Bill Maher brings up "Pet Goat incident" on 1st show back w/ Mark Cuban, Catherine Crier, Tony Snow, Matt Taibbi and PJ O'Rourke

Just ran into the clips of Bill Maher's 1st show back and there were some interesting moments to be had. Reflecting on last year, I still think his big interruption moment of 2007 was rejuvenative on all accounts. Yes, it could have been done with a little bit more finessing, but more important is that it was done. The perfect could have become the enemy of the good in this case. And it got people talking. We need more interruptions done strategically. What we want is people talking, debating, raising the issue. There are many fronts and faces in this challenge. The civil rights movement successfully found a place for the different strategies and styles of Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and MLK. Bill Maher and the rest of corporate media have a long election year ahead of them. It could get more interesting than anyone can imagine.

Well, onto the show and some of the interesting moments. 1st of all, it was intriguing that they had Cuban and Taibbi on, both of whom played their own special roles in relation to the 9-11 truth movement in the fairly recent past. I think the Loose Change Crew is in a better place to negotiate the destiny of their film's impact from where they stand now than if they had been in a boat with Cuban. It's presence will be increasingly felt over time. It's a hard hitting documentary in terms of its slew of undebunkable facts, which is partially why it will have a harder time getting noticed by the MSM.

Taibbi's prediction that "dickwads" Dylan, Jason and Korey were doing the work of Karl Rove and hurting the Democrats chances in the '06 elections turned out to be completely false and it wasn't because millions took his advice and decided not to watch Loose Change or that the Louder than Words crew didn't have a steep PR learning curve to deal with in relation to the explosive impact of their film(s). And meanwhile, it has become clear that:
1) Rove's tactics are doing anything but becoming more effective,
2) the 9-11 truth movement-having just been mentioned in the Republican debates (no matter how snidely)- is doing anything but going away, and
3) the naive hope that our Democrat saviors would do anything but prevent constitutionally-required impeachment, bank their political capital on further carnage in the Middle East, and save our children from the influence of roid-raged sluggers has been dashed on the hard rocks of reality that line the bank of the District of Cover-up and other such criminality.

Taibbi is semi-funny and a pretty good media critic at times, but clearly plays the role of an uber-cynical semi-partisan hack. Unlike Taibbi, I actually face the facts of the treasonous coup we are currently living under, and still don’t carry a fraction of the cynicism dripping from him. Maybe that’s because we who attempt to be honest about 9-11 actually put forth the possibility of real hope and real change, beyond myopic sloganeering and snarky sneering.

It’s ironic in a sort of cool way that many of us who focus with laser-beam intensity on this one “issue” (“there’s no time to talk about 9-11 conspiracies, we gotta stop the war”) that happened over six years ago (“get over it already”) actually have some of the deepest understanding of what is happening and a most expansive vision of what is possible.

Anyways, less rambling, more clips:

Part 1-Bill’s Crying Moment and Critique of the “Change” election

I propose the “We the People Are the Change” election

Part 2-“Caucus Me!”

Many people have no clue what is going on. What’s new? But, as we all know, we are living in what amounts to a two-party dictatorship where elections serve more as cheap, diversionary entertainment than as a chance for real political talk and debate to flow forth. On that front, I am writing an article on “Why the 9-11 Truth and Justice Movement is the Real Constitutional Candidate in 2008.”
The part where the dude with massive body art of all types is voting for John McCain the MK-Ultra Propaganda Poster Boy, and has no clue why, is pretty interesting and telling.

Part 3- P.J. O'Rourke, anti-conspiracism and Vote Fraud

@ the :25 mark-- P.J. O’Rourke: “Your buddy Ron Paul got raked in the New Republic you know. Apparently, he’s been out burying krugerrands in the back yard and telling people how the Southern Baptists got out of the World Trade Tower 2 before everybody else. “

@ the 2:28 mark- Bill Maher: “I’m not a conspiracy theorist…but”
then talks about voting machines possible election fraud. That's pretty cool. This election is getting interesting.

@ the 4:45 mark- Maher says “In crime, they always ask “cui bono?,” “who profits?””
Good Bill. Now if you start thinking through means and opportunity, you'll actually begin to understand 9-11.
@ the 4:55 mark- Tony Snow basically calls him a conspiracy wacko
"So Republicans are throwing the election to Hillary Clinton? Your hair's on fire. That's totally wacko."
Feel that Bill. Stop doing that to those of us who are saying that on 9-11 the Emperor had no clothes on.

Part 4-Iraq War

@ 8:50 mark starts an "Al-Qaeda has been purposely overblown and misrepresented" discussion.

Part 5- End of war talk into Economics

Part 6

Cuban @ 5:05- partisanship, Bill O’Reilly calling me a traitor

Overtime- On Impeachment and Bill brings up 9-11 and does parody of Bush's 7 minutes of "Pet Goat" infamy as impeachable

beginning: Ron Paul’s racism?

@1:30- Impeachment talk about lies leading to War on Iraq, Wiretapping, politicizing the justice system…then

@2:55 Maher says “And let’s not forget sitting there for 7 minutes on 9-11…When the guy says “the country is under attack”…”

Tony Snow: “Alright, I want to get back to Catherine…”

Bill Maher: “No I mean right now…”

Catherine Crier: “I gotta read the goat, the goat.”

Mark Cuban: “The goat.”

Bill Maher: “I’m not saying you should get up…the country…no, our country is under, OUR country is under...”
“To me that’s beyond politics.”

Tony Snow: “I’m never going to beat the comedian on this one.”

Bill Maher: “There’s a reason people find it funny.”

Tony Snow: “That’s right.”

Then goes on to deny there was lying about Iraq.

Bill Maher: “He certainly wouldn’t be the first president to lie the country into war. I mean the Gulf of Tonkin…”

Then they argued about cherry-picked intelligence sundaes on the way out.

Pretty interesting. Bill's close. That was one of the funnier renditions I've seen of what Andy Card should have said. And it brought out the absurdity of that moment so much so that Tony Snow couldn't even muster a "he wanted to remain calmly presidential and not scare the children." Maher identified and playfully articulated a moment that clearly shows Bush's 9-11 criminality, whether you believe it to be criminal negligence or different levels of treasonous complicity. Personally, I would say Bush was soft LIHOP treason with not much specific knowledge and possibly cornered by the coup. And massive treasonous complicity in the cover-up after as can be clearly seen in his uncomfortable and extremely awkward demeanor after testifying to the 9-11 commission and after being lobbed a softball on Dean questioning his foreknowledge. Roll the clips (now on the internet, in the future during the treason trials)

"There's time for politics." Show this to your friends who just can't believe they could hide it for this long. They can't. If one can't see guilt here, I think it would take a Cheney child sacrifice live on CSPAN to do it.

videos disappeared already

The magic of censorship.

Sounds like a lot of spin. Bill Maher telling how funny it is that the president is stooopid.

Treason isn't so funny, with 3000 bodybags.

It occurs to me that Maher, Taibbi and others will not entertain the notion that Israel and its neocon operatives were involved in the attacks, which is where "Inside Job" naturally leads. That is the bottom line. Israel must be protected from this potentially catastrophic revelation, by any means necessary.

If America knew that Israel not only participated, but helped orchestrate 9/11, it could be the end of that apartheid pariah state -- as we know it today.

So, Israel's sympathizers attack 9/11 truth as being a danger to the existence of Israel. It's a natural defense mechanism. Truth is the natural enemy of the big lie, and of the big liars.

Media control has allowed this cover up to remain in place. It continues today. If you don't believe a strong zionist influence 'controls' most of the media in the US, you're just not paying attention. It's not exactly a well hidden secret.



WTC 9-11-2001 was a Neocon-Zionist conspiracy-
The WTC was destroyed by controlled demo-

Just to make sure there is

Just to make sure there is no confusion, only a subset of Israelis are part of the 9-11 conspiracy. While I do not know who in particular did what in this conspiracy, much evidence points to Zionists in Israel and the US along with the Neocons as the prime suspects . There must also be no confusion between the Zionists and the Jewish religion. Jews DID NOT do 9-11 -

WTC 9-11-2001 was a Neocon-Zionist conspiracy-
The WTC was destroyed by controlled demo-

Let's try this again

Thanks Juan for clearing that up, as John failed to do. It's vitally important to differentiate between the elite Jewish body and the Jewish populace and its religion. Otherwise we make the same mistake as those who associate the U.S. people with the American (increasingly global) elite.

So no, the Jews didn't do 9/11. The global elite did 9/11, included in that elite were the leaders of Israel.

Naming names

Agree that it was only a subset. But names can be nominated. I would like a grand jury to subpoena the dual citizen neocons in the pentagon (Dov Zakheim et. al.) and the famed NYC troupe of Dominick Suter & his five dancers for starters.

Certainly Larry Silverstein's good buddy Netanyahu is a person of interest in both 9/11 and 7/7. Efraim Halevy could use some serious scrutiny too.

See, it isn't that hard. 9/11 was a crime done by a secretive criminal gang. No need to cast aspersions on millions who weren't in on the plot.

Agreed, we're dealing with a crew of intl. criminals

some happen to be Zionist Supremacists and stealers of my Jewish name and pride.

For questioning:
Philip Zack in relation to the "Amerithraxing" of Congress and the media
Jerome Hauer for his apparent foreknowledge of the anthrax and his early appearance on TV with the cover story on 9-11
Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush for their apparent treason that day (aiding) and after (comforting)
the entire crew surrounding Silverstein at the top levels of WTC and the Port Authority (Eisenberg, Lowy)

These people need to be questioned, if only to clear their names. And if someone steps forward with info, some of We the People are willing to consider bargains and immunity, and in my case, even some type of reconciliation with the criminals after justice has run its course. I'm not after revenge or payback, or more death. I want truth, justice and peace in that order.

Like I said today, in front of about 10 LA Sheriffs, to the people walking into the Tony Blair conversation at Universal Studios:
"Ask Tony Blair to turn himself in like an honorable criminal would. We know that he is a suspect in the international criminal cover-up of the false-flag terror crimes of 9-11 and 7-7, and Scotland Yard is starting to investigate his war crimes. Ask him to spare the many innocent lives soon to be taken in the further War of Terror, and our growing global anxiety."

C'mon guys, the gig is up. We know. You can't escape the moral arc of the universe. You can only make things worse for yourselves and the others on this awfully beautiful planet of ours. Have some pride as a globally successful criminal and admit you've been caught this time. Don't take out more little innocent children in your cowardly and immature high speed chase from the crime scene.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Here is a nice list of

Here is a nice list of people to question. I am not sure if what is written about each suspect is accurate, and some of them may not be conspirators at all, but all of them deserve to be questioned under oath and investigated for what they knew and perhaps what they did regarding 9-11.

WTC 9-11-2001 was a Neocon-Zionist conspiracy-
The WTC was destroyed by controlled demo-

Treason rather than idiocy is hard enough to face for them

I think this is more complicated intellectually and psychologically than just being an Israel-block. Yes, I do think it's true that many who have loyalty of some sort to the nation or idea of Israel have much deeper blocks, consciously and unconsciously, to thinking about the "inside job" dimensions of 9-11 and how, if done with intellectual honesty, it automatically leads into thinking about the "intellectual" role of the neo-cons and their penchant for dual-allegiance.

And then if you go further beyond wargames and remote-controls, you must encounter the demolitions at the WTC, which have a strong whiff of "Israeli" involvement. And this probably IS why Bill Maher can't even begin, or won't even begin to consider how obvious they are.

It's important to remember though, that the neo-con Straussians and their Will to Power Noble Big Lies are primarily faux Judeo-Christian, Western Imperialists who view themselves as solidifying the New Roman Empire, which goes way beyond the scope of just the interests of the current form of Israel, though that's an important part of it.

Remember also, that while clearly there is a strong Zionist Supremacist influence and control of good portions of the media, the Military-Industrial-Illuminati-Intelligence complex is nothing to scoff at, and in many ways, its influence and networks are better at staying in the American unconscious. GE and Westinghouse are major media players. And while you heard about the Israeli spy ring on Fox News (yes currently gone down the collective memory hole), have you heard much at all about "full spectrum dominance" US Space Command "In your face from outer space" and their MANRODS and other such God weapons? How about Stratcom, Northcom, Halliburtonian Concentration Camps, SAIC, Boeing (Uber-Benthamite robo-cop southern border fence), the end of posse comitatus on a grand scale and the corporatist militarization of North America. Waxman's whiff of Blackwater's murders in Iraq doesn't cut it for media awareness in this realm. This is not the purview of Zionist Supremacists is it? So, all I'm saying is- don't get stuck on the Neo-con/Zionist Supremacist angle of all this.

I, for example, being a Jewish-Mexican American citizen, am both an America-sympathizer and an Israel-sympathizer and Mexico with her hard-working indigenous emigrants.... In fact, I am a sympathizer of all the NATIONS (not states necessarily) of the world. I am American first, and then also have deep sympathies and desires for Israel to end her apartheid and work out her woes in whatever way that justice and peace can emerge for all that live in her lands.

I think I understand people's fear that if the Israeli-role in 9-11 is outed it might end up really badly for Israel as a whole, however I think that fear is misplaced. Are the people of the world going to blame all of America for the fact that our shadow government has been attempting to run the world for over 50 years? Should we the people be held to ACCOUNT for the crimes of the criminals we allowed to rule in our name? Yes. That's what this process of struggling to hold criminals accountable for 9-11 is the foray into- deep dialogue, accountability and rejuvenation for the United States of America. Same thing I believe for Israel. Truth leads to Justice (and Reconciliation in my book if the criminals act honorably in being held accountable) which leads to Peace.

If you love America, work for 9-11 truth and justice.
If you love Israel, work for 9-11 truth and justice.
If you love all the nations and people of the world, work for 9-11 truth and justice.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Thank you Juan

for stating the difference between the Jewish elite and the Jewish citizenry and its religion. It's treading very thin ice to accuse Israel of anything without differentiating between the populace and the elite body pulling the strings, as John failed, incredibly, to do.
It's similar to when the Muslim world, or anyone else place the average U.S. citizen into the same classification as the U.S. (now part of the global) elite.

So no, the Jews didn't do 9/11 as Johndoremei implied (unintentionally I assume). We need to be on top of how we phrase things as words can and do get taken out of context. Deliberately by our enemies.

That segment on economics was embarrassing.

Maher giving props to John Edwards' economic plans...ugh.
Ron Paul could have schooled all of them.

Google Video: Milton Friedman: tour-de-force attack on government socialism

Yes, many points of view on

Yes, many points of view on how to represent 911 Truth, but the bottom line is publicit y. Advertising the issue in any way possible (including novels) to get it out there among the most number of people, and in their minds, consciously or subconsciously, subliminally even . . . . Any publicity is better than NO publicity.


"We only see what we know."
-- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

Publicity is good, as long

Publicity is good, as long as it is not being used for disinformation or as part of a political ploy. This is why some people are very weary when incomplete information is given out or when truth is mixed with half truth or non truth.

WTC 9-11-2001 was a Neocon-Zionist conspiracy-

The WTC was destroyed by controlled demo-