PNAC Website Expired

If you go to, you see this...

This is no surprise since this was announced. Luckily I have the entire site archived. I'll put it up in a file after the New Hampshire conference.

Sweeeet :))

The neo-cons are going DOWN .

EDIT : Damn, they are still there, it just means they are hiding out in the White House basement again ..
and we loose the original source down the memory-hole.
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya


They've just reincorporated under a new name.

I'm surprised it's taken

I'm surprised it's taken this long.


....haven't a lot of those creeps (Pearle, Wolfowitz, Lynne-in lieu of Dick-Cheney, Bolton, Ledeen) relocated over at The American Enterprise Institute?

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Many PNAC Documents still available in Internet Archive...


Including the original Rebuilding America's Defenses - Produced 18-Aug-2000


I would strongly suggest saving what you can for future reference...

Good luck and best wishes

PNAC Website Archive for Research and Posterity

Hi All

Worried that this might disappear, I have created a downloadable "mirror" of the website.


I have created this archive using the oldest version of the files available (least likely to have been changed).

Most are snapshot from the end of 2001 / early 2002.

Almost all documents and images were recovered, I did the best I could.

No alterations have been made to the data, it is as it was !!!


You can download the ZIP archive (36MB) at :

Also contains README.txt file with more details


Please could you save the archive for current research, posterity and future reference.

If 911blogger / 911podcasts could mirror this, it would be much appreciated !!!


Many thanks and best wishes

if anyone has links/info on creating mirrors/archives, pls post

stuff disappears off the web, the more places things get archived, the better- and storage keeps getting cheaper

The Top 40


Herblay France

bonjour ,

it is too easy for them to duck out. I have archived parts of their web site on paper and some on .pdf files. Has anyone a web copy download that we can put back up. The world citizens have a legal right to see the Neocons propaganda for themselves.

Has anyone a complete download of their web site so that we can put it back up as evidence of the PNAC project ?

Looking on the net for a copy I did take a peek at

but the complete site is not there.

When you see important information like this MAKE BACK UP COPIES !

As with the dust from the WTC collapse keep it in a safe and non contaminated place as your proof could put George Bush and his cronies behind the prison bars and save the world from a worst 911 bis!

Yours John

To Little To Late

I always wondered how long PNAC would expose themselves as the September criminals. Well it's about time. It just shows the pressure is on but it's a little too late. All this will do is draw attention to them. Copies will be springing up all over the web. Goes to show you they are as guilty of 9/11 as home made sin.

Neocon archive

Thanks Jon for archiving those web pages, lest history be rewritten and the TRUTH forgotten. Good Work Man!

Mission Accoplished...

Now that they achieved their goals they they can move on to the next criminally insane enterprise/war. Keep on the lookout for the next Neocon "Think Tank". I'm sure their documents will also be sprinkled with codewords for their next attack on humanity.

Read up on these characters:

Check out the CNP sometime... heres a starting point:

Pretty creepy. I don't see

Pretty creepy.

I don't see anything wrong with that bunch setting National Policy...(Blechhh)

Here is my archive...

Click Here (ZIP 5MB) It's like pure evil...

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

pnac archive online and p2p

Download an complete webdisc archive here

An interactive online version is here: