Shelling Out for The Shell Game? – Use Your Rebate

By now we should all know that this Steve Alten guy is for real. Like some of the other new leaders of the truth movement, Steve is smart and articulate, and effective at getting his message across under pressure. And when given the chance, he speaks the truth powerfully. So getting him opportunities for major media appearances seems like a pretty good idea.

Of course there are other good books and videos we can support. Books like David Griffin’s new “Contradictions”, and Zarembka’s soft cover edition coming out this month, also deserve to be widely read. I also enjoyed the new 9/11 drama “The Reflecting Pool”, a creative effort that strikes me as being similar to The Shell Game.

But how can truth activists, many of whom have already sacrificed so much, afford to buy multiple copies of these new books and videos?

One way is to use the Bush Administration’s shameful “tax rebate” for the purpose, and to encourage others to do the same. If the crooks are going to rob our kids by borrowing even more money to give out tax rebates, at least those rebates could be used to help the next generation by getting out the truth while we still can.

You won’t get your $600 or $1200 until after May 2nd, but the Week of Truth ( is just ten days before that. And after all, it’s not our money anyway – it’s our kid’s.

MP3 Audio - The Shell Game

Thursday March 6, 2008
Steve Alten, author of "The Shell Game", delivers 9/11 Truth to Jim Bohanon's CBS National Radio audience (4 + million)

(40 Minutes - 11 Meg)

Friday March 7, 2008
Alex Jones speaks with Steve Alten about his new book "The Shell Game" and takes questions from callers

(33 Minutes - 9.7 Meg)

Saturday March 22, 2008
Kevin Barret talks with Steve Alten, author of "The Shell Game", about their respective encounters with neoconmedia, including Steve's run-in with Jim Bohanon

(75 Minutes - 22 Meg)

Or You Could Buy David Ray Griffin's Book

Thursday February 7, 2008
Dennis Bernstein (KPFA, Flashpoints) talks to David Ray Griffin about his new book 9/11 CONTRADICTIONS: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press

(41 Minutes - 14 Meg)

9/11 CONTRADICTIONS: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press


DRG's Book Arrived In The Mail Today

Always look forward to new material.

I send them to Dad

if their good, he forwards them to me. He says that Contradictions is fantastic. I have only read excerpts but am looking forward to spending some time with this book.