I Apologize.

I am here to make to make an apology to everyone here at 911blogger. I would also like to say a couple of important things after that apology.

It was in January, I believe, that I registered with 911blogger under the name of “Jodie Mudd.” I had previously registered at OpEdNews with my other name, “David Watts.” I picked a different name simply because I felt like it at the time. Well, after going back and forth between OpEdNews and 911blogger many times, I got tired of mixing up the names when trying to sign on. So I re-registered here with “David Watts.” Now, to be perfectly honest, I don’t ever remember using both names in any attempt -- until recently, I’ll explain -- to deceive anyone. I’ve never had a reason to do so. I should say too, that I’ve only participated in this environment (online commenting/blogging) for a short time.

Here is the full gist of my recent deception: I wrote a piece at OpEdNews called, “9/11: How many virtual proofs does it take to turn on the 9/11 light bulb in people’s minds?” I had gotten tired of trying to keep someone’s attention long enough to be able to explain the real Truth about 9/11. Everyone here knows what I mean. Its so frustrating knowing how obvious this whole thing is, but often you can’t even get a start with most people. After all, there are so many things that can be so convincing and they are not complicated. But how do you get past square one? Knowing that there are so many things that by themselves that either prove, or virtually prove, that the Official Story is a lie -- and again, for the most part they are quite straight forward -- I had a light bulb turn on in my head. So I wrote (at OpEdNews) “Virtual Proofs.”

I noticed “Joe” picked up on it and posted it here at 911blogger. I noticed also that nobody had either left a comment or rated it, i.e., it got no attention. Now Joe obviously must have thought there was some merit to the “virtual proofs,” after all he posted it here. And, at OpEdNews, there were a few as well that apparently agreed that “virtual proofs” could be a useful tool. The following are all comments I received; and no, not one of them is from “another” me:

“Wonderful collection of researched thoughts....great work David”; “If there was a gold star, it would have your name on it.”; “Great work David, I hope you put this up on Buzz flash, etc.”; “Thank you, David Watts.”; “Bravo, Mr. Watts~!”; “GREAT STUFF ! ! ! !”; “your article here is useful and interesting.”

Given the response I thought hey, maybe this actually is pretty good. (So here I am now pushing my own stuff which frankly feels quite self-serving.) So, how do you let as many people as possible know about what a number of people, including me, think might be a really useful tool in getting a lot of people to at least start opening their eyes, quickly? And how do you let them know at the same time there might be a way to avoid “the often agonizing exercise of trying to actually get people to listen?” You do it by letting them know about “Virtual Proofs.” Joe didn’t get the piece any attention, and neither did I after I posted the same thing under the name Jodie Mudd. I take that back. After I plastered about eight comments -- a dumb mistake -- on a particular blog about Olbermann and Maddow trying to make sure as many people as possible would see it, its rating plummeted on just a few votes. I hope that’s only because they didn’t bother to read it. The bottom line to my sock puppetry is that “Virtual Proofs” was written by David Watts, but pushed by Jodie Mudd in an attempt to not look “self-serving.” Honestly, that’s really about all there is to it. But I do admit I was indeed a sock puppeteer and for that, I do want to sincerely apologize to all of you and to reprehensor.

Interestingly, while I was admitting to my two identities, someone else suspected Bill Douglas of doing the same thing: having more than one identity. But his “other” identity was actually me. (Note: that was actually a complement to me, and whatever the opposite of that is, to Bill. Sorry, Bill.) I can now see where our series of comments would appear suspicious. But there was ONE reason why we both showed up on one blog making similar or supporting comments: a strong mutual interest in The Week Of Truth.

I have followed Bill Douglas’ push of The Shell Game just about right from the start in January. Bill is the one who gets all of the credit, except for Steve Alten of course, for recognizing the tremendous potential of a vehicle like The Shell Game. I haven’t been around 911Truth for all that long; it was only last May that I discovered the lie. But I have been well aware that it is coming up on seven years since 9/11. And I have been mind boggled that after all of that time that the Truth isn’t completely out; but I now realize that is simply the nature of the game . So I bought on to Bill’s push for the book recognizing the need for a quick reacting catalyst to hopefully bust things open. Mind you, I do understand there are a lot of other great things going on including other books, e.g., Griffin’s new release. And, there indeed is a lot of progress is being made. But short of confessions, or quite a few more high profile people or celebrities suddenly coming out, there is no quicker way to “bust” the truth out than an “edu-fiction” thriller like The Shell Game. So when I found out about The Week Of Truth, I was ecstatic! Not only had I just seen two great recent interviews with Steve -- one with your very own Jon Gold and the other with an ABC affiliate -- but here was the opportunity to get the entire movement focused at one time on one thing: The Week Of Truth. This could be the once-in-a-9/11-movement’s lifetime moment.

The Week Of Truth should be an energizing upper for ALL(!) of us. Have you gone to the website? It’s about as polished a looking site as I’ve ever seen. And its loaded with great information in an easy to follow fashion. Steer as many people as possible to www.WeekOfTruth.org and, if nothing else, have them watch the trailer and the two interviews with Steve. After doing that, they are going to WANT to read the rest. As to Steve himself, I have honestly got to tell you that after seeing the interviews, I cannot imagine a better spokesperson for the Truth about 9/11. He comes across about as genuine and honest as a person can be. He is soft-spoken and does not come across in any way as an “advocate.” He says it like it is: He is simply an author who came across a lot of incriminating things while writing a book about another monumental issue: the end of oil. And he is a handsome looking guy! Hey, I’m not kissing up to Steve, I’m just telling you if you don’t already realize it, we’ve got the PERFECT spokesperson. Get this guy on major media airways and watch out, things could start to happen, quickly! And the way to do that? By helping to make The Week Of Truth our bust out moment by getting The Shell Game high up on the New York Times best seller list. Then everybody has to start paying attention. And not only will a LOT more people come to understand the lie of 9/11 via the book itself, Steve’s media exposure should skyrocket at the same time. If it doesn’t, ‘their’ ‘grip’ on the media will be exposed.

Let me say a word or two about those few who have questioned some of the motives behind Steve and all of the exposure to The Shell Game. What I have come to find out is this: being an author doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to make a lot of money -- although in the end, I hope Steve makes a bundle; he will have deserved it many times over. I understand that Steve is getting only a small fraction of the selling price for each book which is typical. And the advance for the book was all spent on things like the neat cover design, publicity, and the two, also very neat, trailers that he had made for his website, theshellgame.net. And he also has had to travel a lot with all of the related expenses to promote the book. Steve as well is offering substantial donations to First Responders and the FealGood Foundation if the book makes it into the top ten. Steve decided to do it that way as an additional incentive to all of us to get our butts in gear to make SURE it gets to at least #10 -- he wants to see all of the movement working together. Its when the book makes it to top 10 that all of the doors get opened. #11 doesn’t quite make it. And for The Week Of Truth to be the bust out success we need it to be, its got to get to #10 or above. And you know what, if ALL of us will just get behind this effort, it ought to get to #1. There are way more than enough of us to by ourselves (even without the rest of the public) to get the book to #1. How do you think Ann Coulter does it? She gathers her “forces.” So if all of us (911Truth’s forces) buy a couple of books or more in addition to getting others to buy, the book should jump into the top 10 easily. But its got to happen in one week for seller list purposes. Then hopefully with all of the publicity it will become self- sustaining. So please don’t let this golden opportunity slip by; it really is the only vehicle available right now that can do what we need it to, quickly! We ALL have to get behind the Week Of Truth (“WOT” if you need an acronym). And be glad that Steve is offering up himself and his book to be that vehicle.

Two more things about this. One, keep in mind that while you may try to compare all of your intimate knowledge about 9/11 to what’s in the book, almost all of Steve’s 9/11 knowledge came AFTER he wrote the book. He found out a lot of incriminating things while writing the book and included them, but it was only after finishing the book that he became aware of the multitudes of things we all know about 9/11. Two, if you are not aware, writing this book and exposing himself to all of the nerve racking crossfire has literally taken a toll on his nerves. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

And now a couple of things about Bill Douglas. For some of you that are occasionally critical of Bill for whatever reason -- most people are actually very supportive and appreciative of all that he has done -- I would just like to point out a few things Bill has done and accomplished for this whole endeavor we are in together. Apparently there are quite a few that are not aware of Bill’s pioneering work.

Its a funny story, but I actually managed to get in contact with Bill Douglas back on March 20th. I had picked up his e-mail address off another correspondance with someone who had cc’d to Bill. The basis of the funniness was, that Bill knew it was me from my name at OpEdNews, but I didn’t know that he was Bill Douglas. But I knew he had a connection to Steve Alten. And he didn’t let on to who he was. I asked him who he was and what his connection was to Steve Alten. Here is what he returned:

No, its fine. I was the founder of the National 911Visibility Project which was one of the first national 911 truth organizations, and later became the very first National Outreach Director for 911Truth.org

So, I've been a 9/11 truth activist for six long years. About a year ago I scaled back on my 9/11 activism, because I'd exhausted my savings and gone in debt from years of volunteer 9/11 activism on a full time basis.

A few months ago I was doing a reading at a local high school, where a teacher knew of my 9/11 activism and said, "You need to meet this author, Steve Alten. He started a national high school reading program called Meet An Author. But, he's just written a book about 9/11, you should talk to him."

Well I contacted Steve and he sent me "The Shell Game." I didn't read it for about a week, because I just assumed that a New York Times best selling author wouldn't have written "the kind of 9/11 book" I'd be interested in. Then one night I picked it up, and the next thing I knew the sun was coming up, and I have since that day been operating at a fever pitch to get the 9/11 truth movement to see that THIS WAS THE OPPORTUNITY WE'D BEEN WAITING FOR.

He signed it “Bill.” But I still didn’t pick up on it being Bill, Douglas. He was toying with me. I had been reading Bill’s posts for over two months and had commented a few times but I didn’t know his background. Anyway, I soon came to find out just who he was.

That e-mail he sent answering my question says a lot of it. Bill has been in this since the beginning and has toiled endlessly at times to get the movement both started and to keep it moving. He has admitted to me that after having exhausted himself over 9/11, he began to fade. And its only Steve Alten and The Shell Game that got him back in the game. And I will let you know that he’s probably going to exhaust himself again trying to make The Week Of Truth a bust out success. And if it for some reason it isn’t a success, I don’t think Bill will have the gas to continue.

I found the following article which will tell you a number of specific things Bill has accomplished. One line at the start of the article: “Following are some very creepy incidents that will make you doubt we live in a democracy.”


I hope everyone will accept my apology,

David Watts

(If anyone has any ideas of how to improve the “virtual proofs” list, or can offer up any other easily layed out “virtual proofs,” please give them in the comments. Thank you very much.)

http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/diarypage.php?did=6715 (“virtual proofs”)

Hey, stallion4...

Bill Douglas was not using a sock-puppet. Mr. Watts here was using the user handles david.watts and JodieMudd.

JodieMudd is blocked, and david.watts is in the moderation queue for eternity. (david, that doesn't mean you can't post, it does mean that what you post will be heavily scrutinized, expect delays)

This is the only use of sock-suppets on this website regarding the Shell Game, and AFAIK, this is a case of the user acting in an over-zealous manner, not being paid by anyone.

I offered David the opportunity to remain a member here on the condition of this apology.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Reprehensor, Thank you very much for allowing me to remain a member. This community is invaluable to 9/11Truth. And I apologize once more for not thinking through my actions.

Not knowing any of this

Not knowing any of this until now, and all's well that ends well (at least in this case), can you, Rep, post David's most recent OpEd artcle that I submitted a few days ago? : ) It was really good.

(I do remember thinking who is this "Jodie Mudd" spamming all these blog entries . . . But the motivation was a benign one, and most of us are passionate about this cause, especially when we accept the full implications . . . so understandable, yes? . . . )


"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them."
-- Paul Wellstone

Edit: Here it is 04.04.08 - http://www.opednews.com/articles/life_a_david_wa_080403_time_is_short_21...


Thank you Betsy.


The whole things sounds real convulated and confusing.

All I can say is that we should not have to be dishonest in our attempts to communicate the truth about 911.

If we compromise our basic integrity, than how can we stand for 911 Truth or anything else for that matter.

This sock-puppets thing is new to me. I just sincerely hope no one else will waste their time on behavior such as this.

911 Truth has got plenty of evidence and credible spokespeople.

So let's work on getting the Facts out WITHOUT ANY FORM OF MANIPULATION OR "PUPPETEERING".

Remember we had our own Fetzers and Tarpleys who probably have done more harm than good.

Crazy unsubstantiated energy beams distractions to FALSE False Flag "Warnings".

So let us THINK before we go on hare-brained schemes.

Especially "Puppeteering" Or Whatever.

We need Good information from Good Patient Sources.

No Self Serving Interests Please.


If we LIE AND DECEIVE to get to 911 Truth, Don't expect people to trust us at all.

Let's not have our own agenda whoever it may be.

The Operative Word in 911 Truth.



The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

If you read my apology .... then I didn't say it well enough.


If you read my apology and think my motives are for anything but the Truth about 911, then I didn't say it well enough.

I made a stupid mistake. Please understand that is all it was. For all I know people push their own stuff all the time. But my thinking other than not wanting to be self-serving, was that people might be more receptive to what I had written if it had been referred by "someone else."

Right now I'm spending my time sending out notices about the Week Of Truth from a list of thousands. I'm not just helping out Bill Douglas in notifying as many people as possible and thereby help create a "buzz," I'm trying to help (as you say) the Truth. That's all I care about.

Apologies are best kept short and sweet,

but the context was good and I, for one, can completely see how you ended up "sock puppetting" yourself with no real ill intent.

We are all brothers and sisters in pursuit of truth, the restoration of our republic and the continued evolution of humans on earth.

I hope that you and yours are well, Mr. Watts.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

LeftWright and Constitutional911, Thanks for your understanding.

LeftWright and Constitutional911,

Thanks for your understanding.

Apology accepted and good on ya, Rep.

That said, I still want to know what you think about The Shell Game. Particularly the re-framing of the 1993 WTC bombings in chapter 11 and the last two paragraphs of chapter 20, page 189.

No one pushing the book has yet to give me an answer, which I find quite curious.

Mr. Watts, feel free to contact me through the contact feature here at 911Blogger, if you wish.

Everyone of us can get a bit overzealous at times, it take genuine courage to admit when one has been or done "wrong".

I will not comment on the strategic issues involved here at this time.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


He's probably wrong about the WTC93 bombing, and you should know that I haven't read the book. I'm endorsing the access to big media that Alten is providing for us, and is using to promote books like David Ray Griffin's and websites like 911truth.org

I'll be tying in Ali Mohamed (CIA asset) to WTC93 and OKC in the near future. Still gathering resources. I'll definitely direct Alten to this research.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with

regarding Ali Mohamed and OKC, as I strongly suspect his involvement there.

Thanks again for all your hard work and tact here at 911Blogger.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Virtual Proofs.

I think we all struggle at times with how to proceed when the opportunity arises to educate someone about what we know and suspect about 9/11. Given the overwhelming wealth of evidence contradicting the official story, it is tempting to ramble on about free-fall collapses, military stand-downs, vaporised titanium, positive DNA evidence, intact passports, molten metal, eyewitness testimony about explosives, WTC7, "a decision to pull it," put options, and on and on. We can only hope to inject a little doubt into the tiny crack of a closed mind when we get the chance. I am always on the lookout for that comprehensive magic list of best evidence that I can shove in the crack before the mind slams shut again, one that keeps me focused enough to keep the listeners attention.
It seems lately that every day the opportunity arises to have this discussion, and the great part is that it is seldom initiated by me. This is a very recent phenomenon and it tells me that the Truth Movement is more widespread than is obvious. It's just below the surface of the mass consciousness and needs more information and public discussion. This is why we need these comprehensive talking points like David's virtual proofs and we need to memorize and quote them confidently when we have the brief opportunity. We won't win every battle (someone last week was convinced that LCFC was "creative editing") but we will win most and the ones we do win are never going back to their world of denial.
But without the success of the Loose Change and Zeitgeist phenomenons we wouldn't likely even have the opportunities to have these discussions, and there is a very good chance that The Shell Game can do for the reading public what these documentaries have done for the web world. They are all tools in the arsenal that will deconstruct the popular public myth.

I noticed “Joe” picked up on it and posted it here at 911blogger

It is an excellent article deserving dissemination.