Ron Paul addresses 9/11 truth question during 01-10-08 FOX GOP debate

Just my personal opinion, but I thought Ron Paul handled himself very well with this question. I know you guys don't want to hear this, but anyone who has been paying attention to the recent trends with the issue of 9/11 truth and the presidential race knows well that if Ron Paul had answered any other way, FOX News would never have let him get past it.

I think it says a lot that Ron Paul didn't slander us, or belittle our beliefs, instead briefly saying in a nutshell that he simply doesn't agree with our point of view. And all this to what eventually became an enthusiastic clapping audience in favor of moving on to the actual debate topic at hand.

I don't think he...

Is on our side. "I don't endorse ANYTHING they say." Like our calls for a new investigation? Like our exposing some of the more obvious cover ups? Like our support for the 9/11 First Responders? The answer to that question could, and should have been better than it was. If he was truly on our side, it would have been.

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I don't get it

"For the time being"?

Even if you were right about your analysis, that doesn't explain why Ron says things like this:

Quoted from Screw Lucy:

Asked about whether the Troofers should abandon the "9-11 was an inside job" rhetoric, he replies:

"Well, it doesn't do me any good, so if they care about me they should."


Distancing is one thing---kicking someone when they're barely on their feet is another.

That's a severe, unfortunate, and telling cop-out

He had a chance to make a big difference on national 'live' TV, and he blew it. He could have gone down in history as a great man, and instead he will be forgotten in a short time.

It's good that the concept of 9/11 Truth was even brought up, but he could have taken it one step forward, many steps forward, and educated and informed millions of people and made them aware in one felled swoop.

He could have even back-tracked a little and simply said something like, "I don't think our government had anything to do with 9/11, but I think there needs to be a real investigation into it, which was never adequately done, to answer the many valid, unanswered questions that have yet to be sufficiently resolved."

Or words to that effect. How hard is it?

He should have "manned up" and done what was right. Instead, he sold out. He is a traitor to you and our country and himself.

He doesn't deserve to be President.

Of course, there are those of us who already knew that all along.

The person who sees absolutes and exhibits certitude, where a thoughtful person sees nuanced shades of meaning
and exhibits open-minded objectivity, should be questioned as to agenda and state of mind.

MP3 Audio Clip - Ron Paul and Paul Garmin

Thursday June 21, 2007
Ron Paul Talks About Government Run Investigations Such As the 9/11

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so much for Ron Paul and 911 truth.. I really don't think he answered that question correct.. he should by now know how much real questions there are and he should have returned a real question too them.. like why wasn't building 7 in the report, what happened with the money.. you don't have to be a inside job conspiracy nut to have a question.. jeez, not even the dust is mentioned.. sad day for truth. He knows.. just listen to the clip posted (thanks AJfan) so why? could he answer that and not with that stick your head in the sand approach by this article. Sure Fox would love to putt him in a "box" but so what? does truth have to move for Fox? hell no! I've pretty much had it with this softy approach.

How difficult is it to answer with dignity?

How difficult is it to say "Millions of Americans, including many 9/11 family members, are demanding a truly independent investigation into 9/11 - with no conflicts of interest and no avoiding the difficult questions. I don't advocate any theories about 9/11 but I do support a new investigation." Apparently it's too difficult for Ron Paul.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I totaly agree!

I totaly agree!

stick a fork in him

He's done - Ron Paul sells out and proves that what the people think and want has nothing to do with who really owns all these politicians. In a way FOX did us a favor - they drew that line in the sand - and all Paul's rhetoric just stood there - so now we know where he really stands. Truth is not something that bends to accomodate strategy and convenience.
And btw - maybe "they" actually want a "Revolution" - they seem to be taunting and daring us to everyday with each new shocking outrage/headline. They are ready to bring the hammer down the moment it starts. I don't know what the answer is - we are screwed either way.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797

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FOX news is only "powerful" to the 30% already brain dead why tip-toe and pander around to them? Don't we believe that that majority of at least semi-informed Americans know what is going on - and wouldn't they have been energized to see Paul step up to the plate? Those hardcore 30% FOX'ers are never going to change their view - no matter how careful and diplomatic you waste your time catering to them. Ron Paul had a key moment to break through the corporate media veil - and let the People know he was for real - no matter what the TeeVee tries to say reality is.
Yes - FOX/ABC/CNN/NBC would have a "field day" with him afterwards - but who is left that even goes to these picnics?

I see your point and respect it, but at what point do we decide we aren't going to apologize anymore for appearing like kooks and wackos? Will we wait until things "really get bad" and then stop being politically correct?
Don't get me wrong - I ask myself this question when I opt to not share my beliefs with someone who I suspect I might "offend". But at some point - we shit or get off the pot and rename it the "Truth When Convenient" movement.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797

Has anybody pointed out to Paul...

... how large a proportion of voters he is alientating by his comments?

Is he stupid or what?

Didn't he even appear on Alex Jones' show?

So what are you doing here?

The best way right now to advance those odds is to help him win the primary. Red State and Free Republic are places you might start commenting. On 9/11, he's just like everyone else.

Paul has shown himself very capable of arguing views out of the mainstream. He could easily have said that he supports a 9/11 investigation. He could have removed himself from the belief by saying that the questions need to be resolved for the good of the country. Open government, accountability, national unity -- there's all sorts of ways he could have come out looking fine on this issue, without offending his supporters that don't question 9/11. He could have made the debater look like a fool, if he really "knows" and supports an investigation. And he could have gained supporters that do question 9/11.

And one more thing

Ron Paul has some baggage--allegations of racism---that this movement should not carry. On that issue, he is a kook, as far as I'm concerned. If he was arguing for an investigation, I could see overlooking the baggage and his lame explanation for it. But he's not. And like you say, the odds of him becoming president are overwhelming.

Those "allegations of

Those "allegations of racism" are part of an obvious smear campaign, if you believe RP is a racist and that ANY of those words are his then check yourself because you've just absorbed a little brainwashing from the mainstream media.

Look at the seething HATRED!

Nice try

Of course it's a smear campaign, but the words went out in his newsletter and he is responsible for them. He did a great job of spinning them into a positive argument against the drug war, which shows he could have done that with his support by 9/11 truthers if he wanted to. It seems he considers his 9/11 truther support more embarassing than his neo-Confederate racist support.

I Agree

>>Of course it's a smear campaign, but the words went out in his newsletter and he is responsible for them.

With one sentence he could have disassociated himself. He has chosen not to for a reason. Whatever that reason is, he is keeping the "smear" alive by staying silent on his support from the white supremacists.

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I think YOU are going nuts over Ron

Jeeze, DBLS! Are you so dogmatically libertarian that you will apologize for any dishonest and racist behavior as long as the person espouses your libertarian views? And you have the nerve to accuse Victronix of "going nuts over Ron?" I think it quite clearly is YOU who is going nuts over Ron.

"And Victronix you support McKinney so don’t act like you’re not bias in anyway, I support all the candidates that are fighting the good fight I don’t pick and choose based on skewed “Left vs. Right” divide and conquer garbage."

Actually, DBLS, McKinney was the only Congressperson who told the truth about 9/11, and is the only presidential candidate today who is telling the truth about 9/11. What's wrong with supporting McKinney? I think your statement above reveals how much of a hypocrite you are. Only someone who is completely biased and blind to the "skewed left right divide and conquer garbage" as you are apparently, would dogmatically stand by a liar and coward such as Ron Paul, while belittling someone who supports the only honest candidate. It's interesting, DBLS, that you also dogmatically cling to Alex Jones, another racist fearmonger who's sensationalistic bull shit anti-immigrant crap is so over the top that he's discredited himself to all but the most hardcore blind libertarian/christian/right-wing types who don't give a bleep about the damage these kinds of people do to the targets of their bigotry.

How long are you going to apologize for a liar and a coward, DBLS? Just what would Ron Paul have to do for you to stop "going nuts" over him, I wonder?

Show "There is no evidence that Dr. Paul is a racist, Nazi, or any" by Colombo

But Why The Racist Slander?

As much as I am angry with Ron Paul's handling of the 9/11 question, and as much as I've railed against him on this thread, I'm going to call complete BULLSHIT on the racist allegations against him.

I have NEVER seen him, heard him, or found any credible evidence he is a racist.

He was one of the early proponents of "Martin Luther King Jr. Day" being celebrated and recognized as a Holiday. And the racist allegations from the so called "newsletter" that went out under his name, are totally bogus. The guy on the Tucker Carlson show who bought the most recent round of racist smear up on ROn Paul, yeah, he's a Log Cabin Repub with a history of working for smear rags. And about the donations given from "White Supremecy Groups", it was given under individual names, and one happened to be the founder of such a group.

SOrry, but as much as Ron Paul's actions disgust me on 9/11, there's no reason to lie or spread misinfo/disinfo about the man. He may be a John Bircher type with staunch and stubborn views and "winger" tendencies, but he's not some banjo waving hick from the sticks who sees blacks as inferior.

give me a break!

It's not SLANDER about the racism. The 20 years worth of newsletters containing hugely racist statements are OUT. Look them up yourself. I've already seen what I need to see. The man himself may or may not be a racist, but he's allowed his newletter to be a TOOL for the racists if he isn't. That's no better.

Here's just a tiny bit of coverage on it, but since this article much more has come out --

I will have to look into this some more

I was not lying or intentionally trying to spread misinfo about the man. Perhaps this latest racism charge is overblown. If so, I will apologize. I'll have to look into it in more depth. However, this isn't the first time these issues have come up for Ron Paul. He's got an unfortunate history of befriending and accepting money from white supremacists. I guess that this is partly due to the unfortunate reality that the libertarian/patriot movements seem to be infested with these kinds of supporters. Perhaps he needs to distance himself from these types of people more convincingly. He's also made some pretty questionable statements in the past, such as this:

"I think it's safe to say that 90-95% of black men in [DC] are criminal."

After the 1992 LA riots, Ron Paul displayed a particularly embarrassing lack of empathy and awareness of the racist treatment of African-Americans by the justice system and other institutions.

My main beef with Ron Paul, though, is that he is a total coward and is obviously not worthy of our trust, besides the fact that his "libertarian" solutions would take us backwards into feudal capitalism, not forward to a civilized, democratic society.


>>And Victronix you support McKinney so don’t act like you’re not bias in anyway

Actually, everyone supports someone in an election -- a bias inherently exists for each and every person in an election -- so that's a baseless position on my own posts. Whether I supported Hillary, Ghouliani, Nader or anyone but Paul, I still would criticize Paul on the positions I do.

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I agree totally Cosmos

Everybody pls see this :

"Paul told the LVN earlier that the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 without a declaration of war by Congress was the most egregious violation of the Constitution in the last 20 years. But when asked why he hasn't supported the impeachment of President Bush, Paul responded that impeachment is the duty of the opposing party, and he would have to consider if a president willfully or ignorantly deserved impeachment before making a decision."


RP thinks impeachment is the duty of the opposition. and he has to consider if the President was willfully breaking the Constitution,

This is the one of the worst examples of political meandering and obsfucations I have heard of in recent times.

This very disturbing position RP has on impeachment added to his defacto position on 911 Truth exposes him to be just another Republican effectively supporting the TREASON and HIGH CRIMES of HIS FELLOW REPUBLICAN Party members.

Frankly, I am disgusted.

The 911 Truth Movement, which Jason Bermas says in a recent interview is the base of support for the RP campaign, is giving this candidate too much slack.

He should be confronted by WAC and the rest the same way the other candidates have been.

The double standards that GCN, WTPRN, the entire Alex Jones network has on RP excusing his lack of enthusiasm on pursuing 911 Truth and his complete indifference to impeachment, hiding behind those terrible words above, indicate the Truth Movement has seriously been comprimised.

Pls wake up people. I used to be a RP supporter but there is something very very seriously wrong about the purpose of his campaign, evident in those words of his above.

We need to hold him and his entire campaign accountable on both 911 Truth and Impeachment.

Political meandering by another Republican supporting the defactor Party Line- "No Impeachment, no 911 Truth" is the last thing we need.

I hope the Loose Change Crew, the WAC crew, all supporters of RP will realize the time for hard questions and hard re-examining of this man has come. We are 10 mths away from any opportunity to effect REAL CHANGE and Truth into the elections.

There is no way RP can keep ANY of his campaign promises - get rid of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, downsize the military-industrial complex if he cannot handle Impeachment and 911 Truth.

That comes 1st and will lead to the rest once the TRUTH blows wide open.

Frankly, I think we are being taken for a ride and people like Alex Jones are doing a great deal of harm not asking RP the hard and obvious.

We are getting propoganda from the 911 Truth Movement on a false premise of Hope For America via Ron Paul, on a candidate , that totally does not support the basic Foundational tenets of the 911 Truth Movement, i.e. it was an Inside Job.

Pls do your research on what RP has said on Radio to non GCN audiences of his stand of 911 truth.

He says totally different things on GCN Radio shows and other MSM shows. Very disturbing.

HE is a Blowback candidate for 911 Truth even though he appears to be better than all the Democrats and Republicans put together.

Support for his campaing is going to blow up in our faces in the mths ahead.

If RP is the best the Truth Movement can come up with, this movement is near its end.

We better start re-evaluating our position and political strategy and stop playing this CHARADE of lies that allows the RP campaign to continue harnesing support from the 911 Truth movement on false promises.

There will be no real investigation on 911 Truth from ANY "No Impeachment", No "Inside Job" Establishment Candidate.

What the RP campaign has done is to effectively dilute any real support for genuine 911 Truth Political Activism in the 2008 elections.

We have been HAD people. Let's stop making excuses for this man and his campaign.

There is no way the Federal Reserve is going to be removed until a candidate emerges with the COURAGE to FACE 911 Truth.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

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Show "I totally agree..." by WISDOM


There are college speeches out there on the Internet where you can view Ron Paul saying things like "I definitely believe there is a NEW WORLD ORDER". He was saying these things in the 90's, probably before you even got wind of his name.

The Media could easily get him on these kind of statements. But noooo, they choose 9/11, because it's the big taboo, even more so than the "NEW WORLD ORDER" speeches.

SO guys like yourself abscond and hide under the table because they have DICTATED to you what is "acceptable" and "off limits". The only reason you choose to remain silent about it is because you have been trained like a dog to see it as "embarrassing", or at the most something that doesn't bode well with the masses.

And all this crap about Ron Paul "waiting" for the chance to show us all his real feelings.

Holy Hell

Wake up dude...Ron Paul is NOT a fucking "truther". Has he not made that clear? He will NOT lead us to the land of milk and Truth Honey. For Christ's sake...let it go already. In fact, in all honesty, it's not looking like ANYONE in this God Damned Government wants to hear it. STop this wishful thinking that someone will help us on the inside. It's childish and it only sets false hope for others.


By the way, how good is your Japanese?

Can you assist in translating this:


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

You still

have'nt answered my question. Who are you going to vote for? Let's face it. I agree Our government is so f**king corrupt it makes me sick.
Let the people of the world have their governments. It's those who control the gold that make the rule.
I would like to see Cynthia Mckinney in there. Dennis as well. I hate to settle, but in this case anyone who challenges the Fed and the IRS has made huge points with me.
I truely believe that one of the main reasons JFK got killed was he was in the process of eliminating the Fed.
How did they pull off 9/11 ? MONEY ! If you want to kill a weed ,you have to get the root.
So who has the best chance?............Ron Paul. Who would you pick in the FAUX debates?

Why don't we just elect ourselves?

George Bush elected himself, why can't we just elect ourselves? Seriously, you still have faith in our electile dysfunction system? So, the choice boils down to having to choose between one liar/coward and another, since those are the only ones who have a chance? And, even then, even after we've chosen our favorite coward liar, Diebold then ignores our votes and decides who will take office? I say f**K that! How long will we be made fools of? Let's ignore the scumbags and liars and form our own government. Starting right now.

I hope he changes his position on impeachment

My hunch is that he's not supporting it for as he probably thinks it would be strategically harmful. However, I think it would actually be very beneficial to his campaign. I hope his supporters keep on pressing human issue to change his mind.
Liberals want to be your Mommy.
Conservatives want to be your Daddy.
Libertarians want to treat you like an adult.

Show "Nothing has been written in stone. Dr. Paul can change his" by Colombo

Michael Scheuer and Ron Paul

Also check out Ron Paul's connection with CIA Michael Scheuer, one of the prime architect of the Bin Laden myth. Michael Scheuer even came out in public to support Ron Paul at a news conference. There are many skeletons in RP closet, the purpose of his candidacy is to divert us from the truth and waste our time and energy. How hard would have it been to say... yes there are many crazy theories about 911, but there are also many serious questions that remain unanswered... RP is just another gate keeper.

No, he had Michael Scheuer

No, he had Michael Scheuer (who I agree is a shill) embarrass Ghouliani with the very official story junk that Rudolf runs his platform on by showing how the Commission Report even disagrees with him. It was a smart move.


Words of Wisdom.

RP is a dangerous gatekeeper with the Loose Chance, WAC crew, GCN, WTPRN networks and many 911 Truth related media-activist organizations blindly following him.

Campaign promises mean nothing.

RP does not have the courage to face 911 Truth, hence he is being evasive.

Add his hypocrisy to IMPEACHMENT which even many non 911 Truth activists SEE the CONSTITUTIONAL need for, we see A OBVIOUS REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT GATEKEEPER.

This is a dangerous man who is deceiving many many people and putting them to sleep in a different sort of way. Justice and Truth delayed and delayed and delayed......

Unless the Truth Movement wakes up and holds him to the same standard of accountability that Clinton and Giuliani are held to, this movement will be destroyed by the very people who are publicising the Truth.

Alex Jones is making the worst mistake of his activist-broadcast career by having blatant double standards on the RP campaign regarding 911 Truth AND Impeachment.

High time to wake up and see the Treason in RP's behavior.

I don't believe for 1 moment RP is going to remove the Federal Reserve, repeal the Patriot ACT (Direct consequence of 911), and downsize the military industrial complex if he cannot even deal with Impeachment.

This man is loyal to the Republican Party 1st and Foremost. Hence HE IS TOEING THE OFFICIAL LINE.

Wake up people. he appears to be the best candidate in order to distract the millions of disgruntled activists to waste their time and money on an ESTABLISHMENT Gatekeeper.

His Hope for America is NO IMPEACHMENT, NO REAL 911 TRUTH.

We will never get a proper investigation from his administration.

Pls see his statements on impeachment :


Just becaus RP appears to be making the right noises on a Alex Jones show (before), does not relieve us of the duty of holding public officials to proper accountability. His position on Impeachment is OUTRAGEOUS. What's worse is to see people making excuses about it. The Truth Movement is seriously deceived.

Accountability, Impeachment, Truth.

No more Dirty Establishment Politics.

911 Truth= No Federal Reserve, No More UnConstitutional Wars, No Patriot Acts, No NAU, No Real ID, No More Traitors in Congress.

If Ron Paul really stood for his campaign issues on all of this, he would be SHOUTING 911 TRUTH in the halls of Congress.

Does anyone honestly believe he is ignorant of 911 Truth considering his relationship with Alex Jones?

Something is seriously wrong with this candidate and not correcting him especially when one supports him is a tragedy waiting to be unravelled.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Ron Paul is a liar, deceiver, and phony!

If he cared he would have filed a bill to impeach bush and cheney!!!

I second you

Why couldn't he just state that ya: "I don't believe it's an inside job, but what's unamerican about asking questions and demanding answers, sir?". Just that.

Face it, Ron Paul owes a lot to grassroots 9/11 activism for his popularity. He's been around Alex Jones enough and s probably been exposed to many of the evidence and he's not a retard, he's a Doctor after all. So he must know it's an inside job. So why can't he just say that? On Meet The Press, he condoned Russo's Freedom to Fascism movie. If that's not the architype of a conspiracy theory movie (even though I totally agree with it), what isn't?? He wants to abolish the Federal Reserve because he believes it's a scam. These are pretty monumental statements. Ron Paul has established he won't back down on what he believes, so what's the big deal about stating something more positive about 9/11 Truth?

Why is Alex Jones pushing so much for Ron Paul? Sure most of their beliefs overlap, but on the core issue, which is 9/11 Truth -The One Ring (i.e. False Flag Op) to Rule Them All- they fundamentally disagree according to this video. Without understanding false-flag terrorism, people will fall for the same traps and it won't matter what Ron Paul does.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
~William Colby, former CIA Director~

Show "I don't think it's yet the right time for Dr. Paul to be running" by Colombo

I Do Think It's The Right Time For Dr. Paul To Be RUnning

as a 911 Truth. The mainstream media would continually bash him about it!!!!


Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Didn't he just tell

Didn't he just tell WEARECHANGE that he does support a new investigation?

"Yes, I support more investigation," Paul responded.

"This is generally what government investigations do," Ron Paul said. "They hide inefficiencies and ineptness."

I think that when he is on national television, msm news, his answers change because his audience changes. Personally, I don't trust anything on the msm without researching it myself. I assume that if you are on blogger you feel the same way.

Are there any other candidates that would say the things he does, when not on national television? Would any of the other major candidates say anything like "Yes, I support more investigation"?....or would they just laugh at us?

Playing the game of politics is a nasty game.........

Is there really a better choice for us? Paul, by far, is not perfect but his message of Liberty is reaching people...

Exactly, I like Kucinich a

Exactly, I like Kucinich a lot also but has he brought up 9/11 truth in any of the debates yet? I don't think so. He probably would have answered differently and said he wouldn’t object to a new investigation but I doubt he would have totally called 9/11 a fraud on mainstream TV.

I agree with YT

It's one thing for Ron Paul to disagree with MILLIONS of people across America and the planet on the views of a 9/11 coverup,but it's another thing to totally sideline them or distance yourself from them as if they are equivalent to some KKK or Nazi group.

As I told people a long time ago, ROn PAul is NOT the one to look toward for any sort of backing for this cause. NO HOPE should have ever been put in this man for that venture. I'm also very very very tired of the "He just doesn't want to spoil his chances of getting elected so he can run a REAL investigation", as he is somehow some closeted truther waiting to burst on the scene when given clout.

Dennis Kucinich has been the only one close to that task, and even that is not so much a "priority". That being said, I realize that Dennis Kucinich is not at all likely to be President. Ron Paul has the real "chance". But it's a catch 22 with me because I see Paul basically spitting in the faces of a major demographic that "got him there", when he could just be diplomatic and tell the media, the world, the thruth that MILLIONS of people question the events of that day.

I still support Ron's run for Presidency. I think he would be the best of all of them, and stands for what I believe in many OTHER ways. He has just been a major disappointment on this issue, and downright insulting sometimes.

I know that many "Paulites" are people that don't believe in the official 9/11 story. I guess in some way we are all "truthers" if we believe we haven't been told the truth about it. So ROn isn't just distancing himself from some "fringe group". Millions of people, if not hundreds of Millions, is not FRINGE. How could he so grossly overlook this?

I guess the tide has shifted so much that closeted truthers in the ROn Paul camp have abondoned the cause in order to support him. You can tell just by comments on the Internet. It went from "INVESTIGATE 9/11" to "SUPPORT RON PAUL" to "SHUT UP ABOUT 9/11 ITS HURTING US". The tide will shift more and more till any hope of investigation will be an old memory.

FOr me, it's been a sad "I told you so" moment. I don't like being right about things like this. But my concerns that I so passionately wrote about a couple years ago are coming true. I just didn't want people to get their hopes up in Ron Paul, and destroyed like I see now.

And like I've said many times, we should have never depended on someone other than us to make this go forward. Using Ron Pauls own logic, never ever ever let Government or politicians do your work for you. Ironic now that I look at it.

I agree that's the type of

I agree that's the type of thing he should have said, but he is still doing a lot of good. Look at all the bullshit fire he's under now, he's trying his best and doesn’t want a massive "Ron Paul: CONSPIRACY KOOK!" bombardment from Faux.

Anyway Kucinich just got some really cool endorsements from Sean Penn and Viggo Mortensen:

Actor Viggo Mortensen endorses Dennis Kucinich for President

Sean Penn Endorses Dennis Kucinich

Too f$*(^ing bad

"Look at all the bullshit fire he's under now, he's trying his best and doesn’t want a massive "Ron Paul: CONSPIRACY KOOK!" bombardment from Faux."

He sits in Congress and has a duty to make sure that crimes on American soil are properly investigated. Congress voted for the 9/11 Commission and for NIST's WTC investigation, and those findings were reported to Congress. He's not "doing good" on this issue, at all.

Not on "this issue" but the

Not on "this issue" but the fact you're all on his nuts purely because of his comments on 9/11 shows you haven't got a clue about the man and what's he's done with his time in Congress. I don't care about "Left/Right" or any of that garbage I like both Kucinich and Paul, both of them are decent honest men trying to fight the system and challenge the status quo. I don't like Paul's 9/11 comments, but I understand why he's forced into kowtowing the official line and can cut him some slack. The 9/11 Truth Movement does not require “leaders” to tell them what the hell to do, so while I wish RP all the best in his campaign because I recognise something good in him, these comments don’t really bother that much. I don’t see why others need to get so freaked out.

"This issue" is 9/11

This website is called "9/11 Blogger."

I'm perfectly aware of Ron Paul's positions and have told Republicans in my family for years that he is a true conservative and they should look at him.

I agree that his views on 9/11 are not a reason not to vote for him if you like his platform.

But he is responsible for 9/11, like everyone in Congress. So if he has made a strategic decision to disavow his supporters that support an investigation, despite secretly agreeing with them, then that is unethical.

Recommended reading

>>you haven't got a clue about the man and what's he's done with his time in Congress

I've got a clue, and a lot of what he's done is not appealing. He votes against women's rights and against things like AMTRAK and other basics for people who aren't rich and aren't into guns. He protects the oil companies. He wants to put prayer in our schools. No WAY! Don't believe it?

Read it --

Viggo Mortensen "The Man Knows What Needs to be Done"

Viggo Mortensen "The Man Knows What Needs to be Done"


Words RP does not apparently understand.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Yeah... This just about does

Yeah... This just about does it for any hope for truth within the system.

I just wonder if he missed the biggest opportunity to rally people to his cause.

The people care way more about 911 than the evils of central banking.

Ron Paul should definitely reconsider this dishonest strategy - unless he really thinks tower 7 fell due to fire.

Ron Paul Knows the Neo Con conspiracy

I like Ron Paul Because he wants to root these Neo con (Zionist) out of our Government , they are 100% against him. We have to support or lose the battle.
Please give me another choice to choose from who has a chance on winning

"Ron Paul Knows the Neo Con conspiracy"

nice,.. but the topic is ignoring his supporters and the 911 truth.

He not against us like Fixed News

He not against us like Fixed News. He dosent give a shit what we think, he just doesnt support our Idea that 911 was a neo con job. He is against the neo con takeover of our government and we have to suppport him for that. We all know what direction the neo con are taking us

then stop posten him on 911

then stop posten him on 911 blogger.. it's confusing me.

He's already called for a

He's already called for a new investigation, he has to play politics right now the clown at Fox ambushed him with that question and he managed to turn it around into an applause. If you can't see just how much good RP has done already by bringing up the issue of the Federal Reserve, NAFTA the CFR and making "Republicans" wake up to the fraud of the war then you’re blind.

So take it to a partisan blog

I agree that Paul is the best of the Republicans. He has made some great arguments in the debates, and is the only true conservative.

Here you go:

Tell them why Paul should be the Republican party nominee.

This is a blog about 9/11, and Ron Paul has not shown himself any more likely to advance the purposes of this blog.

But since you've raised the issue of the Federal Reserve, please read the praise and critique of Ron Paul's economic views toward the end of this article:

Let us not overlook the remarkable fact that this question

was actually asked! On a nationally televised prime time debate, no less! Do you honestly think that would have happened if Dr. Paul (like the other candidates) really thought we Truthers were crazy? Think about it.

I'm for 9/11 truth, I don't

I'm for 9/11 truth, I don't support Ron Paul.

So much for Alex Jones, and his followers, it looks like a 'bitch slap' as they say.

Hey all you supporters of the big man Alex himself:
Do you get to ride in big Alex's new glass bottomed boat? Do you get to sleep over in his new mansion?

Show "He has no choice right now" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

no choice..

oh? why? explain that to me please...

I'm sorry friends but listen

I'm sorry friends but listen he clearly states.. "I abandon those viewpoints".. now what does that tell you.

A. he doesn't believe 9/11 is an inside job

B. I abandon those people that state 9/11 was an inside job/cover up

C. I can't help it those people like me but I don't agree with them at all.

D. I know the truth but i can't tell because I'm scared i might loose support from the neo-cons Fox and other media.

Suppose next week the CIA tapes suddenly appear and there is a cover up revealed.. what will he say then..

A. Yes I stated i did not believe in those conspiracy's but now i do...

B. Well i guess my supporters where right and i was wrong.

C. See I always wanted to tell the truth but i could not speak out i was scared i might loose some Neo cons supporters.

D. I know I said that I abandon all the truhers but now I'd like you back.

either way I don't see truth winning here... that's my opinion.

Show "Dr. Paul is proceeding with caution & strategy. His goal is to" by Colombo

MOst bizarre premise

This premise is the most bizarre I've heard, as I have heard it a lot from people in this "movement". If Ron Paul "knows", and he is "not telling", so he can be viewed as more credible and achieve Presidency. Then he...............................IS PART OF THE COVERUP. It means that HE, on his own cognition, chose to HIDE evidence of a crime for personal gain.

That is NOT someone I would want as President even if it were true. I think the people that say this are reaching at the most illogical straws to somehow "keep hope alive". There is a point that desperation goes beyond into the neurotic. I don't see how any rational thinking person could either support this line of thinking, or deduce it to begin with.

He doesn't want anything to do with us. Please understand this. Stop torturing yourself that some White Knight is going to represent us in the run for Presidency. Stop setting yourself up for disappointment, it's hard for me to watch, seriously.

Exactly right

"Then he...............................IS PART OF THE COVERUP. It means that HE, on his own cognition, chose to HIDE evidence of a crime for personal gain."

He has a duty to do what he can to make sure that murders on American soil do not go without investigation.

By this logic, everyone in Congress has acted ethically by covering up 9/11 for political gain.


Someone should repeat these words to Alex Jones and people at GCN.

We are being seriously deceived again by EXCUSITIS and from so called 911 Truth "Leaders".

AJ's unrelenting blatant support for Ron Paul in light of recent revelations has to be held with serious suspicion.

At the very least, we should ask the people making their EXCUSES for Ron Paul, why the Double Standards as compared to ZERO excuses for 911 Truth from other Candidates like Clinton, Obama,McCaine, Edwards, Giuliani etc.

WAC has aggressively confronted so many candidates but seems to let Ron Paul off the hook especially on hard questions on Impeachment.

Why may I ask is this blatant inconsistency and double standards?

The Truth Movement deserves better candidates. Any one can hide behind statements about "another investigation". How many Kennedy investigations have there been?

We will never get to Truth and Justice if we continue like this. It's time for the activists, RP supporters, the people from Louder than Words. GCN, WTPRN etc to ask the hard questions.


Well, how about doing that to Ron Paul's campaign? America deserves better. She deserves the TRUTH.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

But INFOWARS.COM is not a 9/11 truth site

Based on Alex Jones' views on "everything", Ron Paul is EXACTLY who ALex would endorse. Infowars or PrisonPlanet NEVER were 9/11 truth sites. They feature 9/11 truth articles and have been at the forefront, but if you take account all the articles that Jones and company have written, they're mostly about Globalism, Police State, Corruption in general.

ALex Jones coined himself as the "founder" of the 911 movement. Yes, I actually have heard him say that, I am not exaggerating. ANd like good little disenfranchised people, we let him have the title(for a spell).

That's what I keep saying about "leaders".

I mostly likely will vote for ROn Paul regardless, but I knew as soon as the guys over at the Loose Change Forum and and the Infowars Forums started backing Ron Paul as the "truther candidate, I knew we were in trouble. Like I realized that taking Alex Jones' lead on 9/11 issues was also bad news.

Alex and others will further distance themselves from the issue of 9/11. Alex is concerned with the overall picture of Geopolitics and getting Ron Paul elected, can''t say I blame him either and I can't say he is selling us out.

But it's time to pull away from those that endorse people who want to "distance" themselves from us. Think about the totally absurd notion of 9/11 Truthers having to listen to constant Ron Paul adds on INFOWARS, when Ron Paul wants to distance himself from nearly 99.99% of the people listening. It's totally absurd and almost comical if I was an outsider.

I just don't know how to keep my support for Ron Paul up if he keeps doing things like this. I will most likely vote for him, but he and Alex Jones and the rest of the GCN'ers, even Mike Rivero and others, have to admit that this is totally Orwellian. I think they know, and I think it keeps them awake at night.

You make a good point.

We have to take into account this.

A Judas goat is a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse and in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and on to trucks. The term is a reference to the biblical traitor Judas Iscariot.

The phrase has also been used to describe a goat that is used to find feral goats that are targeted for eradication. The Judas goat is outfitted with a transmitter, painted in red and then released. The goat then finds the remaining herds of feral goats, allowing hunters to exterminate them.


Who are the Judas goats in the Truth Movement?

Let's keep our eyes and ears open.

Right now, I don't trust the GCN as I used to and that includes Alex Jones.

At the very least, his judgement and good sense is skewed.

Double Standards on Giuliani as compared to Ron Paul.

Both are No Impeachment, No 911 Inside Job Candidates.

Not a whisper from Alex and co on RP's outrageous staments on impeachment. (See my previous comments above for more details)

Apparently treason is not an impeachable offense if it is from your own political party.

If that is not a Judas Goat, then what is?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Everyone should visit Alex Jones' sites! Tons of 9/11 truth are


thanks for digging a

thanks for digging a question down.. nice to see you're open for discusion... (euro sarcasm)

9/11 Truth Will Not Get Paul Elected

But now is not the time to attach Ron Paul to 9/11 Truth.

If talking 'blow-back' instead of 'inside job' will get him elected, so be it.

His policies would harm those who were behind 9/11, which is just fine with me.

I say, keep hounding the other candidates about 9/11.

Embracing 9/11 Truth will NOT get him elected.

Actually 9/11 truth would be his ONLY chance

in hell, there are about 35-50% of this country that knows 9/11 was an inside job and all of them are just drooling for a real 9/11 truth candidate to vote for.
Ron Paul isn't it. The only reason he has gotten as far as he has was the seriously mistaken belief that he was even slightly a 9/11 truth candidate.
Kucinich or Gravel are closer.
ANY Green Party candidate would be the only real choice.

But in reality it doesn't mean much whom is S-elected as president next because ALL of the choices are corrupt. I used to think that the Democrats were just simply spineless but ever since the "Impeachment is off the table" BS I have come to realize they are just as corrupt and fully in on the scam as the Rethuglicans are.
Until we destroy the SYSTEM, get rid of ALL of these POS Congress critters that obviously are doing the bidding for ONLY that top 2%, abolish the electoral college, get a solid 3rd party influence in Government that is FOR the people and dismantle this pure propaganda Reich wing MSM we have spreading LIES & covering up crimes daily then there is absolutely zero chance of any real change. The only possibilities for the Reich wing are either Ghouliani or McCain, the democrats its only Clinton because she would have no chance of actually winning. All they need to do is get the Rethug close enough to make STEALING the next S-election look remotely possible and the MSM will cover up the rest and the ignorant American populace will do nothing about it just like they did in 2000 & 04'.

Show "Come-on, 35-50% of the country do not know that 9/11 was" by Colombo


are you a Freeper or what?
The last poll done I saw which was over 2 years ago said 36% and I fully believe many more than that are on board now.
You need to get a grip, or go back to Free Republic or Dkos or something, you are clearly on the wrong website.
If we only have about 3-5% hell even if we only had 25% then WTF are we doing here? may as well forget about it and accept full blown fascism and be done with it, move the hell out of this country while we can.

Show "Negative. Something like 35-50% may suspect that Bush lied" by Colombo

So do YOU know that 9/11 was an inside job?

and if so why do you think so? Considering there is no possible way that it could have happened the way the Official Lie dictates and the Laws of Physics don't lie then what you are saying is that 95% of this country are dumber than a mud brick? Then we are in deep shit, hell I think we were in deep shit and I fully believe at least 35% of this country KNOWS it was an inside job and at least 15% more are right on the edge and at least don't believe the official lie and think this administration had something to do with it.

Hell if I were you I would be packing my bags today if I thought only 3-5% of this country have 2 brain cells to rub together.

Well said.

Pls comment on this:

"Paul told the LVN earlier that the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 without a declaration of war by Congress was the most egregious violation of the Constitution in the last 20 years. But when asked why he hasn't supported the impeachment of President Bush, Paul responded that impeachment is the duty of the opposing party, and he would have to consider if a president willfully or ignorantly deserved impeachment before making a decision."

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

You expect Paul to go off on a tangent of impeaching Bush, while

running for president--when the top Democrats have repeatedly stated that, "impeachment is off the table"???


at least 50% of this country wants him Impeached, why do you think the Democratic Congress approval rating is all of about 5%? DOH

9/11 Gatekeeping

Personally, I find the idea that 9/11 truth is "dangerous to touch" is offensively ludicrous. Where does RP get his support from? Not from the MSM, that's for sure. The MSM is breaking down. It is no longer trusted. Free information and discussion is making a huge difference.

If politicians are afraid to touch the topic now, why should we believe that this will ever change when they get elected?

Yes, many will reject some of the demands of the 9/11 truth movement. But how can ANY reasonable person OPPOSE the concept of a fully independent 9/11 investigation? Don't tell me that this is a "don't touch" topic. The only people who don't want it touched, are the ones who currently control the MSM. This is where the gatekeepers come into play--creating "out of bounds" issues that cannot be openly discussed. They are too "dangerous" to discuss. As for why, there can be different reasons... I doubt that "it would create to much controversy" is a legitimate one.

How many people support the idea of a new 9/11 investigation for example? How many people believe that the government has covered up 9/11 issues? How many people would be opposed to the release of the 9/11 Pentagon attack videos? The only people against these would be those who have something to hide. Secrecy serves the purpose of hiding the truth for politically inconvenient reasons in most situations. In my view, saying that 9/11 transparency and another 9/11 investigation is an "out of bounds issue", is very very suspicious and suspect. I don't buy it. A skilled politician can "control the message". No one should be opposed to the message "we want another investigation". And almost no one IS opposed to that. So what's the problem?

If you're going to say: "Well the MSM will make him look bad and smear him". Well guess what? They've already done that. They've already done that to the 9/11 truth movement. They are already censoring the truth.

We should DEMAND better than a lame excuse like than "9/11 truth is too dangerous". It's too dangerous NOT to embrace this issue. That doesn't mean you have to say: "I embrace ALL or MANY of the claims of the 9/11 truth movement". Simply asking for another investigation and open discussion of the issues is needed in my opinion.

There is a HUGE difference between saying as a politician "I embrace all of the 9/11 truth movement's claims" versus "we need a new investigation". What is wrong with the second, and how can this be attacked by Fox "NEWS" if the "message is controlled", as all politicians work their lives trying to do?

This is very frustrating because if you ask me, the problem is the entire system and how corrupted it has become. The only solution in my opinion is for the population to form their own grassroots political movements to force change. This is precisely what the 9/11 truth action campaign and others appear to be beginning to accomplish and bring visibility to the issue.

We can't rely on imaginary heroes. The power of a political movement is that it can have the power to get change, which is why it is feared by the status quo establishment; hence COINTELPRO, disinformation, and the troll brigades that infest every 9/11 forum.

I think we can't take a single route to this issue either. We have to find electable officials who will solve and find solutions to the core issues behind WHY 9/11 happened, and the WAR MACHINE that has corrupted the US government for MANY years. The war economy is just a part of the puzzle. Someone is making billions off of the 9/11 wars, and you better believe that this is at least one of the motives behind the attacks among others. This is a longstanding problem and it requires deep rooted changes. This is the man behind the curtain when it comes to 9/11 truth.

In the final analysis, we can't depend on politicians or anyone else for change.

We have to demand it ourselves.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Been doing that for many years

""The only solution in my opinion is for the population to form their own grassroots political movements to force change.""

Only problem is that most Americans are too ignorant to realize whats in their best interest, they way too easily fall for bald faced lies and continue to vote the very same crooked nut bags into office time after time after time. The Green Party has been trying for years but have the entire Government & the MSM against them.

""We have to find electable officials who will solve and find solutions to the core issues behind WHY 9/11 happened, and the WAR MACHINE that has corrupted the US government for MANY years. "

Then vote Green Party because if you think you are going to find that in the Democratic party you are sadly mistaken I wont even mention the insane party (Rethug).

Yes we have to demand it ourselves, Vote Green Party, oust every single last incumbent Congressman, abolish the electoral college, destroy all electronic vote stealing machines and demand paper ballots hand counted only, make lobbying of any kind a Federal offence with zero tolerance & 10 years in jail for first offence to both parties involved, all future campaigns federally funded only where each candidate that qualifies gets exactly the same money as everyone else, no private campaign adds allowed. and finally destroy the 5 corporation monopoly of all of the MSM and start a citizens media watch group similar to "Media Matters" that monitors what is being said by the MSM that will fine them $50 Million for each and every LIE they tell and any more than 5 LIES in a 1 year period they lose their broadcasting license. In other words they need to start telling the NEWS backed up with irrefutable fact or they are out of business.

Who in the world is the Green Party going to run who could

become president this November???

Show "Green Party and global warming" by patrick


I rest my case, (Ignorant American) speaks.
You need to pull your head outta your ass and smell the carbon emissions and maybe stop watching Faux Noise because they and other such insane Reich wing nut bags that are clearly shilling for oil Companies are the only ones on the planet spinning that lie.

I used to take on faith the man-made hypothesis...

after watching Gore's documentary. I held that position just up until a few months ago. However as I've done more research I've came across a lot of arguments that undermine the hypothesis.

I can't say for certain whether humans have no effect on global warming. But I do assert that a proper debate has not taken place.

Then you need to keep researching

because whatever you came across a few months lead you astray. I have personally seen mountains of data over a 10 year period that makes it unmistakable.

Please send me this...



The debate has gone on for years.

The United States signed a treaty in 1992 that said the manmade climate change is real and dangerous. that we would do something about it, and that along with other rich countries we would act first given our greater historical and current responsibility. The Senate quickly ratified the treaty. It's the law of the land.

The only real questions relate to how bad it will be. Greenhouse gases cause radiative forcing which adds energy to the climate system which cause climate change. The basic mechanism is simple and unquestioned by climate scientists.

Logical fallacy

Because the US signed a treaty in 92 does not prove that man-made global warming hypothesis.
That's a glaring logical fallacy sir.

No worries though, I make them myself often enough:-)



Whoops again


OK, take that paragraph out

The U.S. signing and ratifying the treaty does reflect the scientific consensus which was already strong then.

The IPCC has considered the range of scientific opinion and developed a consensus.

You are basing your argument on the Gore movie versus, I assume, the "Swindle" movie. Try reading the IPCC reports. The executive summaries are accessible to lay readers.

"I'm not a big fan of the

"I'm not a big fan of the Green Party as I find that they are not taking seriously the arguments that global warming is not caused by humans."

Thank you for bringing this up Patrick. BEWARE of those who use this as a wedge issue. Alex Jones and certain others use global warming as an issue to divide otherwise cohesive movements for change. The only response a truth seeker should give when someone tries to play up the global warming-isn't-a-manmade-phenomenon is: NOT NOW. We have more urgent matters to contend with. Period.


Not because the Green Party is wrong or have bad candidates it because all of Washington & the MSM are against them and the American public are dumb as a stick.
They would rather vote for the status quo that has screwed them for 50 years over & over than vote for REAL CHANGE.
The Green Party candidate BTW has exactly the same chance of winning the presidential election as Ron Paul does, which is ZERO.

I live in a Red State so my vote doesn't count anyway thanks to the electoral college so I always vote for the BEST candidate, the past decade or so that has always been Green Party.
If everyone would do that they would win.

Show "The election is still 10 months away. Strategy must be used." by Colombo


I don't want ANY of them in the White house. They are all scum as far as I am concerned.
Lets face it this country is screwed because the vast majority are blind to reality and ignorant beyond belief. Most in this country will swallow a blatant lie without a shred of evidence (Official 9/11 lie) faster than the truth backed with factual data. Most in this country believe what they WANT to believe the facts be damned, be it 9/11 or religion or whatever "inconvenient truth".
Frankly I don't see anything changing because this country is chock full of ignorant human beings, things are not going to change until we have another Great Depression where virtually everyone except that top 2% are out of work, homeless and digging in the garbage to steal a bone from a stray dog. Even you are as dumb as Bush you can kinda figure out you're screwed by then.

"In the final analysis, we

"In the final analysis, we can't depend on politicians or anyone else for change."

Well put.

We have to look at the final analysis and I for one am sick and tired of politicians taking us for a ride.

I no longer feel the RP campaign is sincere about a Constitutional America for reasons posted below.

"Paul told the LVN earlier that the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 without a declaration of war by Congress was the most egregious violation of the Constitution in the last 20 years. But when asked why he hasn't supported the impeachment of President Bush, Paul responded that impeachment is the duty of the opposing party, and he would have to consider if a president willfully or ignorantly deserved impeachment before making a decision."

A Classic Example of Impeachment Gatekeeping just like 911 Gatekeeping.

When will the 911 Truth Movement realize that the RP campaign is taking us for a ride?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Show "Goodness, stop shilling against Ron Paul already! Vote for" by Colombo

The Democrats are a NO

The Democrats are a NO IMPEACHMENT, NO 911 TRUTH Party also.

Same position RP has.

I used to be a RP supporter but have seen the light at this late juncture. Nobody is shilling against RP.

All I asking is why aren't we holding RP to the same standards of accountability to 911 Truth AND Impeachment that we hold the other candidates to?

What is going on in the Truth Movement?

We need a second awakening, because if Jason Bermas is correct in saying the base of support for RP is the 911 Truth Movement, we are headed toward oblivion.

Accountability = 911 Truth. Not political obsfucations and Republican Party Loyalist Gatekeeping.

The Clintons are in bed with the Bushes. The Democrats are COMPLICIT in TOTALITY in the crimes of 911.

Ron Paul will go down in history as a man who could have done something and evaded the issues.

I am willing to bet history will not be kind on this man's lack of Constitutional Courage.

Does he put the Republicans 1st or the Republic 1st?

You decide.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


........Can you believe this? It seems 911 blogger has attracted a Hillary fan club. Or is it Rudy?

A great number of Americans are terrorised and cannot think

A great number of Americans are terrorised and cannot think. They do not even know that they are living in terror. 9/11 was successful in producing widspread terror in both the conscious and unconsciousness of many Americans. Because of this state of induced terror, many Americans believe that safety lies in governmental protection. The fear of living in a country where the govenment butchers its own people is so overwhelming, that it short circuits the ability to think clearly and logically.

My point is that many Americans, particularly older ones, have been terrorized to the point that they cannot think. It is important to grasp this. Because they cannot think, they support candidates who appeal to them below the level of logic.

Elections are won and lost below the level of logic.

The truth is the truth and it will come out no matter who is president, and no matter who champions it or who tries to block it. It is inevitable.

I think that Ron Paul is doing a fantastic job. I think he handled the attempt to eliminate him very well. The reason that 9/11 truth is not known to all is because the terror induced by 9/11 was successful. The burden is on us as individuals to awaken those around us. No president is going to be able to do this for us.

Ron Paul is trying to navigate very, very rough waters. The forces and powers arrayed against him are staggering.

It is easy to sit here and type. What he is doing in the face of cunning, evil and powerful opposition is absolutely amazing.

He is not standing in the way of 9/11 truth and he will not stand in the way of 9/11 truth. That is pretty darn good for someone who actually has a chance of getting elected and leading this country back into the light.

How many votes do you think a truth party with a Steven Jones - David Ray Griffin ticket would get?

Truth party would do fine

IF we destroy the lying ass Reich wing propagandist MSM and replace them with a REAL news organisations again like we used to have about 50 years ago.
Problem is that most in this country fully believe the blatant lies & cover ups done the MSM.

I agree with that logic

Which other candidate who has a chance of getting elected would do as much damage to the oligarchy?
Remember the sitting President is granted veto power by the Constitution.


Is the "THEORY DE JOUR" or if "Blowback" is what we are going with as the accepted line. Then why are you a "truther"? It's really a simple question. If all it takes is Presidential hopeful who is a MAverick in many ways, to lead the charge that blowback is the answer, then you must not truly be looking for the truth. Either that or you're so easily swayed by one man's words, that you abandon the very thing you hold dear, eventually causing you to ABSCOND on play second fiddle?

This is what happens when you depend in "leaders". You set them up to be the White Knight, you put them on a pedestal,they find that you're not what will "help" them, they distance themselves from you, you insist they're doing it because they're secretly "one of you", they state emphatically they don't know you, you then restate that they're right and you should shut your mouth so they can get that prestigious position at the Boys Club, you go your way, they go theirs.

If I din't know any better, I would say I just described someone getting dumped and going neurotic on the DUMPER and becoming a stalker. Don't be the stalker. Ron Paul has made it known that he doesn't want to see us anymore. He doesn't want us calling him, he doesn't want sex, he doesn't want Christmas Cards, he doesn't even want to acknowledge that he dated us for a while. He found some other chick from Uptown. People like her better because she's "hotter" and she'll get him noticed.

DOn't be the stalker.

that was a golden opportunity

and he turned it into a loss

Show "No, the real loss will be if Dr. Paul loses his bid for the" by Colombo

"Hostile environment"?

This is the least hostile environment there has ever been. The CIA tape destruction story has made people question the 9/11 Commission report, and the chairs of that Commission wrote in the New York Times that their investigation was obstructed by the CIA.

Ron Paul would have appeared completely reasonable to call for an investigation under these circumstances.

Face it Colombo:

You're wrong. Your stubbornness will not absolve your illogic.

Ron Paul does not have to campaign on 9/11

to be for 9/11 Truth (leave the 9/11 campaigning to Rudy). He has already stated he does not believe we finished the 9/11 investigation. Under a Ron Paul President we can have an investigation which reveals the truth. Remember Paul is running on the Blow-Back theory which is documented in the commission report. This is how he has won debates with Rudy.

No one has to believe 9/11 was an inside job to believe there are questions about 9/11. But the moderator was not talking about questions, he was talking about the Gov't being responsible for the attacks. Ron Paul answered quick and sharp, which is what is required in a timed debate. He is already getting labeled as a nut so he is trying to bring the debate back to the topic at hand and not turn it into "Ron Paul's crazy conspiracy theories". Ron Paul would allow the truth, this was just not the time and place for it.

See also: Ron Paul: 9/11 Commission 'Hid Ineptness' Just as Most Government Investigations Usually Do

Is Fox playing Divide&Conquer trick on us?

Is Fix News just playing the old Divide/conquer trick on us to alienate the 9/11 Truth movement to campaign for RP?

Newscorpse's Fox News clearly sees Ron as a threat, so was this just a bait question which they knew Ron couldn't answer approprietly in the Faux News Debate format? This would then lead to lots of bickering inside the ranks of 9/11 Truth over if we should continue supporting RP...

Still, I think RP should've handled the question better.

9/11 Truth is the key to it all.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
~William Colby, former CIA Director~

Weak Dr. Paul...just plain weak..

How weak.

Let me guess...he's just faking his point of view right? He needs to get elected before he can say what he 'really thinks' right?


Dr. Paul should be looking at it like:

"I have millions of people's focus. I could continue 'pretending' so I can 'almost come close to getting 10%" or he could say "Fuck it, I'm going out with a BANG! ANd expose MILLIONS upon MILLIONS to 9/11 Truth. Instead he plays ball with the man.

I can't see myself supporting ANYONE who is afraid to tell the truth as they see it...even if they are running for office.

If the presidential elections require that a candidate refrain from speaking his mind...that doesn't mean we all just refrain from it...fuck the campaign trail, forget the presidency Ron Paul.

Go for the jugular while you still have the spotlight. I have no faith in this man's position on 911 Truth.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

"I've abandoned those viewpoints"

Interesting choice of words. So at one time he did have those viewpoints?

I agree with YT. He could have easily taken a restrained position in support of an investigation --- he could have downplayed the complicity aspect and just talked about the coverup aspect of the question.

Given the CIA tapes issue and the Kean/Hamilton article in NY Times 3 weeks ago saying the CIA obstructed their investigation, how hard would it have been to say that a new investigation is warranted?

What he was asked and his response is here:

Oh well, people got played by a politician. What's new?

Show "Oh stop it. Paul could very easily revisit those viewpoints and" by Colombo

Could you possibly have your head

buried any further up Ran Paul's ass?

Great, lie in a debate

for the cause of truth. Meanwhile, the clock ticks, and questions about 9/11 are portrayed as too fringe even for Ron Paul. Any of the candidates could revisit the issue - we now know their positions on 9/11 are the same as Ron Paul. So there's no reason to talk about Ron Paul here anymore.

It has been 6yrs and 4 mths

When will the time be right?

How long will the dead have to wait for JUSTICE. And how long will the dying 1st Responders have to wait? They too died on that day and the days after............

Are we kidding ourselves?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it



When the time is right? In 2008? The time was "right" back to even before this website started. Then time was "right" when the last floor hit the ground at ground zero.

Hey Citizen.......

I admire Cynthia Mckinney............LOOK WHAT OPENING HER MOUTH TOO SOON GOT HER......USE YOUR HEAD!
Like i said......who you going to vote for then?


Oh yeah WISDOM, thats right, good old Cynthia McKinney.
The Congress woman who RETURNED after a 2 years layoff, even AFTER she shared her views about 9/11? That Cynthia Mckinney?

Are you another one of these "we can't talk about 9/11, because we need to win an office to get a real investigation" people too? Nobody ever promised us that. Dennis Kucinich is the closest chance we had/have, and even that is sketchy.

Read my comments in this thread. I've blabbered on enough today about this subject, I'm surprised you haven't stumbled across them.

Because if you did, you also wouldn't be asking "who are you voting for".

Jesus Lord.


and Hallelujah to that!

When the Real 911 Truth Revolution starts, (just see what the Jap Opposition is doing in Parliment), this is going to blow wide open WORLDWIDE.

There will be no country on Earth this crooks and murderers can run to.

When History is written, it will look far more favourably on the Cynthia McKinneys of this world compared to the paid platitudes of Congressmen who seem to be talking from both ends of their mouths.

To all doubters, IMPEACHMENT is NOT just the duty of the OPPOSITION.

It is the duty of every member of Congress. Check the Constitution pls.

I fear we have one too many Judas Goats running for office.


Not Ron Paul.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


I was against impeachment of BUSHCO. I mistakingly talked shit about the people that wanted to initiate it. I wish I could go back and reverse my writings. I was passionate at the time that it would have been a wasted effort. I see now that it was something crucial to at least get these criminals "in the system" so to speak.

That's one philosophical mistake I wish I could take back.

But since I changed my mind on the issue, it has also irked me that Ron Paul said no on impeachment. Hypocrisy on my part yes, but it still angered me.

Come to think of it. After posting on this thread, I think that I have lost all faith in anyone but Kucinich ,as someone who has been consistent and brave in the face of being laughed at. And any soft side I had for Ron Paul somehow is fading by the hour.

It's just really sad that after all we have been through together(Americans). All the corruption, all the lies, all the evil, all the death, all the mockery of truth seeking people(inside and out of 9/11 activism), all of the work, the donations, the articles written, the websites created...I'm left here thinking that somehow we've all been bamboozled by our KNOWN enemies and by those we trust. It's like the common man/woman is on their own. I don't think anyone is really listening anymore.

Odd feeling.

Show "Dennis Kucinich" by WISDOM

The stealth candidate

Yes, Paul is secretly supportive and positioning himself cleverly. When he wins the presidency, he will reveal the Truth, demand investigations, hold all involved accountable, and completely implode the government and country. It's all coming together. We're saved by the very people who run the institutions that pulled this off as they commit career suicide.

Give. Me. A. Break.


Your hostile attitude is increasingly making you look like someone along the lines of Killtown or Jim Fetzer. Your seams are showing. You might wanna quit while you think you're ahead.

Preposterous! Bizarre!

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - December of 2007... (9/11 discussion starts at 2:30 point)

Show "Preposterous & bizarre--can still be true. Anyway, what else are" by Colombo

millions are being lost to "ineptness"

>>I think it says a lot that Ron Paul didn't slander us, or belittle our beliefs.

So saying "preposterous" and "just bizarre" isn't belittling??

BECK: . . . But may I just run through these 9/11 conspiracies? No plane hit the Pentagon on September 11th. Instead, it was a missile fired by elements from inside the American state apparatus. Yes or no?
PAUL: It`s preposterous.
BECK: OK. The planes that hit the World Trade Center towers were remotely controlled?
PAUL: I mean, this is just bizarre.
PAUL: I`ve not even heard of these challenges before.
BECK: Is there -- is there any evidence or is there any doubt in your mind that the United States government was not involved in the September 11th attacks? That we did not bring down World Trade Center number seven?
PAUL: Well, yes, I absolutely believe that is true. They did not. But the connection may be, and where some people get carried away, is if you dig through those $40 billion worth of intelligence-gathering apparatus that we had before 9/11, you know, we dig up information and there was some ineptness. And sometimes when you find ineptness in government, it`s easy to make this giant leap over into conspiracy, and they do it on purpose. But, you know, we had an FBI agent on 70 different occasions reported that these individuals were flying airplanes and not learning how to land them. And he was totally ignored.
BECK: Right.
PAUL: I consider this ineptness on government, not a conspiracy that, oh, yes, we know about it, we can`t wait until the towers come down. No, I don`t believe that at all. I think -- I don`t even think I should have to answer questions like that.
Transcript: Honest Questions with Ron Paul
Glenn Beck, Aired December 18, 2007,

And how about this?

STEVE GILL: I've seen videotapes and listened to audio where you deny any willingness to embrace the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. A lot of your supporters do seem to embrace the whole 9/11 conspiracy that the towers were brought down by the Bush administration. Address that. Do you think the American government, the U.S. government, had anything to do with bringing those towers down either directly or allowing it to happen?
RON PAUL: I think indirectly out of ineptness rather than participating in it, planning it or allowing it to happen. I see it's ineptness - that's why I think the investigations are always coverup of the inefficiency of government.
Ron Paul says 9/11 was ineptness and NOT "an Inside Job"
Representativepress, October 7, 2007,

On and on . . .

Thank You

People should bring this type of information to the GCN and WTPRN networks.

It is sad to see the websites, Alex Jones radio broadcasts avoiding this critical issues on RP's stand on 911 Truth and Impeachment.

We are being taken for a ride by this candidate who is deceiving us and people like Alex Jones, Paul Watson and others who support him without holding him accountable are doing the Truth Movement a great deal of harm.

We should be focusing our political activism on GENUINE 911 TRUTH AND IMPEACHMENT

Instead of being deceived and distracted by a FALSE Hope for America.

Cynthia Mckinney is a whole lot more politically honest than RP has ever been on these issues.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

"We should be focusing our

"We should be focusing our political activism on GENUINE 911 TRUTH AND IMPEACHMENT

Actually no. That won't get us anywhere as the political system is LOCKED. What we need to do is organize street events. Large-scale mobilizations of concerned truth seekers. True visibility. Forcing the corporate media to cover our issues in a fair way. Advising us to "focus our political activism" on political "candidates" is weak and naive at best...and at this late stage, stupid. Sorry, but it's up to us as it has always been. Denial about this will spell our downfall. WAKE UP to the fact that the United States electoral system is corrupt to the core. Beyond repair. Any argument against that one simple concept is nothing short of pathetic given recent events.

It is sad to see the

It is sad to see the websites, Alex Jones radio broadcasts avoiding this critical issues on RP's stand on 911 Truth and Impeachment.

Well that's because it's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$millions, the glass bottomed yacht and the big mansion in Austin TX, while pleading poverty.

We are being taken for a ride by this candidate who is deceiving us and people like Alex Jones, Paul Watson and others who support him without holding him accountable are doing the Truth Movement a great deal of harm.

Well there are such things in this world sadly as 'pimps' and prostitutes. So using an analogy, AJ pimped wearechange and a couple of unemployed English brothers, with a couple of video cameras and a website respectively. They then became "infowarriors", working for the boss, putting in their energy and enthusiasm. In the case of wearechange apart from the cameras, it's all for free they don't see a cent, RP sees $20 million and I'd said $10 million of that is 9/11 truth money. It's called taking a grass roots movement and subverting it for your personal agenda.

RP has sucked the energy out of the 9/11 truth campaign, as did highly intelligent but surreptitious Fetzer and his NPT and Space Beamers.

The only reason big Alex had Kucinich on his show Friday, was to shut the liberals up after the RP 9/11 betrayal; that, and only because he could indirectly promote RP. I could hear it in his voice the guy was sickened to have to speak to Kucinich because he's a "liberal", whatever that means.

Kucinich has publicly called for a new investigation, I know and you RP devotees know, that if asked that very same question, Dennis' answer would have been very different.

BTW RP has absolutely no chance of winning anything, and even if he did he would do absolutely NOTHING for 9/11 truth, because he would be too busy abolishing the CIA, FBI, Federal Reserve, Department of Education, Legalising Drugs, Closing down all US military bases all over the world, withdrawing from GATT, NAFTA, WTO, establishing an armed militia in the 50 states – now all of that takes time, 9/11 isn’t an issue.

Ron Paul

If Ron Paul was the true patriot and Constitutionalist that his supporters claim, then he would be in full support of a full and genuine (re)investigation into 9/11. Ron Paul is aware of many contradictions and impossibilities in the official story, and how senior officials lied anmd obfuscated to federal investigators: he has been approached and conversed with on numerous occasions regarding such material. If he backs off, then he's probably been bought, and thus he's not his own man. There is no excuse to give the Bush Administration and their minions any wriggling space whatsoever on this issue: the mainstream media have given them 10,000 miles of slack, when one millimeter is too much. Dr. Paul, please stand by your principles and don't side with the evildoers in out midst by giving them the benefit of the doubt, when they should be in the dock being harshly questioned about WTF was going on that morning.

Can't we get Paul to respond himself on 911blogger?

I mean he is on the Alex Jones Show all the time along with tons of articles on and Can someone on the "inside" get him to come in here and post a quick comment. Just a thought (;

What could he possibly say?

He's made his position clear. The "incompetence" of 9/11 is just another example of why big government is bad. Even if he suggested he might support an investigation, it was for this purpose only. Give it up -- there's no reason to think Ron Paul is more likely than any other candidate to do something about 9/11. Since the chances of him winning are low, there's less reason to talk about him here, at a blog on 9/11.

Paul to respond here on Blogger?

Running for President= Priority Level #1

Defending self on Blogger to about 2 hands full of people=Priority Level #45521

Maybe we can take a number?

Ron Paul absurdity

It is obvious that Ron Paul's chances of becoming President approach zero. So, the idea that he needs to discount 9/11 Truth to get elected is absurd.

Furthermore, when asked about 9/11 Truth, there is no political reason why Ron Paul could not have simply said something like: "I want a complete explanation for the leveling of World Trade Center buildings" or "I do not understand how the Pentagon failed to intercept any of the four planes".

What is lost is a major opportunity to educate the public about what really happened on 9/11. In ten years, it is unlikely that anyone will care about Ron Paul's 2008 campaign, but 9/11 Truth will still be a skeleton in America's closet.

a shameful cop out indeed - Ron Paul is part of the problem

On Alex Jones' show:
I heard Ron Paul say something to the effect of:
"I never say different things to different audiences... that would be wrooong!"

I gave money to Paul twice, but not again. He's showing that he's not genuine.
All he needed to say that even Kean/Hamilton have claimed there was a cover-up.

He's proven that he's not willing to make a stand with us for Reality.

Only Dennis Kucinich isn't afraid to stick by his statement pried out of him on video by courageous Truth squads.
He's the only one courageous enough to say what he saw (UFO), calling for Impeachment, and a bit of what he thinks about 9/11 and demanding a recount in NH.

Ron Paul and his supporters have ALREADY WON a HUGE VICTORY

Ron Paul and his supporters have ALREADY won a HUGE VICTORY. They have forced the MSM to acknowledge the 9/11 truth movement. Glen Beck is talking about 9/11 truth. THE BLACKOUT IS DEAD. The very attempt to corner Ron Paul on 9/11 brings 9/11 truth center stage. The more Ron Paul is attacked on the positions of his 9/11 truth supporters - the more ink and the more television exposure for 9/11 truth.

I couldn't believe it. There was 9/11 truth PRESENTED AS A TOPIC AT THE REPUBLICAN DEBATES------- INCREDIBLE.

Please remember Ron Paul is NOT running for president (yet). Ron Paul is running for the nomination of the Republican Party. It is completely amazing that he gets so much applause and support from the audience at these Republican debates. The other "candidates" look like children compared with him - and they ARE children compared with him, as they have no depth of understanding and no compassion.

Also, it is possible that Ron Paul honestly does not believe that the US govenment was directly involved in 9/11. Go to Read some of the statements of BRILLIANT PEOPLE. Many of them believed the government fairy tale for years before something snapped them out of the illusion. Richard Gage believed the fairy tale. Lynn Margulis believed the fairy tale.
Only a very, very few saw through it immediately.

Ron Paul's mind is heavily focused on the Constitutuion. He has been battling the whole Federal Reserve scam almost singlehandedly. He understands the roots of war. He may not have awakened to 9/11 truth himself. BUT he is wide awake to his own integrity, consistency and compassion. He WILL awaken to 9/11 truth (if he is not already awake to it) because his mind is alive and vital and he is capable of reason, and he is not hungering for fame.

Again. Please remember. Ron Paul is NOT running for president - yet. He is running for the nomination of the Republican Party. That is going to require getting millions of mainstream Republicans to hear him against the deafening roar and murderous actions of the neocons.

He is doing a GREAT JOB.

AND everyone on this board who is annoyed with him for NOT coming out for 9/11 truth is ALSO doing a GREAT JOB -- because it is the TENSION OF THE DISCUSSION that is forcing the issue into public consciousness.

BTW - I like Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich just as much. The main reason I would vote for Paul over the other two is based on his profound understanding of the destruction to liberty that is the result of dishonest, unconstititional "money" aka "Federal Reserve Notes."

Anyway -- keep talking to your friends and family about 9/11 truth. It is easier to show your friends the truth than to convert anyone on one of these boards. The value of these boards is to share information and perspective, so that we are more knowledgeable when we speak to family and friends.

Good arguments

But the issue is raised because awareness is spreading, not because of Paul. It's true that if Paul wasn't in the debates the question would not have been raised there. But it's also true that Paul could have acknowledged the concerns and appeared very reasonable, and instead said that those concerns are not reasonable. So instead of advancing open and honest discussion of 9/11, he acted against it.

He treated our valid and honorable concerns as an embarassment, like the racist and homophobic newsletters he let go out in his name years ago.

You can see his response here. He makes a great argument on the drug war as discriminatory.

I assume he mispoke when he said "67% of blacks are in prison." He meant that 67% of South Carolina's prison population is black. It's unfortunate he made that mistake, as it is a good point.

Read the comment at the end of this blog:

"Note: As I said, Paul is a kook and has surrounded himself with some bozos. And it cost him."

This is the same argument that is made about 9/11 truthers that support Paul. That's not right. They should not be an embarassment like a bunch of neo-Confederate racists longing for the good old days.

And he spun a question about past racism into a positive message. He couldn't do that with 9/11 truth? That's just wrong.

Perverting the 911 truth movement into a political support group

How many excuses do we have to hear from truthers that blindly support Paul?
To me they resemble the rationalizations of an abused child, ie.: he didn't mean what he said, he'll change...

Let's get him there first. I am sure it will favor us in the end.
Dr. Paul can change his position on any issue as conditions warrant it.
I don't think it's yet the right time...
Ron Paul knows NeoCon...
he has to play politics
he has no choice...
his goal is to beat the odds & become president
This is how he won debates with Rudy.
Ron Paul didn't slander us...

This website is about 911 Truth, roughly speaking. It is most certainly not a support site for politicians that dare not mention 911 in a truthful context. And this movement cannot allow itself to be absorbed into politics. As I have said before, there is no political solution for 911 truth. 911 truth supersedes politics. It truly is up to We the People to instigate change.
with that said...

Ron Paul deserves zero credit in regards to 9/11 truth. The real credit goes to the many respectable people that have been positively working for years. Just because a working 911 truth activist might also support Ron Paul doesn't mean Paul deserves credit.

In regards to 9/11 truth and politicians, Kucinich has been more open and active. But Cynthia McKinney wins first prize, by a mile. In case you didn't know, she's running for the Green Party nomination & has publicly supported & promoted 9/11 truth for years.

"constitutional911", I'm glad to see your thinking on Paul has become more refined. At least I think that was you I traded comments with some time ago... anyway, good find on that 'no impeachment' stuff. Kucinich clearly wins on that count :-)


I have woken up to the stonewalling and obsfucations of the RP campaign.

At least Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney have the courage to take the bull by the horns.

I just hope enough RP supporters realize they have to hold their candidate accountable for 911 Truth AND Impeachment. Thouse who support him, hold him to the same standards that all the rest are held to. That's all I ask. I speak especially to the We Are Change Crowd. RP has its points, but impeachment and 911 Truth is the core behind Restoring the Republic. There is no way his Presidency can succeed if he avoids and meanders around these issues.

The Republic 1st. Not the Republicans. Or the Democrats.

Impeach. For Treason. For 911.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Big Disappointment from Ron Paul, but the MSM attention is good

Looks like I'll be writing in Kucinich or voting Green or Constitutionalist or something.

Thx to AJF for reposting that Paul clip; he says the "investigation" so far is suspect due to the conflicts and may have been a coverup, notes that the Commission ignored the collapse of 7- at this stage, he must've been contacted by so many people encouraging him to examine what we've been told and what has already been reported, that if he actually looked into it, he would be backing away from a defacto endorsement of the 9/11 Commission Report- as Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean recently have. What a disgrace- he doesn't need to tell me "what to do", i can't in good conscience endorse someone who accepts the 9/11 Commission's bogus account of the success of the 9/11 attacks being solely attributable to Al Qaeda. 62% of Americans believe Feds ignored specific warnings- Ron Paul only has about 10% support- maybe if he had the integrity and backbone to point out that the 9/11 Commission is a coverup and there's ground for a full criminal investigation, maybe he'd get some of that 51% that want Cheney investigated for 9/11.

Even so i find it encouraging, that the corporate media mention "9/11 Truthers" and apparently their legitimacy is so threatened by people asking questions that they challenged Ron Paul to disavow support for investigation, and to ask us to not support his campaign.

The Senate may be scheduling hearings soon on S 1959 the Violent Radicalization "Thought Crime" Bill- call them and tell them to block it's passage, before the Commission concludes America needs to outlaw your right to do so for the public's safety- as quickly as Congress passed this bit of McCarthyism, they'll pass a bill doing just that. Will Ron Paul be present to vote against it? He missed the vote on HR 1955 because he was out campaigning to be President, Keeper of the 9/11 Myth.

The Top 40

Show "I see" by WISDOM

I'm not voting. The voting

I'm not voting. The voting system is rigged. My activism will center around street demonstrations and outreach. Your reply wisdom?

My reply........

I used to feel the same way. I quit voting because i thought our politicians were nothing but puppets on a string.
However , i see those like Clinton, Mcain, Rudy............Now i have to try and stop this to some degree. Do you want to see the agenda of the neo -cons advance?
I believe in the constitution, and the bill of rights.......... Do you?

Show "Ron Paul Handled himself beautifully." by maddog


That is the most defeatist thing you could have said. You have my sympathies.

Thats BS

The misconception that he was ever remotely a 9/11 truth candidate is the ONLY reason that he got as far up in the polls as he did.
If he came out and said that 9/11 was an inside job and that he fully believes the Bush administration is guilty of treason and should be prosecuted his support would at least triple.

A clever move by Fox

While my own belief in Ron Paul's integrity was shaken before this, I don't want to be manipulated by Fox. This move was clearly designed to mar Ron Paul in the eyes of other Republicans who believe the official conspiracy theory—he's tainted by merely being asked—while simultaneously splintering his 9/11 Truth base by his predicted response. It actually made me realize that they do see him as a threat. So, I'm not sure what I feel about the man anymore. I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot, based on his primary performance thus far.

Anyway, just my thoughts. If someone else made the same point elsewhere, I apologize. I'm at work and don't have time to read the whole thread.



As I comment on this thread, my eyes can't help but notice Ron Paul staring at me playing guitar, as the caption reads "conspiracy clothes", and the add is surrounded by "9/11 Truth" adds and quotes, on all sides.

That folks, is called chaser...FUCKING IRONY.
Not just irony. Mindblowing...I think I just broke a synapse....FUCKING IRONY.

That loud sucking sound

is Ron Paul's support from the 9/11 Truth movement going down the drain.

Show "Know what I mean, know what" by Ali aka Danish
Show "the 9/11 bloggers hate RP now? ok." by zombie bill hicks

ha ha

Yes, because that was so out of line..

We are in so much trouble......

Picking Ron Paul apart is ridiculous and it personally makes me also makes me think that there are more shills on this site then I imagined...

I guess there are a lot of people in the 9/11 truth movement who could care less about Liberty, or the fact that the Federal Reserve prints monopoly money. Has anyone ever heard Kucinich touch the Federal Reserve issue? As far as I remember Kucinich still has to deliver on those promises he made to us, or maybe he is too busy searching for UFO's...

I think voting for Kucinich is throwing your vote away, but again that is my opinion. He registers in the one and two percent range. HE REALLY HAS A CHANCE (sarcasm added).

As far as impeachment goes, it will never happen, so why waste time on it. It is the Democrat's job to impeach, not the Republicans, and they already said no.

Where does 9/11 truth stand if HillaryObamaEdwardsMcCainRomneyGiulianiThompson wins? Oh yeah that's right.....the country is FUCKED...there is no more hope......

But lets just argue back or forth whether or not RP is truth friendly, because that is much more efficient... I guess being in Freedom to Fascism does not count for anything..................keep paying that income tax




>>I think voting for Kucinich is throwing your vote away

And others, who want women to have a choice, who think privatizing the entire government won't solve our problems, and who have seen Paul shrink from the most basic 9/11 statements that Kucinich and McKinney stand by (even Hillary seems to understand there were issues with the air at GZ for chrissakes!) -- yes we need a new investigation into whatever happened for the sake of the families -- may think voting for Paul is throwing your vote away.

Big deal.

The problem is that Paul is pushed on here like a drug and alot of us are sick of it.

Attacking each other

... Let's face it. We can all agree the system is consumed by bullshit. Cynthia Mckinney changed my mind on how i veiw politicians.
When i seen hear grill Rummey i wanted to stand and cheer!
We stand at a crossroads. I am not saying pick the best of the worst. Did any of you watch Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism?
Can you imagine ANY other congressman or senator putting the lip on the Fed? AND ON TAPE?
USE YOUR HEAD!............We need unification! Or divided we fall !
So all of you who posted negative on Ron Paul. Please edit and let us know who your voting for.
I got to see this!

"Cynthia Mckinney changed my

"Cynthia Mckinney changed my mind on how i veiw politicians."

That is fucking ludicrous. One honest individual changed your view on how you view politicians in general?? Are you seriously insane? So because one apple in the batch is good, that's enough to make you trust in the entire batch? I feel sorry for your ilk: typical American ignoramous. And you have the nerve to call yourself "WISDOM"?????? Gimme a goddamn break. You're a laughing stock.


Yes. Because until i seen one honest one, my belief that they all had there head's up there ass like you was incorrect.
So with that being said i will leave you with some free advice. It's better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


Ron Paul is NOT running for president. He is running for the CHANCE to run for president on the Republican platform. Does anyone who has actually thought about it expect him to ask the Republican Party to make him THEIR CANDIDATE by coming out for 9/11 truth now?

Hello? Anybody home?

Ron Paul will not send you to get your arms, legs and face blown off in a foreign war. Nor will he ask you to sacrifice your mind by blowing someone else's face off. ALL the other Republicans and ALL of the Democrats (except for Kucinich and Gravel) will.

9/11 Truth is already a FACT. Yes. It is agonizingly slow in spreading. But it is unstoppable.

Yes. Cynthia McKinney is a great patriot.

Ron Paul Supporters: how about

How about you get Ron Paul to clarify what he meant?

The talking head asked him about government coverup, and by his response to the question it seemed to a lot of people here that he was disavowing acknowledging the possibility of even a coverup concerning 9/11, and dismissing the importance of looking into it. In the statement posted by AJF he explains that coverup is the norm with government investigations, and that could've been the case with the 9/11 Commission. It's a matter of public record that the 9/11 Commission Report didn't address at least 70% of the families very reasonable questions. Polls show most Americans think there was a coverup- what's wrong with more investigation, especially when numerous independent citizen investigations have documented serious problems with the official story, just with what the government has told us, and what the corporate media have reported. Is he afraid of uncovering Republican corruption? Would he be reassured to know there's many Dems who need to be investigated as well? Does he support having public hearings into Sibel Edmonds allegations, considered credible by the Sunday Times, Leahy, Grassley and the DoJ's IG- others corroborated elements of her story, which has to do with some highly placed US officials trafficking in nuclear weapons, drugs and getting some people country because they were subjects an FBI 9/11 investigation.

Has he spent any time looking at what's been reported by the MSM and the government itself?

The Top 40

"...anyone who has been

"...anyone who has been paying attention to the recent trends with the issue of 9/11 truth and the presidential race knows well that if Ron Paul had answered any other way, FOX News would never have let him get past it."

GOD, I AM SICK OF HEARING THIS! Yes, if he had answered any other way FOX wouldn't have let him get away with it, BUT, he wouldn't have answered any other way BECAUSE HE IS NOT THE 9/11 TRUTH CANDIDATE!!

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern t

I have expressed, on blogger

I have expressed, on blogger before, that RP's comments are tough to handle. Does it ever occur to anyone that the MSM could be using their dirty little tricks on us. Is it possible that every time the man goes on TV, the MSM pundits use it as an opportunity to make somebody stop supporting him for whatever stupid little reason they can? Glenn Beck's interview was the hardest to swallow, but I believe the interview was directed at the 9/11 truth movement, designed to steer their support away from RP. Just another trick.

So if Kucinich is the only 9/11 truth candidate, we really have no hope

I like his wife better than him......

Ron Paul is only telling you what you want to hear!

He could have said we all have a right to speech but according to the 9/11 there was an obstruction of justice and that raises questions. That is a neutral statement. Ron Paul complains about this administration but has taken no action to Impeach anyone!

Follow No Leader

It’s election time again! I was wondering why so many people suddenly lost their integrity. Thirty pieces of silver for a Ron Paul bumber sticker. I feel dirty just reading this thread.

Hopefully you are all getting some solid entertainment out of this circus, because you’d be sorely mistaken if you thought of the American electoral process as anything but. The machine of state capitalism will continue grinding away apace. Rainforests in one end, Mickey Mouse statues out the other. I find it quaintly amusing the starry-eyed optimism being expressed here for the triumph of Ron Paul. It’s almost touching. I’m reminded of the look in a young child’s eyes on Christmas Eve when they prepare milk and cookies for Santa Klaus.

Has anyone here read Kafka’s Amerika? It begins with our protagonist, an immigrant, viewing Lady Liberty. She doesn’t wield a torch but a sword. Later Kafka describes the campaigning process in the election of a judge. It resembles a grotesque carnival.

Forget Kucinich. Kucinich is a cunning swindle: the only candidate with a sane platform who can never win the election. He’s too short. He isn’t TV friendly. He provides the illusion that politicians can serve anything but the devil mammon. He keeps hope alive. After he is eliminated he can give the corporate war monger candidate a pat on the back.

Vote fraud? Voting is itself a fraud. Voting is the illusion of democracy in a permanent plutocracy. Stick a piece of paper in a box every few years and you’ve done your duty. You are in control. Your opinion matters. Would you prefer a whip or a cattle prod? Or did you think you’d be consulted when the person you selected to make decisions for you decided to hand over health care to insurance companies and big pharma?

Does anyone think JFK was a civil rights activist? He wasn’t. He responded to popular pressure. Was Nixon an environmentalist? He wasn’t. He responded to popular pressure. Politicians respond to popular movements. Movements like the 911 truth movement. They only respond when they are forced to. Giving Ron Paul a free pass, making excuses for him, these are betrayals to our movement, to the family members, to the dying first responders, to truth and justice, and ultimately to Ron Paul himself. Spin it any way you wish. I know spin when I hear it. That queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach is your conscience reminding you to do the right thing. Do not ape Ron Paul or Alex Jones and become a politician yourself. Stay true to your ideals. Maintaining your honour and integrity is far more important than electing a politician.

Ron Paul is not an issue for me for two reasons: 1. I’m Canadian and 2. I never approved of his platform to begin with. This is generally the case with people who view Ronald Reagan as a hero. Anti-drug war, anti-war, anti-fed, these are things most of us agree with, but for every positive is something very negative indeed. Ultimately I don’t think he’d have much success dismantling the prison industrial complex, but he would probably have a great deal of success accelerating the militarizing of American society (through persecution of immigrants), further raping the environment (through deregulation of corporations) and harming labor unions and regular working people.

Still, I would sing his praises if he was an honourable man on the subject of 911 truth.

He is not, he is in fact an enemy to our cause. He is doing great harm to our movement by slandering us on National Television, cozying up with bigots like Glenn Bleck and promulgating the view that 911 truth is irrational and out of bounds.

I can sympathize with his supporters. I spent a lot of time defending Noam Chomsky during my early years with the movement because I share many of his political views. But ultimately I realized that I was not doing Noam or anyone else any favours by defending the indefensible.

Kudos to the Ron Paul supporters and ex-supporters who are doing the right thing and placing truth and honour above partisanship and hero-worship.

Forget Kucinich?

I will vote my conscience. [on a paper ballot that will be counted on a Diebold machine]
Fortunately, in California, a paper record is now mandatory.
If the NH recount shows what we suspect, recounts will be demanded everywhere these machines are used.

The fact that Kucinich doesn't have a chance is irrelevant.

If you vote for the lesser of evils, you still vote for evil.

If Ron Paul doesn't know the facts of 911 by now, he never will.

A vote for RP is not just a wasted vote, it is a vote AGAINST the Truth Movement!

Forget "winability", vote for impeachment; i.e. Kucinich

Then vote for impeachment and real 911 investigations; i.e. McKinney

Necessary Response

This was a necessary response.

For example, the governor of my state said that he would audit the entire estate if elected. He was elected and did not audit the state. Get it.

Ron Paul Doesn't "Believe" in Evolution?

Yikes, personally I'd rather believe in UFO.

Dr. Know

Dr. Know??? There will be a time when Dr. Paul will be able to speak more freely about what he does and does not believe. Lets just hope that he's in a position where what he believes will make a damn difference.

Keep the faith.

If only what he believes is that the people should have access to all the evidence.

What will the people believe then? Perhaps they won't have to believe.... they will just see.... the will then see who was keeping the evidence from the people and why. An investigation will soon follow..... Dr. Paul would not need believe at that point either.

Counting Ron Paul out in his matter would be a complete and utter mistake but no bigger that the mistake of connecting the good Doctor to our movement. We can understand the need to play politics until politics is no longer the game and we take this country back from the lying stealing criminal capitalist scum.

Peace and Justice
Together in Truth!

You guys never give up

"We can understand the need to play politics until politics is no longer the game"

What part of "preposterous" and "bizarre"
"I've abandoned those viewpoints. I don't believe that."
don't you understand?

I have had a bellyfull of two faced politicians "playing politics".

Either he is an enemy of the Truth Movement or he is lying,
and you are asking people to "keep the faith".


You are either a truther or a Paulie.

Stop pretending you can be both.

Ron Paul "Doublethink"

Ron Paul "Doublethink" Revolution Virus

"The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them . ..... To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies — all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth. . doublethink."

— George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

For example: "I'm for 9/11 Truth, I'm for Ron Paul"
Doublethink Q.E.D.

For example: "I put everything back into this movement, I need your support, this isn't a game, I'm in danger, I put my life in danger." However, all the while living in a mansion and having a yacht with a glass hull at age 34.

(Glass hull/bottom yacht to presumably to see all the little fishes in the sea, before the inevitable holocaust that will wipe out 90% of all humanity). Doublethink Q.E.D.

Listen! In fact this is almost all BS

RP made this 911 statement after the Fox debate:
There are much much more important issues than any immediate take in of the 911investigation (which is at the time anyway unrealistic) - like this:

So be more careful what wind you take. As RP is.


An investigation into "ineptness" that is

Here is what Paul says in the clip, quote:
"yeah I support more investigation because I think the ineptness was probably hidden, because there was a tremendous amount of ineptness..."

Is that supposed to impress me? Seems to me that he is indicating that his investigation would be as limited as the first one. This statement sounds more like a gatekeeper's than a truth teller's. Dang, man! He even took time to say "probably"!

It is now clearer than ever that We Are Change & Alex Jones have an agenda of supporting Paul that has nothing to do with 9/11 truth. Let's not forget impeachment, or vote counting fraud. The man is not perfect, he's a politician playing games. Paul supporters have huge blind spots for the man and just won't stop making excuses. Even representing the above video as some sort of definitive 9/11 truth statement.

Hold all politicians to the same standards or be hypocrites.

9/11Truth + RonPaul < 9/11Truth