Jon Gold & Betsy Metz On "The Big Talker" With Dom Giordano

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Betsy and I were on Friday (2/15/2008) from 9:30 until 10. This show reaches 38 states, and Canada, and is on one of the more popular stations in Philadelphia.

Good Job Trying to Get Through to the "Big Talkin'" ....

There are a lot more people out there with questions nowadays.
You just might have prompted some into doing some research.

And we all know where that leads.

Thanks for all your effort.

Dom Giordano isn't ready to be a independent critical thinker

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

John & Betsy did a great job with Dom Giordano and the callers. They had very intelligent responses to Dom Giordano's loaded questions that are used so often by the media people. These kind of questions are framed from taking the official government's account of 9/11 as truth. Independent critical thinkers first question the official government account to look for inconsistencies. They then do their research looking at a variety of sources. From that research they use logic, reasoning skills and common sense to evalutate the information they have processed. I believe Dom Giordano isn't ready to be a critical independent thinker. Take Care Matt


Wanted us to say that our Government was behind it. Even if we didn't say it, he argued against it.

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Countered Well...

It's almost like a boxing match when you're tossed blanket accusations! It's certainly the case, the Shill Giordano wanted to egg on Jon and Betsy, where they admit a belief the U.S. government is in some manner responsible for 9/11. He framed his accusation in an aura of how un-patriotic and un-American to hold such an opinion!

Betsy countered with great jabs such as, "elements in government," "some people are capable of such acts even in our country." Betsy showed some world class style and poise!

In hindsight, there's always something to critique, but you kept your poise and answered with dignity and reason! Hats off to you both! This is an interview to study for anyone taking on the press!

There were definite talking points and a lot of preparation by this host. Giordano took the interview very seriously, in itself, flattering and a victory of sorts!

Betsy did state rather clearly to, at least, suspecting elements in our government of responsibility for 9/11 without convicting anyone in the press! What do they want?

It was great to listen to and adds another chapter to 9/11 history!

Shills such as Giordano....
...don't believe them!

I think you both did very

I think you both did very well Jon. Here's a guy who still believes the “there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” myth, and that there have been about 2,000 Iraqi causalities in this war. He actually wasn't interested in the Iraqi death count, and didn't mention the figure of American deaths. But all the American deaths are justified because even the French and the Russians admit that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, when in actual fact they were two countries that adamantly said that there weren't! (“Freedom fry” anyone?)

When he uses phrases like “that’s been debunked” you have to strongly suspect that he he’s a professional, in the sense that he’s a hired gun.

He was very confrontational, it’s a big radio show and it was heard by thousands of people. He knows his power, and the influence of his radio show. . I can only conclude that these kinds of people are part of the controlled media. I know that all sounds "conspiratorial", but I really fail to grasp where these guys come from, unless you can see that it’s about $money$.

I think what you said, and the way you said it, was the best strategy. Personally I’ve concluded that something as large as 9/11 is impossible to grasp by any one individual, and has actually driven quite a few individuals who do attempt to make the claim of knowing the entire truth insane; just look at Uncle Fetzer, Judy Wood and David Shayler. Try and produce a list of how oil/natural gas has affected your life today. From the clothes you put on in the morning, to your breakfast, your heating, hot water, transport, to how your computer was manufactured and delivered to your local BestBuy, and then factor in for every connection, and then for everyone else on the planet.

Talking points

I've had a bit of a media background.
Go into any interview with a number of talking points.
Decide what you want to say and say it. More or less ignor the questions. Don't let these pricks run off with the show. You're there for a reason
EG : 'How did they they cover it up ?' 'I'm not sure, but building 7 collapsed in about 7 seconds - free fall speed, wasn't hit by a plane, and that is physically impossible.'
Stick to your talking points - at least present them. And try and take control - soon the interviewer will be avoiding the questions.

I had...

A lot of things I wanted to say. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned..

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It happens

I was once on a radio show on an unrelated matter and the host just talked irrelevant crap for half an hour.
I left the studio thinking - 'that was it' ?
So I know it can happen. I tried not to let it happen again.
Some hosts talk crap because they didn't do any research and the guy on after you is a gardener or something.
But this Giordano guy was definitely confrontational.

Truthers want to be fair but

if the questions are not then the truth can not be presented.
Turning the other cheek does not work with criminals.


Knowing that I was on CBSRadio, I was being a smart ass at the end when I recommended people go to and look up this article. :)

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However, General Powell. being a military man should know the truth about 911.

How does the Pentagon get hit by any commercial jetliner? Especially after two other targets had been hit and there was almost 1 hour prior notice.

My contacts in the US military tell me there are Surface to Air Misile Defenses at the Pentagon.

Kept out of sight and ready to get into action at any moments notice.

The Pentagon, Looking Glass etc is meant to protect the US Military Infrastructure from a suprise Soviet / Russian attack.

There had never been a stand down in critical infrastructure defence policies no matter what the spin is on the "End of the Cold War" etc.

General Colin Powell knows this.

So can any military man explain the strike on the Pentagon? At 9.40 a.m. or thereabouts?

How about the airbases nearby? Were everybody sleeping?

Trillion Dollar defense system and NOBODY can stop a lone Boeing flown by an amateur pilot?

We have realtime satellite data with LIVE footage watching the coastlines and critcal infrastructure.

24/7- 365. Its called the NRO. Been active for years and years.

There are iron clad contigency plans even if Cheyenne Mountain is nuked for defenses to protect Washington D.C., the Pentagon at ALL costs.

Deter. Detect. Defend.

Tens of Trillions of dollars invested over decades dealing with the Soviet War Machine were NEVER mothballed. Anybody who believes that just does not understand military planning and strategic defense.

How do we explan that at least 6 of the 8 pilots on those 4 planes had a military backgroud, therefore had lethal hand-hand combat skills /knowledge. Why would ANY pilot ALLOW HIS COCKPIT be taken by a bunch of guys with box-cutters or pocket knifes in order to destroy the plane.

I know women who can defend themselves with their own handbags when men try to grab them with knives and they know how to fend them off and WIN.

SO how can red blooded American military(former), now commercial pilots allow their planes be hijacked by 19 ametuer box-cutter hijackers?

Pentagon strike was "allowed". Somebody had an effective standown.

Colin Powell knows this. No point him feeling guilty about the lies on the WMDs about Iraq.

The WMD on 911 is far worse. Weapons of Mass Deception.

Powell is a traitor and a disgrace to the uniform that he wears. Killing your own fellow soliders, allowing your own fellow soldiers Murder to be executed and covered up is unacceptable and unforgiveable.

God Help Them. Because Justice is coming.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


You guys went into the firing pit on that one. Geez. You guys did a good job. I'm sure a lot of people were reached as well. Betsy you have some real skill at debating and connecting as the caller pointed out.

I really enjoyed that interview. Thanks for posting it.


Referred to it as the "Lion's Den"... Thanks.

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good work, Jon!

I've tangled with Dom a few times--you guys did great.

For future reference, when you hear the BS about "Bin Laden took credit," it's worth pointing out that Bin Laden repeatedly denied responsibility for 9/11 and deplored the attacks as "un-Islamic" throughout the fall of 2001 in several interviews and one audio tape, and that alleged Bin Laden tapes post 12/2001 are of dubious authenticity.

This Osama "admitted-it-thing":

Say to the host: "Suppose someone admits to have stolen your car but it is still standing in front of your house. What would you do?

And it is not even Osama admitting it, other people say he did!!

Hat tip to Ray...

Thanks Jon

This a great and important video. I did not know of this meeting but was aware of Colin Powell's and Rice's 2001 statements on Iraq not having wmds or posing a threat.

It is amazing to see how big a liar Colin Powell is. He parades around as a war hero, writes books on leadership, is covered in glowing terms in Readers Digest and other MSM publications and yet his capacity to lie is shocking.

Powell talks about integrity, credibility and honesty on the books and articles he has written or been interviewed on. Yet his total lies, support of the Official Lies of 911 and Iraq shows he is not the person he pretends to be.

Here is a list of books either written by Powell or about him.

1)The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell
2)Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell (Vintage)
3)The Powell Principles (Introducing the McGraw-Hill Professional Education Series) by Oren Harar
4)Colin Powell : My American Journey

They speak for themselves. A front of Righteousness and Public Service.

Yet when we examine the details, his lies and participation in mass murder is inexcusable and unforgiveable.

It is sad to see so many so called "Christian" leaders = men and women pretend to be righteous but are in reality are in the Adolf Hitler category. He pretended to be a Christian too.

We have to be careful about our leaders and who we accept as our heroes.

History will dump the names such as these into the rubbish heap.

God is definitely going to deal with them one day.

I wonder how Powell and Rice sleep at night. They have collectively killed tens of thousands Americans (including the dead & dying 1st Responders) and millions of Iraqis.

Hitler Category indeed.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it




LET ME BEGIN on a personal note. On September 10 2001, I had worked long into the night making revisions to the book that you are now holding. So I was still asleep at 7 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, when a relative called and blurted out something about the World Trade Center in New York City having been attacked by terrorists. Still groggy, I flicked on the TV. From that moment on, I- like millions of other people in America and around the world—found myself glued to the images of that horrific tragedy.

Over the next few days, my deadline seemed unimportant. My book seemed unimportant. The project came to a standstill.

Like much of the world, I was waiting to exhale—and I wasn’t sure exactly how or when that would happen.

Finally, a colleague snapped me out of my malaise. She pointed out to me that the entire world context had shifted in a terrifying few hours on September 11. The rules had changed. If anything, a book about how Colin Powell approaches the challenge of leadership had become even more important to many people around the globe than it had been back when the project was conceived.

That advice got my engine turning over again. And one of the things that kept it going was the figure at the center of this book, whom I had come to know over the previous several years. Colin Powell quickly emerged as one of the key players in our country’s effort to respond to the September tragedies and prevent their recurrence.

So I watched with more than ordinary interest as he conducted his numerous television briefings in the days immediately following the attack. Although he was at the epicenter of a new brand of war in a crisis situation, you wouldn’t have known it to look at him. He appeared calm, assured, dignified, and prepared—just as he had appeared in numerous situations over the preceding several decades.Watching him field questions, I couldn’t see any real change in his demeanor. The rules had changed, and dramatically, but—at least as far as the public could see—Powell had not. In the weeks prior to September 11, Powell had been energetically criticized in certain media outlets. He was called the “odd man out” in the Bush administration because he stubbornly clung to a multilateralist approach in a cabinet that appeared to be dominated by unilateralists.

Now, all that had changed as the U.S. reached out to build a coordinated global front against terrorism.

In the wake of the initial U.S. bombings of Afghanistan in early October, President Bush cited the work that Powell had done in helping to fashion an American response and build that worldwide coalition in the days following the attack.

“The secretary and his team,” Bush said, “did an extraordinary job of raising the levers of freedom to our side.” And so, once again, Powell assumed a key leadership role in shaping the strategic path of the United States, as he had done in so many previous capacities. For an author, there is some peril in being driven by the affairs of the present. We know that something momentous happened
in September 2001, but because we’re still living that experience— and may be for many years—we’re unable to put it into any kind of meaningful perspective. So I had to resist recasting large portions of this book in the light of the terrorist attacks and their aftermath.

That is a task for tomorrow’s historians.

Nevertheless, as I put the finishing touches on this manuscript, it was clear that the emerging war on terrorism could provide compelling examples of how Powell’s leadership tenets played out on a real field of battle. And so, where appropriate, I have drawn on these examples.

For instance, some of the central ideas in one chapter were better explained by Powell’s efforts at antiterrorist coalition building than by the examples I had originally included. Similarly, I have revised several sections to reflect the most recent manifestations of those principles. I hope that by so doing, I haven’t overemphasized the history through which we are now living.

Equally, I hope I haven’t underemphasized it. When all is said and done, this book is about Powell’s leadership principles that have stood the test of time. While these principles are especially powerful in times of national crisis, I believe you will find them exceptionally relevant to your own personal and professional environment.


Colin Powell has had a truly extraordinary career. It’s a child-ofimmigrants’
tale, reflecting strong values, hard work, discipline, exceptional standards, and high integrity. Today, Powell is viewed as a hero by Americans of all stripes—and also by non-Americans. But he is far from the conventional conception of a military hero. He does not wear his ego on his sleeve...........


I sincerely hope tomorrow's historians EXPOSE Powell for the liar and murder he is.

He is part of the Constitution Destroying PATRIOT ACT.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

You guys....

... did a GREAT job!
Way to keep your cool, I am very proud of you guys.
I want to come out to Wayne for an 11th Action, because you guys are both inspiration to me.

Mark in Philly

Anyone with a rational brain

Anyone with a rational brain would've seen you two clearly stated your case with valid statements while Dom and the caller pandered to the ignorant bliss of emotion.

He seemed afraid of you, Jon. I wonder why.


Just the emotional caller

The second caller agreed that he first looked at it to try and debunk the theories but found he couldn't.

Good job Jon and Betsy and thanks for posting this.

As I live in the Philadelphia area, I sent Dom "we already have the answers" Giordano information about this and links to videos like 911 Mysteries last year. He just can't believe the "leadership" we have right now could be involved in something like 911. I guess he also can't believe these people would ever steal elections either.

He is either extremely naive or supporting the official line for a reason. It sounds like Dom doesn't feel the need to ask "Who Benefits?".

well done

still would like some more talk regarding WTC7. NORAD no response, -- get richard gage . steven jones on this guys show!!!!

once again well done!!!!!

right, because more talk

right, because more talk about WTC 7 is what we need. (end sarcasm)

He seemed afraid of you, Jon. I wonder why

He, the hypocrite, is afraid of the TRUTH.

All gatekeepers are, and those morally coward traitors who are cheerleading the War Party and Pretending to be Patriots but are actually Traitors are going to pay for this one fine day.

Lots of American Media Leaders have prostituted themselves.

Top Journalist: "We are intellectual prostitutes"
John Swinton

John Swinton, the foremost journalist of his day, was asked to toast an independent press at a New York banquet given in his honour by other journalists. His response was clear and forthright:

“There is no such thing, at this stage of the world’s history in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dare write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Other of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my papers, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

“The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men.

“We are intellectual prostitutes.”
John Swinton, New York 1890.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it