The World Cost in Human Lives in a 100 year American Empire

Hello 9-11 Truth community, this is actually my first blog entry on this site, so please be gentle, I'm a blog virgin.

Does anyone have a compelling estimate of what the American empire would cost in human lives over the 100 year time period that Republican Senator John McCain suggests for the occupation of Iraq?

I got one. (actually, I borrowed from David Ray Griffin)

From 1945 onwards, since the US has supplanted the UK has the worlds primary economic and military leader, each decade has cost the world approximately 180 million lives - mostly by virtue of the US economic domination of the global apartheid economic model. So, the US shares the blame or the credit for developments in the world economy - as its central leader.


Lets do a little math. (Please correct me if I make a mistake, math was my weak spot in school)

180 x 6 (figuring 6 decades since the end of WW2) = 1080 million lives. Thats over a billion right?

now, assuming that McCain's vision for America - and the Neocons (of both Democrat and Republican masks) as well… we can add another 10 decades for a 100 year American Empire.

that is roughly 18,000 million lives. Thats a total of 19 billion over 100 years isn't it?

The US justifiably called the Nazi regime an evil empire, and it cost the world 60 million in World War II, and roughly 6 million in Jewish genocide. Whats 66 million as a percentage of 19 billion people? It's considerably less than a fraction of 1%, (.00347368 rounded off)

President Reagan called the former Soviet Union the Evil Empire because it killed 50 million during its reign of terror and because of its interventions in Afghanistan, and the domination of Eastern Union behind the Iron Curtain. Whats 50 million as a percentage of 19 billion? Less than a fraction of 1% ( about .00253157 rounded off) Similar arguments could be raised about China and its liquidation of about 60 million of its people through the euphemism of "Cultural Revolution."

So the carnage of the piles of bodies to be stacked after a 100 years of US Empire building and maintenance is expected to be 10000's of times worse than the evil as both the Nazi's and also the Soviets bloodbaths. As atrocious as the regimes of the Nazi's and Soviet's were, they will have by means of war, only accomplished less than 1% combined of the anticipated US led economic and military action deaths by the 100 year mark of McCain's pledge. Is it sinking in yet? By way of comparison, the US model makes these monstrosities look like amateurs.

I guess the American economic model of global empire and exploitation raises the bar of global evil and is in a class all by itself. Aren't you glad you live in the greatest country on earth?

reference: David Ray Griffin, 2006, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9-11 p. 170-176

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I think what you mean to say is that the US Empire will slaughter MORE people than the Nazis and the Soviets. Sobering analysis and this would make an excellent editorial for your local newspaper.