Do you really know what's inside The Shell Game? Whet your appetite. Week Of Truth starts April 16.

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"For me its too late. For my children, my loved ones ... for you, I toll these final warning bells .... a tsunami of death on its way .... And you're asleep on the beach."


(from "The Shell Game"s Author's intro:)

“Red States, blue states. Utter nonsense. We are all proud Americans. So let me introduce to you two colors that better define the line of separation in the United States and the rest of the world: Black is the color of oil and coal, and the carbon dioxide it delivers ..... every day -- 70 million tons of it. Black is the ledger of the oil companies ...... billions of dollars in profits ...... Black is the color of cancer and death; the color of minorities who perished in New Orleans .... and the color of blood as it bleeds from a bullet wound .... Black is the heart who loses a loved one in a war they know is unjust .... Finally, black is the date ... the blackest date in our history ... when a nuclear device explodes .... incinerating tens of thousands, radiating millions, and staining what remains .... forever. Green is the solution that can prevent ..... It is the color of clean energy and the new economy ... It is the color of our environment as we reverse the effects .... soothing the planet’s temperature .... For those of you who will turn red (and blue) in the face arguing that climate change is not real .... that our elected officials would never participate in anything nefarious nor cover up any ... wrong doing ...”

(page 89)

"But how can they just enter my home without a search warrant? .... Patriot act... Any Federal law enforcement agency can enter your home or business ....... whether you are there or not or whether they tell you or not .... it's all legal .... What the hell happened to the Fourth Amendment? ..... bulldozed back in 2001 ... Feds can read your e-mail, section 216 ..... Jesus. How the hell could Congress pass ... Cheney and Ashcroft rammed it through before Congress even read it. .... bottom line.... Feds can basically do anything they want .... as long as they claim ...."

(page 133)

"Okay Ace, if that's true, how did McKuin, a Republican, get elected after eight years of Bush and Cheney? ... Money and the Republican Media Message Machine ..... Limbaugh and .... They’re a part of it, yes. You begin with the message, something you can sell, doesn’t matter if its true. .... Rove and his merry men .... Divide and conquer -- a brilliant play ... no way the Dems could heal the rift. .... machine creates the message ... money fuels the media .... media pounds it home every day ...... Pavlov dog syndrome, ring the same bell over and over .... swing voters .... salivate. ... So substance means nothing. .... Correct. Take the invasion. Rove’s primary mantra .... repeated over and over until even Congress believed it. Who’s accountable? Maintain power and the answer is no one .... even the worst indictments get washed clean ....."

(page 54)
"That's right, a massive die-off. To most of you it will appear gradually, as gradually as climbing into a giant pot of cold water and turning on the burner....... First you won’t know anything is happening, then slowly...slowly and painfully, like an IV drip of chemo burning into you veins, the realization will kick in ... no escaping this death sentence ... that the food .... won't last very long.... that you and your family are going to starve to death. Or freeze. ..... Or be incinerated by a weapon whose impact you’ll never see..... Or, succumb to a virus you'll never feel ... as helpless as victims of the tsunami ... or lost souls of Katrina, abandoned without food or water... only this time ... no rescuers ... CNN ... because there won’t be any electricity ... Call me a liar, repute my warnings, curse my existence -- it won’t change a thing. ... civilization is being diverted ... gaze in the rearview mirror as we drive ourselves off a cliff.... you’re too busy micro-managing your life to see ..... Open your eyes. Read the signposts! It's already begun .... upon a great political chessboard. The 1973 oil crisis -- the first taste of things to come. The Reagan-Bush years ..... Iran and Iraq ..... temporarily control the center of the chessboard..... the manipulation of a pawn .... Secret energy meetings .... path of self destruction, mortared in greed. .... the sacrifice of a noble knight..... The invasion of Afghanistan, a feint conquest of Iraq .. a fateful plunge into the abyss... Attempted coups. Rigged elections. Laws "to protect the public" penned straight out of a George Orwell novel. The board's still in play, but the outcome was decided long ago, and soon the final piece will fall .....When the house of cards collapses everybody loses, from the rainmakers to the reign-enders ..... yet the cancer that riddles my body’s been a blessing in disguise .... an insight to set in motion my own little series of events that might stave off some of the impending doom, and perhaps buy back my own auctioned-off soul ..... For me its too late. For my children, my loved ones ... for you, I toll these final warning bells .... a tsunami of death on its way ....... And you're asleep on the beach."

(page 77)

“All Presidents lie. .... Roosevelt .... Johnson .... Reagan .... Clinton .... I suppose even George Washington lied .... But it was the lies coming from the Bush-Cheney White House ...... that led us to the invasion of Iraq and to a crossroads in Western civilization that will affect you and your loved ones and a billion more innocent people. .......Did the U.S. intelligence community know al Qaeda’s attack was coming? Yes. Did we try to stop them? Yes, but we were prevented from doing so. FBI field agents in both Minneapolis and Phoenix who were close to exposing the plot were repeatedly and purposefully bottlenecked .... by a single supervisor – Dave Frasca – who would later receive a promotion for his actions. Then, on the day of the attacks, the Joint Chiefs, under Vice President Cheney’s personal direction, scheduled and conducted five separate war game drills that purposely pulled interceptor jets away from the northeastern airspace corridor while deliberately inserting false blips on air traffic screens to simulate, of all things, hijacked airliners. Military jets that routinely intercept aircraft within minutes were delayed an unfathomable 80 minutes, most never even entered the fray. While dedicated pilots and air traffic controllers desperately tried to determine what was real from what was staged, an FAA administrator “accidently” destroyed the recordings of the day’s tragic events...and he too was later promoted. Those are facts. . .but only the tip of a dirty iceberg. Of course, none of that information was ever brought up in the 9/11 hearings. Intelligence agencies around the world knew when and how the attacks would occur, but their warnings were ignored. Wall Street investors certainly knew –– a day before the attacks domestic and foreign investors placed an unprecedented number of “put calls” (a leveraged bet a stock will drop) on the airlines and companies that would suffer devastating losses, in some cases over 90 times higher than normal trading. These financial transactions netted upwards of $15 billion in insider trading that was half-heartedly investigated before they too were dismissed by investigators and the media, the later manipulated by the Bush Administration who were dictating which stories to run and which to kill. Meanwhile, key members of Congress who opposed the Administration’s plans received packages of anthrax in the mail, the lethal spores later determined to have originated not overseas, but from labs used by the CIA. One voice of opposition who refused to be intimidated - Senator Paul Wellstone - would conveniently die in a plane crash. These “convenient coincidences” happened repeatedly throughout the events leading up to and following the activities of September eleventh. Almost none were sufficiently investigated, almost all were cloaked in secrecy, stymied with retribution. Revealing passages in the 9/11 report were blacked out, and despite the biggest failure in intelligence history, no one has ever been reprimanded or punished.”

I derive a lot of pleasure

I derive a lot of pleasure from buying this book and giving it out.

I'm planning on buying at least two copies a day during the Week of Truth, April 16th through April 22nd, so will have 14+ copies to give away.

Any students out there - or anyone - who wants a copy, email me at with your mailing address.


"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them."
-- Paul Wellstone

"If we don't fight hard

"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them."
-- Paul Wellstone

Betsy, thanks for the quote. There apparently are more than just a few of us that are fighting the Week Of Truth. Its like they hope it fails. Your comment has already gotten two thumbs down and the rating for this blog is taking a hit. I was just trying to generate some excitement for the book by pulling a few really neat passages out of the book so everyone can see just how good a writer Steve is. Also, I wanted to show people that there is some very incriminating stuff in Steve's book. But I guess, some people just don't want to work together; in this case to try to break the media blockade.

Imagine, if we can get many many people around the country -- including the media -- ALL asking questions about the revelations in The Shell Game at the SAME time what that could do. The job of Steve and his book is NOT to try to convince everyone about every particular detail regarding 9/11. The job is to make enough many aware of, and to start at least asking questions about, the lie that is the Official Story. Once we have a great number including hopefully, the media, questioning the Official Story ALL at the SAME time, the whole Story could start to crumble very quickly.