Jesse Ventura talks with Kevin Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

Sunday April 6, 2008

Jesse Ventura talks with Kevin Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

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Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!

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He's quite reasonable...

His position is simply that he doesn't know what in hell happened on 911 but he sure has a lot of questions. -- Can't argue much with that given the debate has raged without surcease coming up on 7 years. A lot of bright people have articulated a lot of very good questions about 911.

But it does occur to me that Jesse Ventura has a book to sell. And this is interesting because I am sure that Jesse has thought about how he will go about promoting his book - and so too, probably, has his publisher. It stands to reason that Ventura has calculated that his book sales can only profit from his coming out as a 911 Truth advocate. And if this is merely the ONLY reason why JV has chosen to go public with his 911 concerns, it certainly seem significant because just a few years ago, something like this might have been frowned upon by a publisher and too risky for a hopeful author. So market-savvy Jesse Ventura is capitalizing on 911 Truth? I approve!

I wish Kevin Barrett has asked JV about the timing of his 911 skepticism with the publication of his new book. But I guess Kevin DID mention that any time 911 is mentioned on TV, the ratings go wild and the phone rings off the hook.

Well, I hope the ratings go wild for Jesse's new book. And thank you, Jesse Ventura, selfish motives notwithstanding, we deeply appreciate your putting your toe in these waters. I hope other authors are paying attention to the market potential of 911 Truth and the deep, widespread curiosity that exists surrounding the still uninvestigated events of 911.

let's hope 9/11 truth helps his book

Much of the corporate monopoly media has been trying to paint Jesse Ventura as a wacky, marginal character ever since he got into politics. (He's a little too honest for them.) His 9/11 statements will invite more of that. Being a 9/11 truther isn't necessarily going to get him more and better media exposure. More likely less and worse. Look at Steve Alten -- he got a lot more coverage for his earlier books than for TheShell Game. So I don't think this was a calculated decision to pump up book sales. He's just calling it the way he sees it.

The media COULD sell lots of newspapers and books and TV and radio ads by reporting the 9/11 truth controversies. But they won't, because they're as locked-down as the Nazi media under Hitler or the Soviet media under Stalin. WHY they're locked down is a mystery. NWO/Zionist ownership? Mockingbird-style CIA infiltration? Fear of dirty tricks and assassinations? An unimaginable level of cowardice and stupidity? If, as David Griffin has suggested, they fear the destabilizing consequences of truth, and would rather leave the 9/11 perps in power than take a chance on exposing them, they're the stupidest, most cowardly bunch of assholes ever to walk the earth.

Let's hope Jesse's book does well and he gets plenty of chances to savage the media jackals!

The War

Apparently, we're facing a disastrous forced retreat as early as this summer from Iraq. Where do I get such extreme information . . . I watched the Iraq hearings on C-SPAN last week . . . that's what the generals are saying.

General Petraeus is testifying this week. Look at Nancy Pelosi's or General Michael Hayden's face . . . they are beginning to sweat. They don't know what to do. The giant chicken is coming home to roost.

Its possible the retreat could turn into one big black hawk down.

I think their hope was that this would happen on the next president's watch . . . sociopaths.

Katrina opened people's minds to the vast difference between what is being broadcast and what is actually happening on the ground . . .

I beg to differ

If the U.S. were to announce the beginning of a complete withdrawal and a time table and start it immediately, 95% of Iraqis would help facilitate it peacefully.

At the same time they would be preparing for the final phase of the ongoing civil war. They, and the Iranians, would love nothing more than for us to get out of the way and let them sort it out for themselves and have complete control over their oil and their future. These are a very intelligent and wise people with an ancient culture who have been dealing with foreigners messing in their business for longer than the U.S. has been around. The totally corrupt Saudi Royals, on the other hand, would love the U.S. to stay forever and pass the stolen Iraqi oil on to them as they get a very nice cut on the deal.

The argument that "we'll get destroyed if we try to leave now" is just one more cover story for staying forever and stealing their oil.

Everyone of my friends from that area of the world agrees with me on this, btw.

The Iraqis cannot possibly resolve their problems permanently while occupied, this is politics 101.

The entire point of the invasion was to create instability justifying indefinite occupation facilitating massive oil theft and other profiteering combined with the need to maintain the status of the U.S. petrodollar (which Saddam was threatening).

The fastest way to bring U.S. heat down on you is to threaten the status of the U.S. dollar, just ask the Iranians and the Venezuelans.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I hope you're right

The Iraqis have lost over a million people. They have seen their most holy mosques bombed by "Al CIADuh". They believe in revenging the loss of their loved ones. Most of the moderate Iraqis have fled the country.

What I saw in the faces of the members of the senate and the military was fear. Don't listen to their words, look into their eyes.


It will be fascinating to watch Gov. Ventura's

evolution on the truth and witness his treatment by the msm.

I get a very strong feeling that he has decided to push this issue as much as he can.

Thanks for posting this.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


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