9/11 Truth Street Action In Wayne, PA 12/22/2007

On most days of 9/11 activism, the positive far outweighs the negative, and even today, I think that's true. However, today, the people that gave us a hard time, really went out of there way to do so. We heard, "F_CK YOU", "Conspiracy Theorist", "Are you a member of the Flat Earth Society?", and someone even went out of their way to deliver this note to us:

The good news is we spoke with the movie theater manager, and she says that everything is ready to go, and the marquee will be up in the middle of the week sometime. So to those that weren't very nice today, I just want you to know that I look forward to seeing you at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater on New Year's Day. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something.

I mentioned a "team of individuals" that tried to get Curt Weldon out of Washington D.C. I was referring to this letter I received from Charles Sexton Jr. of the "Weldon Victory Committee" that said there was a "coordinated attack on his re-election bid" by "former high-ranking Clinton Administration officials, like convicted criminal Sandy Berger and John Deutch, have launched an effort to raise over one million dollars to support Curt Weldon's opponent. In fact, even 9-11 Commission member, Jamie Gorelick, has contributed to his opponent!!"

Well, you two embarras only me for not being with you at

that streetcorner!
It's admirable what you guys do!
btw: "embarrased" is with two R 's, isn 't it?
But then again, two planes knock down three buildings;
some have also problems with math.

Too bad you haven 't got a picture of the writer of the note;
would be nice to put the duo up on a "laughing wall" some years from now...

Good work Jon + Betsy

I've enjoyed watching you this video series. Keep up the professional activism!

Google Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle

The note brings to mind that

The note brings to mind that well known photo of the counter-protester at an antiwar rally with a sign that said: "Get a brain morans".

Thank you for being out there. Most of the people I've encountered in the Boston area are decent although I was once called a "crazy f--k" to my face. Such eloquence!

You two motivated me

to call my old head of Philosphy prof. @ Villanova. He's not bought in, but he gave a lot of respect to
David Ray Griffin's California university & thought highly of Griffin's co-chair.

Maybe, members of Phily9/11 truth meet up group would join you or go to the theater.

Congrat's on being brave enough to voice your concerns!

Dear Jon

.....I would have told the person who gave you that note. You're kids are embarassed of you because your so gullible.
Want an opinion?...........Try an educated one. WAKE UP AMERICA!
Thanks Jon for all your effort.

It's more embarrassing

that this person wrote embaressed. Maybe they skipped English class in high school ... not to mention Physics.

Forget about not being able

Forget about not being able to correctly spell embarrass. Those dumb-asses probably can't place Iran or Iraq on a map, or name the Secretary of State or Federal Reserve Chairman. People of that ilk seem to think that conforming to what their friends and neighbors say means that they're actually smart. News flash to such dullards: You need to turn off the TV, do a little reading, and think for yourselves. As that would require a little work and effort, I won't hold my breath. You're inconsequential anyway, so who cares? I hope you clowns have lots of fun being on the losing side of history.

embarrEssed = MorAn see pic here

Here is a picture of a real right wing nut job moron:


Who is the "moran"?

Thanks for the photo!!

at least he spelled 'brain'

at least he spelled 'brain' correctly...
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

The Napkin Note

Embarrassed - the word is spelled...Emba-RR-assed....dumbass.

Maybe it's the (napkin's) author's children who should be embaRRassed.

We got a similar note

My wife got a note on the windshield that said she was an asshole (we have 911 bumperstickers)


Maybe being close to Christmas unnerved some people

I am wondering whether the fact that it was Dec. 22nd could have had something to do with some people being not so amenable to your attempts to educate them to the problems with the story we have been told concerning the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

These individuals might have simply had an extra dose of cognitive dissonance with it being near Christmas and allowed themselves to chastise you for upsetting their dreamworld.



...don't believe them!

As the zenith of tyranny approaches...

actions like this will become more copious.

In solidarity,
NIck C.


"There is no fury like that of a man scorned for expressing truth!"


Thanks so much for your dedication to truth action and your work on the theater aspect!

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Many hands make light work!
Every day, every 11th!

New Millenium Street Activism...CI...Civil Informationing

Robin Hordon

Thanks for being out there, its the most viable way to spread our word right now. Lets be our own media and lets be our own educators.

Two points...first-the old folks from the 60s spent way too much energy arguing with and being concerned with the UNreconcilable people. No matter how brilliant a presentaion we would make, they would still not buy it...and then they would delight in wasting most of our time and pissing us all off. Mission accomplished...for them.

I suggest that we simply ingnore such low hangers. I also suggest that we stop telling ourselves all the bad details about how the "John Dean Gang" jammed us up. For example in this piece...what were some of the POSITIVE things or feelings that the MAJORITY of respondents expressed that day? Well, we don't know. See, this is why the old farts of the 60s failed...they only talked about the negatives.

Once a New Millennium Activist [ a CI-er] learns to ignore these bottom huggers, we then get a chance to talk and visit with the best amongst us. If we stand there arguing with morons, a bystander will soon not know which one is the moron, and he or she will find a way to avoid us altogether. However, if nice people, which we are, are talking to nice people, which most others are, then its a win-win or positive-positive situation.

This video and this report will serve to discourage people to come out and help, and if they do come out, they will be looking for, and perhaps only relate to, only the negative interactions...as this video exposes too much of...and showing references to our kids hating us-YIKES? Again, this is the exact duplicate of the techniques and the results used against us in the 60s. Way too many of the old farts from the 60s are bitter, negative, angry, frustrated and can't stand those of us who are in the streets trying to make a positive change...because there are not enough of us? What these old goats don't realize is that its THEMSELVES and their negative attitudes [along with expecting everyone to be comfortable getting arrested], that has isolated them from the mainstream. They are the ones that drove regular folks away...and they cannot accept it. So, lets not repeat that mistake...please.

Point two...if you really want to crank the numbers of positives up in comparison to the negatives when you are out in the street, make some NEW signs with the following on them: the peace symbol, 9/11 Truth Movement, and "partners in peace". Dump the standard black and demanding [NOW] SIGNS. FYI...some truthers-peacers in Canada [up to 13 groups now-up from three last year] are working hard at creating a newer approach to street decor by combining the 9/11TM and Peace Movement on a light blue "T" shirt that expresses "Partners in Peace". You will be stunned at how much better you will be received out in public with a "peace based tone". More doors will be opened much more often with this approach...by far!

You can check out my banner that works amazingy well wherever I take it. It can be seen on New York's WAC website in the Boston Tea Party photo show. I banner all around the country and average 100 positives for every negative [200-1 in the summertime]...and that's averaging in my appearances outside professional sports games in Seattle and in military towns around the Puget Sound. The responses at the Mariners and Seahawks are a bit lower...but still well into the positive. And I do have some great conversations there also...with a few very, very short ones as I quickly and politely say "GDDAY" to Dean's Marauders once they Identify themselves.

BTW...if I offend any old farts in the peace movements by noting that THEY drove people away and are part of a completely failed movement, it is openly intentional. The second most difficult group to try to get their minds opened up to 9/11 Truth, are these folks...60s Peace Activists. They stand right behind the "John Dean" gang as far as potential enlightenment goes and we simply do not need that negative energy.

Don't worry, the 9/11 TM has the high schoolers-their grandchildren, because the kids are into the information age and they are soooo plugged in. The high school kids are the best demographic by far, and maybe they will educate their grandparents? That will take a big burden off of us New Millennium 9/11 Truth Activists...

Thank you Robin...

For your critique. If you've seen the three previous videos, and posts about our adventures in Wayne, PA, you would see that we have often mentioned the positives. This past day, however, the negative was far more aggressive than on previous days. I still managed to mention something good with regard to the movie theater, and I even stated that, "On most days of 9/11 activism, the positive far outweighs the negative, and even today, I think that's true." There is plenty of positive in this post. The fact that we were out AT ALL is positive. There is also negative. I'm not going to spin something. I'm going to report it as it happened. As far as the signs go, I want 9/11 Truth now. I couldn't think of a more appropriate sign. Again, thank you for your critique.

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Smart-asses and dry drunks.

You will come across people who are vehemently opposed to 9/11 truth, I have come across a few. Sadly these people have some level of intellect and will be 'above average'.

The note scrawled indicates humor, sarcasm, and yes, some level of intellect, albeit "smart ass" in nature. But I think I've been that smart-ass in the past and we need to guard against being that smart-ass, and understand that smart-ass and what that smart-ass is all about.

As they say a little bit of knowledge is dangerous, my theory is having probably been one of these people, is that they need to discover it for themselves, a mention here and there and pointing in the right direction, but generally left alone and avoided. There is a sense of pride in these people, they can’t be ‘told’ anything because they ‘know a-priori' everything and have accepted that only ‘nuts’ believe in ‘conspiracy theories’.

I speak as someone who had been told about the problems with 9/11 on a number of occasions 2001-2005 and ignored and laughed at those who were sincerely telling me about it. Including a Vietnam Navy veteran, who I have the greatest admiration and respect for. He didn't tell me it was an inside job, only that 'people said there were bombs in the building' circa end of 2004. When I was told this, I said 'There could have been bombs on the planes', 'Well when a hundred storeys come crashing down it will sound like more than a couple of explosions'. This isn't a confessional I appreciate that, but I now realize that I was a "smart-ass scientist", but in reality I was a "jack-ass", and that isn't easy to admit folks.

More recently in San Diego a friend who was dating a structural engineer (liberal mother Jones reader) I asked him about 9/11. His response was 'The bolts failed, someone did the study and showed that was the cause of the collapse'. This is a quote from a US qualified engineer, San Diego, at the Top Gun Bar, December 2006. When I mentioned building 7 the topic moved on swiftly to the Padres, it was as if I never said it or the discussion never took place. So I left that conversation, never spoken about with those people ever again, because they are "smart-ass/jack-ass".

These people, who for all intents and purposes are ‘educated’, will do mental gymnastics that will baffle and defy all reasoning to prop up their belief systems. Although they will deny they have ‘rigid belief systems’ because they are atheist, or agnostic, or skeptical in some way or other. For example they might read/post on the James Randi message board or subscribe to Skeptic magazine etc. It’s actually quite simple, the skeptics and believers are controlled, and then the dialectic is rigged to the synthesis of those that control it, it actually takes a giant step to even realise this could be a possibility.

Quite often these individuals will have swapped one set of fanatical beliefs (say, radical Islam, Christian-Zionism) for another (say, Richard Dawkins and the Blind Watchmaker); in the tradition of being ‘dry drunks’ you are still a drunk. This reaches to the very core of what knowledge is, what understanding is, and so what a quest for truth & enlightenment is. The point has to be that ‘a little bit of knowledge is dangerous’ no matter how little, or how much, that little bit is, ergo a lot of knowledge in the hands of a fanatic is dangerous. Sadly these people need counselling not 9/11 truth, and they will say the exact same thing to us ‘You need counselling not rational argument’.

I've met a couple of high school graduates who did well in 'physics and math’ who will come out with any and all physical science theories misrepresenting theories such as Hooke’s Law, misquoting Galileo, Einstein, Newton in contortions that defy reality to support the official theory. Essentially math/physics babble. Even saying and I quote 'It's because I believe in Newtonian mechanics that I know that the Twin Towers collapsed exactly the way they did as explained'

Often these exchanges will result in name-calling, sneering, sanctimonious insulting, ad-homonyms, and blatant verbal abuse. Sadly, I’ve been there and done it myself, I'm a jack-ass.

From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagra without having seen or heard of one or the other. So it is that my name is Sherlock Holmes, it is my business to know what other people don't know

Many of us have been there


Many of us have been down the road you describe until one day we had the temerity to look into something before spouting off about it and found that our opinions on that particular issue were not as accurate as we thought with just surface knowledge. That is when true wisdom comes about.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat natural to be dismissive of what seems like an outrageous claim, such as the towers were felled by controlled demolition, when one first hears it, especially when we were authoritatively told it was caused by aircraft impact and fire damage. We also had Dr. Bazant tell us, in a Sept. 13, 2001 paper, that it was a 30g dynamic load of the upper section onto the lower section that started the lower section collapsing. It turns out that was impossible.

I was initially mildly dismissive of Dr. Steven Jones' hypothesis when I had only vaguely heard about it. I say mildly because I was 49 years old at the time and had already learned my lesson, so I thought I had better read his paper before dismissing what he was saying. Dr. Jones also had the credibility of being an experienced physics professor, which helped sway me to look at what he was saying before judging it. However, before reading the paper I still had thoughts that the molten metal might just be some quirky anomaly. This happened to me even though when I watched the towers come down my trained mind wondered where all of the energy came from to cause the rapid collapses. I had been conditioned by the propaganda to some degree but not enough to keep me from looking into it.

Honest skepticism is an open mind looking for real facts that work together as a whole. Unfortunately, if one takes an honest objective look at the collapses of the Twin Towers and Bldg. 7 the only answer which works is controlled demolition and the fact that some power brokers in this country had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit this horrendous crime. The oil barons and their minions are the ones who are looking to benefit from it.

We should have been working hard to go to Alternatiive Energies in this country thirty years ago and one thing I can say along those lines is that more and more people are becoming aware of the oil companies' control over our lives. This is a hook into showing them the motives behind 911 and the wars it has been used to justify.


"Google: Why are my kids embaressed of me?"

For starters, your kids are embaressed probably because you can't spell for crap. Second, it's probably safe to assume if you are willing to say things like that, you kids are embarrassed because you must have fried every cell in your brain buying into the official story, leaving no room whatsoever for logic and/or critical thinking.

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