William Rodriguez meets the President of the Government of Spain

Yesterday, while on a European tour, Rodriguez met with Spanish President Zapatero, and told him about "the need for a new investigation, the plight of the victims and the lack of support for the first responders."

Mr. Rodriguez certainly gets around.

Go, Willie, GO!!!

We should send Mr. Rodriguez on a full tour of South and Central America to get the truth movement going there. We need all of the Americas on board. I'm sure he would be very well received almost everywhere he went.

Thanks for posting this, Rep.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

He's been all around S America

I met a man here in Texas who remembers seeing Willie on TV in Peru.

And Venezuela! I believe he's met with Hugo Chavez.

Willie personifies Courage, Integrity, Tenacity, TRUTH! We all love you Willie for everything.
Joe in Dallas


Spain is a Kingdom so Zapatero is not the Spanish President but the Prime Minister ..
..Anyway, it's still great news, Mr. Zapatero is familiar with what "False Flag" means .

edit : btw the Spanish King's name is Juan Carlos ..
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

In Spain, his title is Presidente del Gobierno

"President of the Government"

Wikipedia refers to him as the Prime Minister and explains:


The Spanish head of government is known, in Spanish, as the Presidente del Gobierno. Literally translated, title is "President of the Government" or alternatively "Chairman of the Government", but nevertheless the office-holder is commonly referred to in English as the "prime minister": the usual term for the head of government in a constitutional monarchy. However the Spanish for 'prime minister' is primer ministro; thus, for example, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the Primer Ministro del Reino Unido, not the Presidente del Gobierno.

In Spain the President of the Government is often called simply Presidente, meaning 'President'. More than once this has caused embarrassing errors among foreign authorities, such as mistaking Spain for a republic. For example Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, mistakenly referred to the head of government as the "President of the Spanish Republic" during a visit to Spain in 2003.

The custom to name the head of government as "President" dates back from the reign of Isabella II of Spain, when the Prime Minister was called Presidente del Consejo de Ministros ("President of the Cabinet"). Before 1833 the figure was known as Secretario de Estado ("Secretary of State"), a denomination used today for junior ministers.

I was incredibly happy to

I was incredibly happy to meet Willie last year during the 9/11/07 We Are Change event. I wanted to meet him more than any other person involved in Truth. This guy acted courageously on 9/11 and sets the mold for more heroes who are needed now in our pursuit of Truth and Justice.

Absolutely awesome

As a subject of another kingdom (or in this case queendom) I know that Juan Carlos is merely a figure head, and the real power lies with the prime minister. The fact that he talks with Willy and is happily seen doing so means that he is fully up and running with 911 truth, and wants to bring it out. Well done Willy and well done president Zapatero. And yes, let's get him to talk to Chavez and other Latin American leaders.

not true. real power lies

not true. real power lies within the sphere of wealth which funds and directs the figure head government. the king of Spain is a major European banker.

Nice job...


Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Do we have independent information on William Rodriquez ?

Herblay FRANCE

bravo William. However I am still asking if anyone has information outside the 911 truth movement ( CNN , BBC etc ) on William Rodriquez receiving his hero medal, collaborating his story etc.

Reports on his visit to Paris can be found at

I am quite sure that the neocons are prepared for unexpected outbreaks of 911 truth and they could use the same techniques as in the excellent film "Wag the dog" scenario

We can not risk a Tania Head type bogus miraculous 911 WTC escape to harm the 911 truth movement.

Was there not a bogus witness in the JFK murder that succeeded to close the court case against the FBI ?



You Meant well, but...

Russ Hallberg
William Rodriquez is an impeccable asset to the 9/11 Truth movement. There were many twists and turns in the JFK case. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison made the attempt to expose one dimension of the JFK plot in court. Jim Garrison concluded that JFK was a victim of the "military-industrial complex." Jim Garrison's case also diverted attention from Zapista Oil, operated by George Bush the First.

Willie Rodriquez focuses on what he personally saw and heard on 9/11. He is a self sacrificing 9/11 truth activist, with no ax to grind.

Thanks for your 9/11 truth work in France, John! We need you.

Who was the first hand witness ?

I have a hole in my memory and would like to refind information on the first hand witness of the assasination of JFK who gained a lot of respect from the public and was later on shown as a fraud. The court case showed that he was not even on the spot at the crime time. This damaged the case for that the official story was not true.

I have the video

I have the actual video of William Rodriguez receiveing the National Hero Award from the Senate in Puerto Rico as well as the news clip from Telemundo. Also a picture of the award was posted way back on the internet. I will see if I can locate it or ask William to send a copy. I will post the video on youtube this week. As per your other questions, you should get his new video "Last Man Out" where some of your questions get corroborated. You mentioned Tania Head and as I understand Rodriguez was a consultant for the BBC on a new documentary about her, part of his visit to Spain was to get more info about her background. Since you had the oportunity to host Rodriguez in Paris, how come you did not raise those questions there? I will be sending him this link and he may contact you directly. You are doing what the person below did several months ago and did not there to face William when he offered a debate. Some Brian Good from San Franscisco. Are you both connected? As I understand, he did not have to visit Paris to support your group at all.

Will William Rodriguez be invited opening of French 911 museum ?


bonjour ,

looking forward to the video on youtube. Perhaps you can put a link to it on this page.

Thank you for the mention of his video "Last Man Out", I am going to try and find a copy on the internet.

When he was in PARIS at the conference there was little opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

There will an opening day for the 911 musuem ( ~6 June 2008) in France
...... http://www.911blogger.com/node/14960
Is George Bush coming ? It would be correct that William Rodriguez is invited. A double hero for saving so many lives and for standing up for the truth.



A Toast to Truth!

We need new investigations to uncover the truth and end all 9/11 lies--and let the chips fall where they may.

Wish he'd notify local groups beforehand

Very nice Mr. Rodriguez,

I just wish that next time you'd notify local groups ( www.investigar11s.org in Madrid and www.barcelona11s.org in Barcelona), so that perhaps we could cover the event as best as we can. This way it wouldn't go fully unnoticed in Spain. I haven't heard a single word about this til I saw this photos. Anyone know where and when it took place? What they talked about?

Like I said, next time let us know in advanced if you are coming over please!

Just got an email from WR

He did contact the local group Diana Castillo and was unable to meet them due to his very busy schedule. The Photo was taken 3 days ago. Mr. rodriguez was the keynote speaker at a Conference with the most prestigious experts of Human Resources, Marketing and Communication. His lecture was called "the day that we enter the 21st century, lessons of 9/11 for management" nice to see he is expanding in other areas.