The Shell Game review by Jehan Abdur-Raheem

[The following is transcribed from hand-written correspondence from Jehan Abdur-Raheem, a so-called “Muslim of Influence” kept in isolation since 2005 without disclosure of where accusations are coming from, to Jonathan Mark, Publisher of]

There can be no progress, no achievement without Sacrifice.
-- James Allen

Peace Brother Jonathan,

The book arrived roughly a week ago. I didn’t want to write you about it until after I had read, and now that I’ve read it, all I can say is “Wow!” You’ve already read it, so you know what I mean.

When people compliment a book they usually begin by saying, ‘I couldn’t put it down’ … Well, I couldn’t put it down (smile). But I stopped reading it at several points because the book made me realize how humongous our task is. The insanity is not national; it’s global; and with the Neocons in control of the mainstream media, mobilizing the masses is virtually impossible.

The book is fictional, but the characters and situations were very real to me because I’m conscious enough to know that these things happen daily. Truths and facts interwoven into the fabric of story hit hard at the conscious and conscience of the reader … It made me feel little…microscopic actually, when compared to the size of the problems that confront us because of greedy, selfish power-mongers.

The end saddened me because it showed just how any such reality would end. Cover-ups, pardons and the token prosecution of minions. The spin doctors would still point their fingers in directions that most expedient to whatever party held the most power, and the media would be led like sheep. They, in turn, would mislead the masses by telling them what they actually wanted to hear; which would be anything that supports them in their ‘comfort zone’ of self-righteousness.

Like no one condemned Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor, no one would formally charge Bush and Cheney for the murders of 9-11; and all the hearings transcripts would become classified documents, and Americans would remain in the dark about leaders they elected.

I got a little upset considering this fact because I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life with men sentenced to 20 years in prison for selling $50 worth of crack, or sticking up some mom and pop grocery store with a Saturday-night special, while Bush and Cheney raped the planet and earn an honorable place in our history books.

The Shell Game was well written. The research extensive and Steve Alten bravely put in everything that needed to be said, pulling no punches. The Mulligan speeches should be given to Obama and Hillary… The positions they take are weak, when stronger, more radical stances are called for to attract conscious Americans. I agree that the issues that confront us are ‘black and green’. That freeing us from oil dependency would solve 65% of our problems in the next 10 years. Reducing the global populations through education and birth control initiatives would give us head start in surviving until the next Century. Islamic Radicals were ‘made’ by America’s greed and insensitive attempts to control the world’s resources. Fossil fuels will be needed for years to come, as the transition to alternative fuels will take time, but putting a new infrastructure in place would solve the unemployment rate, foster new nationalistic pride, and Marshall in a new era of ‘Green’ that will preserve the planet and its inhabitants.

As a Muslim, I appreciated the balanced way in which Steve outlined the Muslim dilemma. The historical accounts were accurate, and just so you’ll know, many Muslims worldwide are unhappy with the Royals in Saudi Arabia. If it were not the place of Mecca and Medina, not even their wealth would have protected them from right-thinking Muslims who want a just, fair, and peaceful society as promoted by the Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the instructions of the Quran. Make no mistake, Muslims are also enjoined to fight in defense of themselves, their property, their religion, etc., but the Prophet would’ve never blown up a marketplace filled with women and children, or made war on non-combatants. War for us is the last resort; not the first choice. Left alone, most Muslim countries would gravitate towards democratic reforms, as the sheer number of people in the overall community dictates progressive change. I’m offended when Neocons describe Muslims as ‘peace hating people’; or people who hate the American way of life – Muslims don’t hate America; they hate the policies and practices of the American government. These policies and practices are motivated by America’s greed for oil … Adopt fossil fuel alternatives and get out of Muslim countries, and 65% of our problems will be solved. No wars or terrorism, because “WE” created these things. Steve was brave enough to see this.

Why he’s not #1 on the NY Times best seller list is an easy question to answer. It’s not just because of the ‘powers-that-be’ … Not even they will be able to stop the momentum once we get “The Shell Game” into more hands – and more of the right hands. Has he sent a copy to Oprah and Montel? Has he sent one to Sharpton, Jesse, T.J. Lakes – don’ underestimate the power of the Black man. Send Denzel a copy and one to Russell Simmons. I’ll personally tell friends and family members about the book. Those who read it will tout it –guaranteed. I’m excited about the future of this book, and I can understand why you are too.

I feel honored to have had you share this book with me – Would you like me to return it to you, pass it to another conscious mind? The book was well thought out; it progressed smoothly. The characters were believable and it flowed. No one will mistake this book for a NOVEL even though that’s what it claims to be. This is like Orwell! Years from now people will refer to it as though it were text.

Enough for now- I look forward to your next letter. Stay strong and trust me to do the same.


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March 20, 2008 - Shell Game Ballot * Glaciers * Reign of Terror

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Did Jehan convert to Islam while incarcerated?


yes.. he has been in for 35 years.. and Islam has been helpful for him
as an individual in those circumstances. i met him from my friend,
Malik Abdullah Akili.. More on them is posted at my page
Human Rights + A Nation Behind Bars: the buried talents of a population.,