British Judges Slam Police & Prosecutors for Lying & Framing Algerian as “Lead Instructor” for 9/11 Hijackers

Six years of fighting for justice left Lotfi Raissi an emotional and physical wreck and his marriage close to ruin. But yesterday, the Algerian pilot falsely accused of training the September 11 terrorists heard, finally, that he was “completely exonerated” of any part in the attacks on the twin towers...

Three of Britain’s most senior judges condemned the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for abusing the court process, presenting false allegations and not disclosing evidence...

I like this from the article:

"One by one, over the course of ten court hearings, Mr Raissi’s solicitor proved that the allegations and the evidence to support them were false, if not fabricated."


Here is more at Christian Science Monitor:

Yes, this is a landmark case. If we delve into Mr Raissi’s story

a bit further, we see that he was arrested in Britain at the behest of the FBI, based on false allegations. The FBI were clearly trying to make him a patsy/fall guy based on their barefaced lies.

Thank God some honest British Justices actually did their job, refusing to extradite Raissi to the U.S. where he would’ve faced torture and a show trial in a kangaroo court, probably resulting in the death penalty!

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Al Qaeda does not exist and never has PRAVDA 16 February 2008

Al Qaeda does not exist and never has PRAVDA 16 February 2008
The basic truth is that Al Qaeda does not exist and never has. Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy who was created by the Bush Administration in order to have an excuse to wage a war for the control of the world’s oil resources.
Did an American even hear the words “Al Qaeda” before 9-11? Or were we told that its alleged leader Osama Bin Laden has family who themselves have personal business relationships with George W. Bush’s family and that both families had financially profited considerably from the “War on Terror”?