MLK - 40 years of Disinfo

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have summarized Dr. William F. Pepper's 1999 Trial, and the associated videos on disinfo in the media, and posted it at

"James Earl Ray did not Assassinate MLK"

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"MLK: Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence"

Media - William Pepper (Act of State)

San Francisco's TUC Radio's "Who Killed Martin Luther King?"
Part 1 - (March 2008)

In 1977 the family of Martin Luther King engaged an attorney and friend, Dr. William Pepper, to investigate a suspicion they had. They no longer believed that James Earl Ray was the killer. For their peace of mind, for an accurate record of history, and out of a sense of justice they conducted a two decade long investigation. The evidence they uncovered was put before a jury in Memphis, TN, in November 1999. 70 witnesses testified under oath, 4,000 pages of transcripts described that evidence, much of it new. It took the jury 59 minutes to come back with their decision that exonerated James Earl Ray, who had already died in prison. The jury found that Lloyd Jowers, owner of Jim’s Grill, had participated in a conspiracy to kill King. The evidence showed that the conspiracy included J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, Richard Helms and the CIA, the military, the Memphis police department, and organized crime.

(29:02 Min - 8.31 Meg)

Part 2 - (March 2008)

(29:00 Min - 8.32 Meg)

KPFA's Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner
Part 1 - (May 31, 2006)

An Act of State with William Pepper, author of "An Act of State: The Assassination of Martin Luther King", his second book on the King case. William Pepper was a close political associate of Dr. King's in the last year of his life. Pepper represented James Earl Ray on appeal of his conviction for the murder of Dr. King. This presentation was given in Long Beach, California in January 2003, after the publication of the book. Part Two continues Pepper's presentation, and concludes with a 45 minute question and answer session.

(57:59 Min - 16 Meg)

Part 2 - (June 6, 2006)

(56:29 Min - 16 Meg)

Dr. William Pepper (introduced by Cynthia McKinney)
An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, New and Updated Edition
By William F. Pepper

Product Description

The definitive account of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, published on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the most powerful and eloquent champion of the poor and oppressed in US history, and at the height of his fame in the mid-sixties seemed to offer the real possibility of a new and radical beginning for liberal politics in the USA. In 1968, he was assassinated; the movement for social and economic change has never recovered.

The conviction of James Earl Ray for his murder has never looked even remotely safe, and when William Pepper began to investigate the case it was the start of a twenty-five year campaign for justice. At a civil trial in 1999, supported by the King family, seventy witnesses under oath set out the details of the conspiracy Pepper had unearthed: the jury took just one hour to find that Ray was not responsible for the assassination, that a wide-ranging conspiracy existed, and that government agents were involved.

An Act of State lays out the extraordinary facts of the King story—of the huge groundswell of optimism engendered by his charismatic radicalism, of how plans for his execution were laid at the very heart of government and the military, of the disinformation and media cover-ups that followed every attempt to search out the truth. As shocking as it is tragic, An Act of State remains the most compelling and authoritative account of how King's challenge to the US establishment led inexorably to his murder.

Back Cover:

"For a quarter of a century, Bill Pepper conducted an independent investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. He opened his files to our family, encouraged us to speak with the witnesses, and represented our family in the civil trial against the conspirators. The jury affirmed his findings, providing our family with a long-sought sense of closure and peace, which had been denied by official disinformation and cover-ups. Now the findings of his exhaustive investigation and additional revelations from the trial are presented in the pages of this important book. We recommend it highly to everyone who seeks the truth about Dr. King's assassination."

-Coretta Scott King

"No one has done more than Dr. William F. Pepper to keep alive the quest for the truth concerning the violent death of Martin Luther King who in courageous and important words once said 'The greatest purveyor of violence on earth is my own government.' In An Act of State, Bill Pepper argues that very government violence was turned on America's greatest prophet of non-violent change."

-Ramsey Clark, US Attorney General, 1967-69

Democracy Now

Democracy Now spent the full hour today on MLK. I watched most of it but no mention of the civil law suit filed by the King family.

Reverend Jackson said something that freaked me out . . .maybe its nothing . . . but he was telling the story about being with MLK at the Lorraine motel and he sidetracked himself and injected the fact that Dr King had asked him to upgrade from a turtle neck to a suit and tie because they were going to dinner. Reverend Jackson said he would go with the turtleneck. King said back to Jackson, "Jackson, you're crazy", like he didn't understand why Jackson would go to a formal dinner without a suit and tie.

There is a section in Dr Pepper's book (fantastic book) where one of the snipers is told "the friendlies won't be wearing ties" meaning that members of Kings entourage were not to be shot if they were not wearing ties.

This could mean that someone told Reverend Jackson not to wear a tie . . . it doesn't prove anything . . . but it was the way Jackson injected this point into the story . . . why is this central to his memory of the event? . . . i also found a time magazine article where he said the same thing.

Just made my stomach drop a couple of floors when I heard this . . . that's all.

DN disappoints yet again

I just finished watching DN myself and fired off an email asking how they could possibly do a whole show on MLK on the anniversary of his assassination and not even mention the civil trial, or address the issue of his true killers. Seriously, it was such a "safe" show it could have come straight out of corporate media.

That is a truly eerie and disturbing detail about the tie/turtleneck. Good catch there! Really makes me wonder, especially considering the grave misgivings I have about Jesse Jackson.

AJFan, let me take the opportunity to thank you for the awesome assortment of audio clips you post - you are the best!

CNN hit piece

CNN ran a piece last night on this story, including interviews of William Pepper and discussion of his research. Unfortunately, as it usually turns out with the mainstream media, this was little more than a hit piece, ultimately defending the official story, pinning the blame on the lone gunman, James Earl Ray. The judgment of the jury in the civil trial was dismissed on the basis of poor defense counsel. This is especially ironic when Ray's first attorney told him to plead guilty, and then appeal the conviction to get a better attorney, because he (Ray's attorney) was a "weak man."


The defense counsel knew he was dead in the water. The only thing he could do is claim that Jowers was a little guy in the plot. Just a wee tiny little insignificant player. Hardly visible at all, actually.

Terry Gross, host of NPR's Fresh Air,

also maintained the official fiction today.

She spent her entire show on Dr. King and then ended it by asking her guest "scholar" if he had learned anything new about Dr. King's assassination while doing his research. Not one word about the 1999 trial or its verdict.

While I'm not surprised, I had hoped for better as she had on an economics professor from Maryland yesterday who was unusually blunt in exposing our fraudulent financial system.

You just gotta love National Propaganda Radio and the Propaganda Broadcasting System!


Onward for the truth, brothers and sisters!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Same story on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer


I can't wait to live in a country where truth is spoken openly and my children may know real peace.

Let's rock and roll, brothers and sisters!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Reprehensor, I added to your post on Gerald Posner on DU

Your DU article is getting a lot of attention. Do you have the whole trial on video? If you do, you should post the late Professor Philip Melanson's testimony. He is someone who has done really excellent investigative work on the case and unfortunately did not receive the attention he deserved.

Hat's off to Philip Melanson.

There is some interest by a professional documentary maker in taking the footage to the next level, so I can't post too much. I've pretty much posted what I can for now.

please contact Ms Gross

I asked her how she could have missed the trial that exposed the fraud of the official MLK myth