The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada

The Toronto 18 Become The Toronto 11 - R.I.P. Canada
The Incredible Shrinking Terror Case
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Up here in The Great White North, we are having our own experience with the terror-mongers. Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is another of the neo-con Straussian faux tough-guys like the ones in Washington. And he's been trying - with much less success than his American overlords - to turn Canada into a modern, lawless dictatorship ruled by terror...

What turned things around for the RCMP was the introduction of two Muslim moles: one, Mubin Shaikh, a cocaine-addicted, lifelong Air Cadet with a troubled past - he was also a CSIS agent (Canada's CIA); the other a man was also a well-paid (he asked for $40 million dollars) CSIS agent with a degree in horticulture who was on the skids. Each was paid millions of dollars by CSIS and RCMP for their services. These two then ingratiated themselves to the suspects and immediately started the process of entrapment. Shaikh has since stated publicly that many of the suspects are innocent. He has also admitted to snorting all the money he was paid up his nose and has been recently charged with assaulting two 12-year old girls!!! ...


An Open Letter To An RCMP Terrorist Mole
Saturday, April 19, 2008

I received many great comments about my last post about the Canadian Toronto 18 case and the potentially bogus sting operation that entrapped the suspects. The most interesting had to be one (purportedly) from the main paid RCMP/CSIS informant himself, Mubin Shaikh. He wrote:

"So how will your article read when the guilty ARE found as such?
How will your article read when you hear of the indifference to innocent life as it was promulgated by some?
Dont (sic) make the mistake the govt. did by assuming all were guilty. Dont (sic) make the mistake too many are making now by assuming all are innocent.
Stay tuned - this show is just gettin' started!


Mubin Shaikh"

Below is my response to Mr. Shaikh:


See also: Unfair Dealing

Just like the other cases

Lies, all lies.

Unfortunately, Stephen Harper is indeed NWO/globaist scum!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Many Think Canada Is A Fair Play Oasis

While Canadian federalism has produced some positive social innovations, the citiizen is still a subject in a constitutional monarchy.

While many consider the monarchy to be an innocuous force in Canada, in the afterglow of 9/11 the constitutional reality is unclear and ominous.

The present ruling party has seemingly formed a zombie government, their election to office an improbable but apparent event. Who is really in control ?

Are aspects of 9/11 covered by the Official Secrets Act in Canada? This would be difficult to know and not even legal to comunicate if so.

Today the RCMP seized assets of alleged Tamil Tigers financing operation in Canada.

In reality the Sri Lankan Govt brutally oppresses the ravaged Tamil

minority who are then accused of being terrorists when they fight back. So goes the War On Terror in Canada.

Thanks for the update Rep

Thanks for the update Rep !

as to Mubin Shaikh, in our country we are still entitled to the "presumption of innocence" though apparently the gov't and it's minions would like us to believe otherwise for their own benefit.