Mainstream Economist Makes Passing Comment About Explosives Taking Down Towers

Economist Darryl Robert Schoon made a passing reference to 9/11 in an article he wrote for, an investment-oriented website. The article is titled, "Tuscon & The Great Depression - This Is Not Your Normal Downturn".

Here's the relevant quote:

"I wonder what they would do if they knew about the dangers posed by investment bank credit default swaps, CDSs, a $62 trillion unregulated market that could destroy the global economy as quickly and as easily as charged explosives brought down three towers at the World Trade Center on 9/11."

Full article can be found here:

Good catch.

~ hope we can spur some of these people to action ~

We need about 10,000 more

We need about 10,000 more little drops like this one. Good work.

Mainstream or...

Bullion man!

here's another quote from the article...

"Now, the words and warnings of the founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson have been lost and hidden; and would certainly be denied today by those who rule the nation founded by greater men than they. Caricatures and charlatans have replaced the great thinkers and brave statesmen who set this extraordinary experiment in motion in 1776, an experiment now in mortal danger of failure and extinction."

He may be on to something

Will only say this to 'stir

Will only say this to 'stir up' some thought...
This economist is also a big studier of Austrian Economics...
Keyword, Austrian Economics...
If we know about any recent Presidential candidate who runs on the basis of Austrian Economics, we can easily put
some pieces together and realize that maybe - JUST MAYBE - other 'students' of Austrian Economics knowingly understand
the truth movement, know what really happened that day, and are taking a different scholarly approach to this ENTIRE situation
of the ruling elite under another subject - economics.

Just my two cents, but hey, take it for what it's worth.

Mark in Philly


... but how brilliant that would be to add another prong to the tyrannical/traitor fork.

Many skewers are needed to hold such over the warming fire of peaceful revolution.

Funny and weird

I had read this article.... and I completely missed that statement.

I might be a bit numb to it.

I did catch this though

"A tale to tell that you might hear
The truth of all of that we fear
That and which we hope to be
That and which we'll never see
A tale so old that it might be
Greece or Rome or Brittany
A tale of power you would know
Except you still deny it so
For once again we've gone astray
And once again we'll rue the day
By standing not for what is true
By standing not for what we knew
But let us now this tale be told
A tale new yet a tale old
The traveler spoke to us that day
Of a kingdom far away
He said the kingdom although young
Was watched by all in Christendom
For it was hoped that it would be
A beacon for the world to see
A light of justice a torch for peace
Opportunity within reach
How might this be a voice did ask
When such has never come to pass
That ever since man ruled man
The rule has been by iron hand
The traveler said it was to be
Ruled in ways quite differently
There was to be no king or queen
Nor any manner where it would seem
That one was better than the rest
It was to be a noble quest
It was to be a kingdom fair
Where all would be an equal there
Where every one would have a voice
Where everyone would have a choice
Those who governed would the people serve
Not themselves but those deserved
Such a kingdom it was to be
A kingdom where all would see
That man could rule not selfishly
But for the good of all and could then be
An example fair just and wise
No longer then would man devise
Ways to enslave his fellow man
Because he could because he can"
Together in Truth!