The Plane Truth Project REDUX* - At the Jersey Shore: June 11, (maybe July 4th), July 11 and August 11th . . .

A huge thanks to Joe, and all, at "North Texans for 911 Truth" for creating and initiating the Plane Truth Project!!

I thought their idea was simplistically brilliant - remember KISS in high school (and I don't mean the band)?

So, duplicating their 9/11 truth action of May 11th, I am very excited to announce that a company has just been booked to fly an aerial 9/11 Truth banner across the Jersey Shore skies north from Cape May, the southern tip of New Jersey to Sandy Hook, NJ, on June 11, July 11 and August 11.

I am thinking, now, that I'll probably choose a different area for the banner to be flown on June 11th, since not too many people will be at the beach yet. I'm also looking into adding July 4th at the Jersey Shore, and possibly September 11th in NYC. (How cool would that be? V for Vendetta-esque.) There are new flight/zoning restrictions for NYC, but I was just told that they're still allowed to fly along the Manhattan River. Does anyone know if a banner could be seen from street level in Lower or mid Manhattan, in between buildings?

In conjunction with the Week of Truth project(s), I would like to propose this: "Summer of Truth, 2008"** to encompass the extra special events we are all involved in on the 11th of each month and also any Weeks of Truth planned for the summer - is there one planned for the week of July 4th?

The company I'm using is called "High Exposure Aerial Advertising" located in Woodbine, NJ, but they book flights for all over the country:

If enough people or groups book any banner-flying through them, they would probably lower everyone's rates.

If you have any interest, please contact Jill @ or 800.226.4448

* Ironically, while confirming the spelling, I discovered "redux" is also an aircraft adhesive . . . : )

** Remember Summer of Love, 1967?

From Wikipedia: The Summer of Love refers to the summer of 1967, when an unprecedented gathering of as many as 100,000 young people converged on the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, creating a phenomenon of cultural and political rebellion. While hippies also gathered in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and across Europe, San Francisco was the epicenter of the hippie revolution, a melting pot of music, psychedelic drugs, sexual freedom, creative expression, and politics. The Summer of Love became a defining moment of the 1960s, as the hippie counterculture movement came into public awareness.

My vision of Summer of Truth, 2008 might be a little different than this (but maybe not much), but its goal would be as described above, "a defining moment" when 9/11 truth would be seriously questioned in the mainstream public, and maybe even carry over into bigger truths and renewed discussions of the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Jr. (and Dr. William Pepper's work), Malcolm X, the circumstances surrounding Paul Wellstone's death and his family, and how it might all be connected to 9/11 . . .

Then maybe we can get our troops home ASAP, and find some truth, justice and accountability for the 9/11 victims, their families, and all the 9/11 Responders who have died, or are sick and dying, and all of their families.

Then, maybe we can get our country back on track. (Yes, I'm an idealist.)

Look up to the skies on the 11th this summer . . .


"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them."
-- Paul Wellstone

"There comes a time in all of our lives when silence is a betrayal."
-- Martin Luther King

Good job...


Edit: I told a friend (that you know) tonight about what you're doing, and he thinks it's brilliant.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?


Forget weekdays. If you want people to see it, be there on Saturday afternoon.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

I second the motion...

The next 11th that falls on a weekend isn't until October.

Weekends and holidays will give the greatest return on investment.

Keep up the great work, betsy!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Go for it, Betsy!


Thank you Betsy. Get some great video.

Now, who is next?

Better yet, is there someone who will coordinate a nationwide simultaneous launching?

Our contact person is Ted. He is aware of our plan for simultaneous banners.
I never spoke with him personally but I was told he knows the TRUTH.

National Sky Ads, Inc.

If You Look Up With Your Eyes You'll Find Truth In The Skies

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Betsy, your always coming up with something under that Investigate 9/11 Cap your wearing.
Keep up the great work you do. Take Care Matt

Now that is taking prompt action!

I am so happy to hear that you are taking it to the sky.

Good luck with it.

SUMMER OF TRUTH 2008 ...I can say "I was there!!"

I remember the "summer of love". The world started to change. Hope was alive!

..."There were flowers in the air...everywhere"... banners in the air...everywhere!!!

Betsy! You make things happen!

I want to see this node reposted again!! This is big time!!

(Ha!...this should embarrass the mainstream media...the country is gonna find out the truth without them)

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

Phoenix Plans Aerial Banner for next Monday

Someone in our group got word from them.

Phoenix, can you confirm?

I hope so!

Having a banner in the sky

this monday, would reach ton's of folks @ the beach.

If that is too soon....


this idea will be even more powerful IF.......

the words on the banner are an actual URL like

or points to a url: Architects and Engineers for 911truth,

or Google "This Is An Orange"

or the URL of your local group.

Check out the ad in the

Check out the ad in the left-hand column (The Plane Truth Project REDUX), and one of the the front page stories at The . . . Hopefully the two together will be synergistic!

The ad is also on, 911Blogger & ConsortiumNews. com (but I don't see it at Consortium yet.)

Summer of Truth, 2008 . . . .