Global ban of false flag operations?

Why not work for a global ban of false flag operations? We can parlay the assassination of Bhutto into a wake up call for the world. A false flag operation is the ultimate was crime against the wrongfully accused state.

It appears to me that Bhutto was implicitly standing up to all this Al Queda false flag nonsense.
Former Italian President Cossiga said the world leaders and intelligence services know 9/11 was an inside job.

The 1970 Kent State massacre of 4 student protesters galvanized the US people against the draft and war. We now have an opportunity to parlay the Bhutto assassination to galvanize the world against false flag operations.

There is more to this than party politics. We have an opportunity to free humanity from rule by deceit. That is where the power to commit heinous crimes comes from.

Great idea! For some reason, false-flag attacks seem to have

produced their intended effects throughout history. Masses of people seem so gullible for such simple trickery.

A study of past false-flags, & wariness of future false-flags should become part of the curriculum for every high school & college!

Huge idea, A!

Thanks for the links, as well!