We Are Change LA Talks to Jane Harman's Office about HR1955, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth and False-flag Terrorism

The earlier part of our Eleventh Day of Action last month was spent demonstrating outside of Congresswoman Jane Harman's office in El Segundo, CA. We took the opportunity to go inside and speak with her aid about our concerns surrounding HR 1955, Mark Weitzman's powerpoint presentation identifying www.ae911truth.org as "Disinformation" and appealing to terrorists, and Congress's continuing silent complicity in the 9-11 cover-up. Her aid would not allow us to film the conversation so we attempted to describe the conversation as best we could. We left behind some information about 9-11, including an ae911truth.org card about the destruction of the Twin Towers and a DVD with "9-11 Mysteries" and Richard Gage AIA's "Blueprint for Destruction," among others. Here's the video:

Excellent work

Everyone keep up and increase the pressure!

MP3 Audio Clips - Air America Talks HR1955

Friday November 30, 2007
Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi Talks to Randi Rhodes on Air America About HR1955

* source = http://www.therandirhodesshow.com/live/

Tuesday December 4, 2007
Richard Greene, Host of Air America's Clout, Discusses HR1955, Home Grown Terrorism Bill and Jane Harman

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

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Great Job!

Great job and thanks WeAreChangeLA. We cross posted at our forums as well...

If you go back, hand them our press releases on the Flight Data Recorder analysis...





Fantastic work guys. As usual, my family thanks you for your patriotism and responsibility. I was wondering if anyone at WeAreChangeLA is planning on writing an article about the interview. If so, it would be great groundwork for others to use in case other interviews can be tracked down such as Mark Weitzman. It would get widespread postings around the web. Basically it would serve like a cliff note for individuals slightly confused on the matter and enable citizen journalists across the country. There are book signings everywhere with interesting people, excellent oppurtunities for the average Joe (or Jane) to penetrate intellectual circles from across the spectrum. Just an idea. Anyway, thanks again guys, you are real life heroes. I am going to name any new children I might have after you. Though my wife thinks that other kids will make fun of him or her with a name like WeAreChangeLA.

Try an anagram

"Though my wife thinks that other kids will make fun of him or her with a name like WeAreChangeLA."
Maybe you could convince her to go with an anagram like "General Ace Haw"

Jane Harmon visit

I love what you are trying to do but did you have to visit the representative's office dressed in your gym clothes? Appearances do count and to make points with the establishment you really have to dress the part. Get haircuts and wear suits and a nice dress.

Fantastic! It's telling that politicians & their staff become

apprehensive & nervous when confronted with these crucial issues! What are they hiding? (Harman wouldn't even appear on camera for God's sake.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Exactly !

What's with this no camera shit? Nothing like honesty, and transparency.

YouTube is a FREAKIN' JOKE!

Already they have taken down the video.

They too are SOLD-OUT to the NWO's $$$$$$$!

Still works folks!

Still works folks!

Keep up the great work

Keep up the great work guys...I love you all!