9/11 Truth Street Action In Wayne, PA 1/12/2008

Today was a great day. I got to talk with a lot of people, as did Betsy. Betsy spoke to kids from the local military academy who were skeptical, and she gave them a copy of 9/11: Press For Truth. Betsy also talked to a police officer who made us take the signs down because of town ordinance. She gave him a copy of 9/11: Press For Truth, and some pamphlets. He told her she was being noble. Two different people gave us cash contributions today for the 9/11 First Responders. That was awesome. We got a lot of honks, and very few negative responses. There was this one kid who couldn't have been older than 10 ask if he could hold one of our signs. He told us that 9/11 had to do with going into Iraq. Smart kid. I look forward to seeing whoever can make it this upcoming Tuesday.


Like the green sign Betsy!

YouTube: Joe Rogan talks about Ron Paul and the newly released evidence on the Gulf of Tonkin


Has done a fantastic job with the signs. She's a little color blind, but no one's perfect. :)

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Just got in...

... from our outreach on South Street. Almost a dozen of us, a TON of positive feedback.
We're doing great stuff down here guys. Will hopefully be leaving work early on Tuesday night to get up there to see ya'll.

Keep it up!

Mark in Philly


Definitely want to be there on 1/29. Take my word for it.

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Betsy & John are Great

Hey guys, as usual, you are super Truthers. I was wondering about the signs. Aparently white lettering on black or vice versus is the clearest for the eye to see. Also. Press for Truth is a part of Greenwalds Brave New Films network. They have an excellent promotion system, free, which will direct people to your showings. I used it in 2006 when I was showing Press for Truth on Sundays in NYC.


It's simple and free free free!


All seven (7) remaining PFT

All seven (7) remaining PFT movies are now listed on the Brave New Films site.

Thanks so much for the suggestion, greenback!

January 29th is shaping up to be the big night of possible VIP's and entertainment . . .

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Stay tuned . . .


"We only see what we know."
-- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

Great Effort!

"There was this one kid who couldn't have been older than 10 ask if he could hold one of our signs. He told us that 9/11 had to do with going into Iraq"

This one kid is a whole lot smarter and far more honest than the ENTIRE US CONGRESS PUT TOGETHER.

He would probably just have been 3-4 yrs old when it happened.

As long as there are still people like him around, there is Hope for America.

The Real Hope for America.

Any Senators, Congressmen out there want to hold up those signs?

Or are they prepared to let children do it in their stead?

God help those traitors when that day for justice comes.

Even children can see the obvious. Where is NIST? Where is MIT? Where is the Media?

Impeach. Remove. Jail.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Go Betsy and Jon!

If the millions of people who don't believe the Big Lie consensus did this just once a month all across the nation, this would reach a crescendo before (don't pay your war) tax day.

Betsy-I had fun sitting next to you in New York watching Loose Change Final Cut goofing on the neo-conmen.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

I remember. : ) Love your

I remember. : )

Love your Plato quote - just added it to my list of favorites.

Thanks for your support.


"We only see what we know."
-- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

Street Action Keeps It All Current

People do much thinking about what they see, read or hear when they drive and in these cases wind up thinking about 9/11.

And forcing strangers out of their comfort zones can't be easy.

More power to all.

Great work!

Betsy, I love the "Would you want to know?" sign. That is one of the best signs I have seen.

Thanks, Crystal. The first

Thanks, Crystal. The first one I had made said "government" instead of "White House", and I realized then that I wanted to fine tune that (since "we the people" are the government, and not all of us are corrupt, lying evil-doers) without naming specific names . . . . : )

I'm really pleased with its simplistic, obvious, food-for-thought-for-some message.


P.S. I'm not colorblind (Jon: *smile*), I wanted a splash of color to wake up the slumbering or head-in-the-sand masses. : )

"We only see what we know."
-- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

Important distinction!

Your distinction between "govt" and "White House" is very well thought out and KEY. I have a sign about the numerous "government lies" including nine eleven and will be fine tuning it. Maybe even copying your idea. :-) Excellent work you and Jon are doing!

Super Truthers and fingers crossed!

I feel, myself, pulling for a successful turnout in Wayne, PA. Jon and Betsy are Super Truthers for sure and I've got my fingers crossed that momentum builds!

I believe, I've caught every Tuesday on the street that you've done. I only ask, please keep it up!

...don't believe them!