Consider the Olympic Torch Protests in the Context of the Buildup Towards War with Iran

Today's Olympic torch protests emphasize the tremendous public relations nightmare China faces concerning its human rights abuses in Tibet and its upcoming Olympic games. Consider this article from AFP:

Growing anti-China protests underscore clout of Tibet lobby

A caption:

"It shows the power of international civil society groups, which China failed to take into account when it bid for the Olympics," said Asian expert Mohan Malik of the Hawaii-based Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.

In March, barely five months before the start of the summer Games, anti-China protests erupted in Lhasa, countered by a fierce crackdown which earned Beijing international condemnation. The flame relay quickly became a mobile rallying point for anti-Beijing protesters.

"The fact that the Olympic flame was extinguished -- even though by officials for safety reasons -- was a remarkable victory for the protests and a big loss of face for the Chinese leadership," Malik said."

Contrast this situation with the report about General Petraeus' upcoming speech before Congress. It will be watched closely by many expecting the General to tell Congress that Iran is engaged in a proxy war against the US-backed Baghdad government in order to provide justification for a military confrontation with the Persians.

A link to that report on 911blogger:

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack By Paul Craig Roberts

It is by now a near unanimous consensus that a military attack by the United States on Iran would almost immediately be met with a response not just by the Iranians, but also by the Russians and the Chinese who have both made strategic energy and military investments inside Iran. World War III could likely break out, and more rapidly than anyone expects. Here is a good link for more information about the China-Iran-Russia Axis:

Take this into consideration when reading news reports about these Olympic torch protests. The Chinese government is no doubt fuming over this huge loss of face in China and the outside world. They are most likely denouncing these Western radicals sympathetic to the Tibetan terrorists in their state media as we speak, if they are not able to completely bury the story. Imagine their outrage if tomorrow the United States announces a policy of military engagement against Iran due to its aiding of Shi'ite militant groups inside Iraq. Their rage will only be outdone by their obligation to respond with military force.

I say these words not as a warning to back off of criticism of China. China's human rights record is atrocious and deserves a lot more condemnation than it receives. I only seek to compel those reading to think about the dire need to stop ANY military engagement with Iran from happening and, more broadly, to expose the truth about 9/11 so that the warmongers who are currently itching to invade Iran will be tried and convicted of treason and this madness can end.