanks.

...don't believe them!