A Special "9/11 Truth Tuesday" - 1/29/2008 At 5pm

On Tuesday, January 29th, join us for a very special 9/11 Truth Tuesdays. At 5pm, we will be showing Loose Change Final Cut, and at 7pm, we will be showing 9/11: Press For Truth. Following the screening of these films, we will be going to the Freehouse Restaurant in Wayne, PA for a session of Q&A.

The Panelists that will be attending are:

  • 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine who lost his son Bobby.
  • 9/11 Family Member and "Jersey Girl" Lorie Van Auken who lost her husband Kenneth.
  • 9/11 Family Member and "Jersey Girl" Mindy Kleinberg who lost her husband Alan.
  • 9/11 First Responder and founder of the FealGood Foundation, John Feal.
  • Director of Loose Change Final Cut Dylan Avery.
  • Director of 9/11: Press For Truth Ray Nowosielski.
  • And maybe some surprises...

The Anthony Wayne Movie Theater is located at:

109 West Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

Seating for both the Anthony Wayne Theater and the Freehouse Restaurant is limited. Both should be able to accommodate 100 or so people.

Press is welcome.

Thank you to Bob, Lorie, Mindy, John, Dylan and Ray for making the time to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

This is Great !!! So good to see these courageous people workin

This is Great !!! So good to see these courageous people working together. I've been waiting for more collaboration between 9/11 truth activists and 9/11 family members. This is good for everyone seeking truth.

I hope that the organizers of this event will encourage all there to get "The Shell Game," in order to gain a greater exposure into the mainstream for the work that these heroic people at this event are doing.

This NY Times best selling author, has put his website where his mouth is:

SEE TheShellGame.net

and also click on the 9/11 Trailer there, which is a great way to educate the public to expose the neo-cons possible plans to create false flag terror here at home to fool Americans into war with Iran. Yes, it is an ad for the book, but it exposes people to the neo-con plan in no uncertain way. For those of us fearing some false flag trick to get us into war with Iran, this book trailer is a godsend.

Also see "911 Links" at www.TheShellGame.net to find websites and links to the work of most of the fine people organizing this excellent 9/11 truth event.

If these events can urge people to spread the word on "The Shell Game," so that the word can spider out from there, and all the different events and blogs, articles, radio shows, can keep advocating it, we can drive it to #1 . . .

Then thousands or perhaps millions of new eyes will come to find the work of people doing these great events, and we can push them into ever larger and larger venues, and eventually FORCE corporate media to cover them because so many people are now demanding a new 9/11 investigation.

Bill, how is fictionalising

Bill, how is fictionalising what the movement is trying to get out as the truth going to help ?

It'll be like asking people to believe in the x-files....

We have about 50+ confirmed

We have about 50+ confirmed right now. If we get more than 100 people, I think we can move to one of the larger theaters here (there are five).

Bill - I plan on bringing 10-15 copies of the Shell Game to the Freehouse gathering after the movie showings . . .

Hope to start this book tonight - it looks like the engrossing, page turner I keep reading about!


"We only see what we know."
-- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832

(And hopefully the readers of this book will then know what they see, or is that: see what they now know could possibly be true . . . .?)


I'm looking forward to being there, Jon. Thanks again for having me.

No problem...

Thank you for making yourself available.

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Very impressive panel Mr. Gold

Good luck to you and Besty!

1/15/2008 Bradblog.com:Article on NH vote fraud + recount

Hopefully New Investigation Topic On Q&A Agenda

Hoping that new public appearances by the 'Jersey Girls' is an indicator of a willingness to push for a new investigation, that will probably not be obtained without them or other victim family members leading the way.

Also hoping that video can be produced of the Q&A period, for those unable to attend.

FANTASTIC JON! I wish I could be there. Get some great video


I wish I could be there. Get some great video for us.

There will be video...

Of the event. I promise.

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Just keep it up!!

Jon and Betsey continue to show how it's done!

...don't believe them!