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Where to begin?

First and foremost, the BBC's new special on WTC7 is currently picture locked and set for a tentative release date of June 15th, from my understanding. I had a lengthy conversation today with the producer of the special, and I must say, this will, at the very least, be much more balanced and open-minded than Guy Smith's earlier piece on the movement itself.

Also, from what I gathered, the NIST report on WTC7 is due for release in July. But that might change as well.

I need to compress and upload the footage from Dr. Griffin's event here at SDSU a few weeks ago, I've just been incredibly swamped out here with so many different priorities and objectives.

LCFC V1.1 is almost done mixing and ready for release. The fine folks at SMT Studios have been slaving away in their spare time trying to get it done as ASAP.

Also, Jason and Korey have been hard at work on Fabled Enemies. Obviously I'm only involved from an omniscient standpoint, but from what I've seen earlier this morning, it's shaping up to be a decent production.

Catch you guys soon.

hi dylan

In regards to LCFC v1.1, has anything been added or taken away from the original release, such as the flashing firefighter testimony that I saw in New York? Or is it just cleaning up the audio?

Thanks for the work you do, looking forward to your N3TWORK project. It has me intrigued.

A little here and there.

A little here and there.

I've added:

The Student Scholars' confrontation with Joe Biden regarding Able Danger.
The Luke/Sabrina Giuiliani confrontation.
New, original footage in place of boring or low-quality internet footage.
Better color correction and correct aspect ratios.

I've removed:

A minute of dead space here and there ( "um"s and reduntant voiceovers )

I will probably put the firefighter quotes on the DVD, but not in the feature, only because I couldn't find an effective way to convey the massive amount of quotes without people complaining they go too fast.

And the audio is cleaned, mastered, remixed, re-leveled, and spiced up in a lot of places with that "professional documentary" feeling.

Sibel Edmonds?


She doesn't want to be

She doesn't want to be interviewed by us.

Fabled Enemies

I really like the title. Cultural Relativity is looking to organize a "First Aid Concert" for first responders that takes place nationally. So any bands or artists out there let me know, and I'll see what we can start setting up.


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