Peter Dale Scott on Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 2/23 6-8 pm CT

Peter Dale Scott, professor emeritus at the University of California-Berkeley, is one of the world's leading scholars on the JFK assassination, CIA drug dealing, martial law/"continuity of government," and now 9/11. His recent book The Road to 9/11 locates these and other crimes along the rising trajectory of the American "overworld," which he describes as "that realm of wealthy or privileged society that, although not formally authorized or institutionalized, is the scene of successful influence of government by private power."

The Road to 9/11, the first 9/11 revisionist book published by a major university press, is a copiously documented interpretation of contemporary history. Along with its accurate diagnosis of how wrong things have gone, the book offers hope, suggesting that the creation and nourishing of alternative institutions (including alternative media like 911blogger and patriot radio) can help us get out of this mess.

Peter Dale Scott is a lively personality and accomplished poet as well as a leading alternative historian. It should be a great interview.

6-8 pm CT,

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Should be a GREAT Show!

I will be listening.

Peter Dale Scott - Richard Cheney, Continuity of Government, and 9/11
54 min 40 sec - May 19, 2007

Michael Ruppert and Peter Dale Scott
911 - Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 (2 of 3) - Live Panel
48 min 19 sec - Aug 9, 2006

re: COG


Please get Peter Dale Scott to reveal--as much as you can--what he knows about Continuity of Government! Cheney was in his crypt for months after 9/11 directing operations of....probably COG!

Scott does offer the generally known one hundred people assigned to COG for an extended period following 9/11. I believe--or hoping--he knows more?

This is the most mysterious area of U.S. descent into fascism any new kernel of knowledge, would be of great interest!

Suggested question: Is COG still in effect (I suspect it is because of the anti-terrorism themes spouted by our government officials and the contrived broken up "terrorist plots")? What is possible under COG?

I'll definitely be taking this in!

...don't believe them!

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You frequently have on very erudite guests. I also enjoy Steve Alten's visit. I was impressed that you pointed out clear problems with some information regarding Islam etc. I was impressed with Alten because he was receptive and clearly a person willing to consider altering or discarding assertions when faced with contradictory data.

Scott is clearly one of them; i.e., an erudite and profound researcher. He rarely if at all (-not- at all to my limited knowledge) asserts what he cannot back up. He is not 'cautious' as in 'timid'. He is 'merely' courageous and a very exacting and meticulous historian.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)