Breakthrough into Mainstream Media; Truth will not be denied

Things have been getting interesting out here in Seattle, in case you haven't heard. I had a break through with the Seattle PI newspaper as they finally published one of my submissions. On Jan. 25, Kimberly Mills and the PI editorial staff published my article Brazen Neocons at it again. This 550 word article describes the blatent false flag attempt at the Straight of Hormuz and I tie it into the Bogus official story about 9-11. I'm new on this site, but have been battling for truth on Thom Hartmann's site and this is the post and link to the PI.

Only a week later another article appeared in the same spot by Richard W. Behan, a Korean war veteran and Academic. His article was about the deterimination by Bush and Cheney to attack Afghanistan for the benefit of the oil and gas pipeline construction from the Caspian sea. This next link is from TH's site with some of my comments and Behan's article and another link to the PI

You can read the discussions on Thom's site as well as in the PI's electronic submissions. But then it gets even more interesting. On Feb. 5, the PI's own editorial board published a short article called 9/11 Commission: Fox in the hen house; This editorial was a call for a new administration to form a non partisan, independent commission to report on the attacks. Their article was in response to Philip Shenon's new book, The Commission, The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Commission. Of course, unless you've missed it somehow, Shenon ties executive director Philip Zelikow to Rice, Rove and the White House. Here's the link:

Then, on Feb. 7, former US Senator, Slade Gorton, also a member of the 9/11 commission, submits a letter to the editor basically exonorating Zelikow from suspicion or conflicts of interest and Gorton finishes by admitting that it was he who had nominated Zelikow for the role of overseer of the 9/11 commission.

The main point I'd like to get across is that for a William Randolph Hearst-owned daily newspaper, the PI, to come around to calling for a fully independent investigation on 9/11 is, I consider, a major breakthrough. Remember, WRH owns Popular Mechanics, the History Channel and the SF Chronicle, all have produced orchestrated attempts to debunk the 9/11 Truth.

I'm asking people to respond to Gorton's letter as neither I nor Behan am allowed to submit another letter within an alloted time span. If anyone can get David Ray Griffin or anyone else suitably knowledgable on Zelikow, then please urge him or her to write to the PI. We have a slight opening, lets use it.

Slade Gorton sticks up for Zelikow, Of Course . . .

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

Here's the link to Slade Gorton's letter to the PI: It's the bottom letter titled: Commission lays blame and conclussion to others


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Good work Choc

I'll comment on PL. As a Portland resident, I appreciate your efforts. We live on the slippery slopes of Cascadian gatekeeping.

It's a good article..good exposure always welcome!

"This staged event(strait of Hormuz boat confrontation) is a probing exercise to determine the American people's gullibility and likely acceptance of yet another false flag initiation into another war on another oil rich country.

What will they try next?

Great insight, I fully agree. Thanks for the link.

Strait of Hormuz more reason...
...don't believe them!