More Evidence for Energetic Materials

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Received some new photos of the WTC destruction. More roasted cars are shown, and these have not been moved, but are pictured at the point of roasting – in the WTC parking complex.

These cars have been violently scorched to the point that nothing remains but metal.

There are clearly signs of some kind of violent fire. But the tires are gone (wheels remain), the headlights and taillights are gone, the glass is gone (not broken - gone), bumpers are gone, the fabric of the seats is gone, and even the steering wheel and dashboard is gone where this is visible.

What could have suddenly and cleanly evaporated all the non-steel parts of so many cars?

It’s clear these cars were not impacted by falling, burning debris. Also, we can safely rule out the overworked “bolus of jet fuel” diversion. And although it shouldn’t require mention, “star wars beams” would require a very unusual orbit to operate in these enclosed underground areas.

That leaves the very real possibility of aluminothermic energetic materials placed in the WTC basement levels. A superthermite powder mixture, exploding and scorching as it goes, should be the highest priority root cause in any investigation. These photos alone make that case.

The volunteer fireman who sent the photos told me that an iron worker took them. When the fireman asked the iron worker photographer, who is now dying of cancer, for more information, he said this.

“He said access to the garages was extremely restricted. I asked him if he saw any molten metal, he told me there were pools of molten metal under the pile and in the basements. He even said that there were spots that water had pooled up and was just bubbling like a pot of boiling water with molten metal underneath, like in the Nat/Geo movies of underwater volcanic lava flows.”


the debunkers will say something about "the raging fires" or the "heat generated by the collapse".

How should we respond?

ask them for their evidence

ask them for their evidence of how heat generates from a collapse, peer reviewed evidence

First things first!!! Where

First things first!!!

Where did these photos come from!?!?!??!

They need to be verified before everyone jumps on the band wagon here.

Remember that most all the action supposedly took place 800-900

feet above those well-protected basements.

The fires from the planes had about 80 stories of collapsed building to get through to melt all those vehicles. I wouldn't have expected such extreme heat to have flowed throughout all those sheltered "underground caverns" as those garages were.

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How come in the fourth picture

the ceiling above is still intact, but the cars have fallen into the floor below?

If the ceiling didn't fail, then the floor below did not fail because of falling debris. Something underneath this level would have to blow up, in order to cause this kind of damage.

One other possibility is that some of these cars could have been pre-rigged car bombs, parked near specific columns or mechanical systems, to help the buildings collapse. That's what they used in 1993, why not do it again?


Good point---look at that huge crater in the floor swallowing those cars! Kinda goes alomg with William Rodriguez's account of explosions in the sub-basement. I think he would like to see these!

Except that if something

Except that if something blew up, from the floor below, why would it then draw cars into the hole, as opposed to blow them away from the hole?

How deep does this rabbit hole go? :-)

Didn't WTC Engineer Describe Missing Garage Walls?

Didn't this WTC engineer describe sub-level garage walls being completely destroyed?

(8:47 a.m.-9:50 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Engineer Finds Major Damage in Basement and Lobby of North Tower

Mike Pecoraro, an engineer who is part of the crew that services the WTC complex, is at work in the mechanical shop in the second subbasement of the north WTC tower when it is hit. When the room he is in starts filling with white smoke and he can smell kerosene (jet fuel), he heads up stairs with a co-worker towards a small machine shop on the C level. Yet, he says, “There was nothing there but rubble. We’re talking about a 50 ton hydraulic press—gone!” He then heads for the parking garage, yet finds that “there were no walls, there was rubble on the floor, and you can’t see anything.” He ascends to the B level where he sees a 300-pound steel and concrete fire door, which is lying on the floor, wrinkled up “like a piece of aluminum foil.” Pecoraro recalls seeing similar things at the Center when it was bombed in 1993 and is therefore convinced that a bomb has gone off this time. When he makes it into the main lobby, he sees massive damage: “The whole lobby was soot and black, elevator doors were missing. The marble was missing off some of the walls. 20-foot section of marble, 20 by 10 foot sections of marble, gone from the walls.… Broken glass everywhere, the revolving doors were all broken and their glass was gone.” Pecoraro says he only later hears that “jet fuel actually came down the elevator shaft, blew off all the (elevator) doors and flames rolled through the lobby. That explained all the burnt people and why everything was sooted in the lobby.” He makes it out of the North Tower before it collapses. [Chief Engineer, 8/1/2002]

Unless, the floor below them caved in

and then they would fall into the hole. It takes a lot more energy to blow something out and away.

You're right. I feel

No need to feel silly

These pictures are very confusing and it takes a while to figure out what end is up, (pun intended).

I've put together a collection of burning vehicles at the link below. Shots of the vehicles while they were still on fire are important, because they are live shots and they show the vehicles in place before they were disturbed or moved.

The pics in the OP are very important too, because they are rare and they show us what happened to some of the cars that were in the parking garages. There was parking for over 1000 (originally it was 2000) cars under the WTC Complex. That's a lot of fuel storage and a lot of opportunities to bring in a few bombs on the day of the attack. Plus with the freight elevators, which you could drive a good size truck directly onto, you could bring your 'special deliveries' to any floor in the Towers and WTC 7.

Is there any way this iron

Is there any way this iron worker that took the pictures can be contacted to see if he would be willing to do an interview. Get this man recorded saying what he saw. All these people that have these vivid memories will not be here for long. We have to document their story, no matter how short, when it is this compelling it needs recorded.

I'm so grateful you have these photographs but it will be so much more compelling with the audio recording of the eye witness himself and his name.

Is someone working on eye witness accounts? Printed words don't have the same affect, especially without the name. Somehow we have to compell these people to speak what they know and lend their name to the cause.

It is so frustrating to see this evidence and know that just like everything else, it may go ignored.


I agree with Tonya 100%. And if possible, I would suggest using video recording instead of audio.

Time For Tests

Perhaps ignited thermite dispersed by high velocity air (similar to the high velocity air flows created by the towers' collapses) against test material might generate similar results.

4th Picture

I can't even make out what the 4th photo shows.

Kevin have you seen pictures of the other toasted cars outside the building? The toasted cars is one of the many unsolved mysteries of this day's events. Those photos show similar effects, but also others show different effects.

I am glad you are looking into this aspect of the destruction.

Why were the basements "extremely restricted"? Remember that there was a lot of gold in vaults.

After 1993

Only the FBI and other government agencies were allowed to use the parking garages. They were no longer open to the general public.

Note The Rusted Material In Some Images

Could it have once been molten iron?

Raging fires need fuel

There is really nothing flammable in the garage other than the gas in the cars' fuel tanks, and there's no sign of the cars being burned near the back only. Even if you could somehow get all the gas tank to rupture and ignite, the resulting fire would not create enough heat to do this kind of damage. It would have also left more visible soot and smoke damage, as would the tires if they had been ignited by the fuel, and the scene here is almost soot free, consistent with a brief exposure to very high temperatures.

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center

The Atlantic Monthly | July/August 2002 77 North Washington Street

In his reporting for "American Ground," Langewiesche explored the shifting debris with construction workers and engineers, documenting the crises and questions as they arose. He crawled through "the pile" with survey parties and descended deep below street level to areas where underground fires still burned and steel flowed in molten streams.


"Much of the underground was intuitively easy to understand. It consisted of parking garages, often in some stage of collapse, where more than a thousand cars now stood abandoned and covered with gray concrete dust. A disproportionate number of the cars were BMW’s Jaguars, Lexuses, and the like- indicating, if nothing else, the preponderance of a certain culture that thrived here. Although a few seemed strangely untouched, most were crushed sliced,blasted, or burned. Along the north side,where the basement structure remained strong and intact(and was ultimately preserved), the fire had been so intense in places that it had consumed the tires and interiors, and had left hulks sitting on axles above hardened pools of aluminum wheels. Three presidential limousines stood in there too, but were locked away, and remained unscathed."

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center
William Langewiesche
Page 34

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center

"He was Richard Garlock, age thirty-three, a boyish looking structural specialist who worked for the Trade Center’s original designer… He would go wandering off through the subterranean ruins, gazing intently through small Spectacles at the columns and beams, often with the hint of a quizzical smile, making notations on his cherished blueprints, with apparently only a vague awareness of the danger signs around him-the jolt of a collapse far below, the rattle of cascading debris, and the ominous groaning of weakened structures overhead, or, in the early days, the streams of molten metal that leaked from the hot cores and flowed down broken walls inside the foundation hole."

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center
William Langewiesche
Pages 31-32

In the last picture, I find

In the last picture, I find it strange that a row of cars would be affected, but a metal pipe and the connectors via which they are suspended show no signs of trauma. The metal pipes and connectors are only about 1-1.5 car heigts above the cars, yet the row of toasted cars is at least 6 cars wide. Whatever roasted the cars has a strangely geometric selection quality.

This is reminiscent of the situation in various pictures from the Judy Wood website, e.g. this one: , which shows about 6 regions of alternating 'toasted' and 'non-toasted' ON THE SAME VEHICLE. I find the notion that an external chemical agent could have caused such an ordered damage pattern to be unlikely.

Regarding the idea that a "star wars beam" would require a very unusual orbit, I'm not sure what to say, but I will mention that in the book "Decoding the Message of the Pulsars", by Paul Laviolette, Ph.D., he has a chapter called "Force Field-Beaming Technology", wherein he describes phase conjugate masers that do their damage where two separate beams INTERSECT. The intersection is supposed to create a plasmoid, which would be rather hot.

I can't imagine why even a star wars beam technology would be deliberately employed to selectively roast cars, and not the rest of a floor that contained the cars. If the cause of damage was star wars beam(s), it seems likely that toasted cars are some sort of byproduct of their geometry creating some sort of resonance chamber.

BTW, is the correct term ROASTED cars or TOASTED cars? :-)

Show "Oh God .." by Peter

Unfortunately, it seems very

Unfortunately, it seems very hard to get solid facts about exotic technology. (Well, if such knowledge was ubiquitous, I guess we'd have to call it something else. :-) ) E.g., Judy Wood's darling, John Hutchinson, tells us that he sent samples to the Max Planck Institute. Well, I wrote the Max Planck Institute* and asked them about this, and got no answer. This is consistent with 1) them having better things to do than answer me, because, for instance, they found nothing unusual in the samples 2) the whole story being baloney - i.e., nothing was sent to the Max Planck Institute at all and 3) them finding that there was a real effect, but national security types asking/forcing them to keep it hush-hush.

Then there's Podkletnov, who's looking for 80 million euros to create an anti-gravity ship, based on a gravity-beam technology that he is supposed to have discovered. As reported by LaViolette, Podkletnov has claimed to have been able to create a beam strong enough to "smash concrete" (4 inches of it, no less). Unfortunately, he can't show you a demonstration, the lab where he did this research being in a secured facility in Russia, and the Russian government isn't allowing visitors. This reminds me of the 'Invisible Boy' in 'Mystery Men', whose superpower was that he could become invisible, but only if nobody looked at him.....

OTOH, there's an interesting guy named Konstantin Meyl, who not only claims to be able to manipulate scalar waves, but sells a kit that you can experiment with. (You can see a demo at Google video.) However, there's no demo of anti-gravity or metal-bending, though he claims that he can measure a signal propagating at 1.5 x the speed of light. So, while there may be a Nobel prize in his future, should his claim be verifiable by, e.g., each and every person who obtains his kit, that still need not imply anything relevant to the WTC case.

BTW, if doesn't help Wood's case that she makes claims about the building being vaporized, including the metal. I do indeed consider the pulverization of the concrete and other building materials to be anomalous, but that doesn't mean that I think they were vaporized. She also goes hog wild with photos, in one case showing the bottom of a new-ish looking car with an exhaust system that is rusted. Since when does an exhaust system NOT rust faster than the rest of a car's undercarriage? If she really thinks the Hutchinson effect is real, since she has Hutchinson's ear, why doesn't she reproduce his effect under controlled conditions?

* Yipes, I just checked my email client to get the exact date, and can't find the email. Either I used a webmail client or I screwed up. I've just sent another one.

What about the photo's of burned cars on FDR S Hwy?

They looked a lot like these, and they were way far away. This has always puzzeled me. Were they destroyed there, or moved there? Any thoughts?l


They were moved there. Sorry I don't have a source at the moment, but it was common practice to stack cars on top of each other to get them out of the way.

Most of the cars

that exploded outside the complex were located around Vesey Street and West Broadway. Also, West Street directly to the west of the complex had a number of cars that caught fire from hot falling debris.

The furthest away that cars caught fire, that I have been able to find, were these cars in a parking lot to the NW of the complex, west of West Street and north of Vesey.

Only dust and light debris fell down in this area, so why did these cars catch fire is a good question. The darker areas looks like a liquid was poured on the ground and some of the cars after the collapse, but there is no evidence of anyone hosing these cars down with water, since some of them are still burning and no one is around at this point.

It is hard to understand when G.Bush etc +false911 truthers lie

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

personnaly I have doubts that thermite/termate nano-Thermate was the means used to reduce the wtc into dust and had studied the problèm since 2002.

however there is false information like with the fire engine as in this link

it is not easy to understand what really happened when George Bush and Company ( FBI, CIA , ...) and false 911 truthers lie to us.




What really bothers me is the lack of credible audio-recordings of the required explosions DURING the "collapse" ..
..And for the record : I have no doubt whatsoever that the Twin Towers where brought down on purpose, I just object to the
cherry-picking of "evidence" supporting a certain hypothesis while ignoring anything that points to other explanations .
Or maybe I've just spent to much time reading Nicola Tesla lately ..

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya


Why don't you link me to some credible audio instead of voting me down ?
Is it because you, just like me, haven't found it yet ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya


For one thing, thermite does not explode--so it would not make an "explosive" sound. However, many witnesses described loud booms as the building came down, and Jones actual theory involves thermite possibly in combination with other explosives (yet to be conclusively determined).

11 features of controlled demolition does not make belief in this theory a leap of faith (i.e. a "church" movement), but I observe that the space beam crowd has often been forced to rely on insults like these in place of making a legimate effort to present a case for this theory due to their lack of tangible evidence. I hope your divisive language is not calculated to start another irrelevant and pointless flame war.

Solving The Great Steel Caper: DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence
Dr. Gregory S. Jenkins

The Overwhelming Implausibility of Using Directed Energy Beams to Demolish the World Trade Center
Dr. Gregory S. Jenkins

In short, these photos appear to be more evidence that the official story is inadequate. The most plausible theory by far, and one that explains the already existing thermite evidence, is a thermite reaction to cause what is observed in these photos. Clearly, this could be yet MORE evidence (to be verified) to show that thermite type incendiaries were used in the 9/11 attack. A chemical analysis will definitively show what caused this. This is an important find.

An important part of the 9/11 cover-up is to keep us stuck with conspiracy theories about what happened (i.e. guessing game speculation), when the FACTS and clear-cut evidence is shoved to the sidelines.
Arabesque: 911 Truth


What "space-beams" ?
I know thermite/mate doesn't explode, logically this also means that it is not able to eject some of the debris
at the speed and upwards direction as we can clearly see is happening in almost all footage of the so-called "collapses".
I mean, some of it looks like it's shot out of a canon ..and in no way does it look like any previously seen controlled demolition.
So, that must be caused by something else than thermite/mate, f.ex some kind of explosives, maybe detonating cord like Cordtex or Primacord,
maybe something entirely different,and then my question is (partly because I'm a bit of a audio-buf)
"Where is the sonic evidence of these detonations" ?

I'm not out to start any flame-war or promote absurd theories but it has bothered me for some years now that there seems
to be no audio-evidence of the MANY explosions needed to take the towers down and it doesn't help the least that some people seem to think
it's OK to promote AV-material where they KNOW the sound is "fake".
Almost all the witnesses talk about "a explosion" or "a big explosion" and there is audio-evidence of that
, the only ones describing multiple explosions are the Firefighters in the convenient Naudet-video and i have yet to hear them .

How do I know these guys don't have some bomb in their arsenal that can do just what we saw in one "big bang" ?
Does Steven E Jones know ?

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

sonic evidence

Peter, maybe someone can give you a more knowledgeable answer than mine, but to me the rather obvious answer is that you are not talking about one bomb or a dozen bombs, but hundreds or possibly over a thousand bombs all going off within several seconds. You would not expect them to sound like a bomb, but like the roar that we heard. I also doubt that explosives were used in the outer walls, which means the sound would be somewhat muffled to the outside from the sheer mass of materials between the outside and the core columns.

I don't know if thermate was used in the outer walls. It is actually a somewhat interesting question to me whether or not it would be needed in terms of how much load those walls could sustain. I tend to suspect that thermate was used in the outer walls at some key points, and some combination of thermate and explosives were used on the core columns

We did observe a large quantity, possibly tons, of molten material pouring from the 81st floor of the south tower, but we don't know for certain what that was, and more importantly, it is kind of an anomaly relative to the rest of the towers. If it was steel, then I would suggest that they concentrated a large amount of thermate on the floor(s) where the impact was intended, and that would not hold true for the remaining floors on the towers. I have suggested that it may have been molten copper that we saw from the battery room, but that is completely speculative, based on the notion that a battery room may have a large amount of copper wiring, copper has a significantly lower melting point than steel, and molten copper is similar in appearance to molten steel. This very speculative theory would make a little more credible the amount of molten material that we saw, it wouldn't discount thermite at all, since I believe it would be impossible for copper to melt solely from the jet fuel and the office fires that lasted for the hour or so before collapse. I have been in burned out houses after the fact, and don't ever recall seeing the results of molten copper.

Melting point Copper - 1984 degrees fahrenheit
Melting point Steel - 2500 to 2750 degrees fahrenheit, depending on the alloy
Melting point Lead - 622 degrees fahrenheit (coloration not consistent with what was seen, lead melts silvery)
Melting point Aluminum - 1220 degrees fahrenheit (coloration not consistent with what was seen, aluminum melts silvery)

Interesting analysis, bearcat

I'd say, you're definitely on the right track and remaining aware of the visual evidence in any explanation you provide.

I would ask the additional question, are there any explosives or baffling material that can be added to change the sound of an explosion?

I'm not an expert but your recap remains true to the event, it was a roar heard and may be simply the result of hundreds of bombs going off in a tightly rigged continuous manner?

...don't believe them!

Steven Jones on explosive weapons-grade termate

Forgive me if I am confused about use of term thermate or thermite.

I attended a recent talk by Steven Jones here in Los Angeles. He said that the thermate used was extremely well crafted with very small particles of aluminum and iron filings. He said the extremely fine particles are explosive when ignited.

In dust samples that he was able to obtain, he found un-exploded flakes or thermate. when subjected to blowtorch, they exploded.

Thank you, Kevin....

These are some peculiar photos. It certainly inflicts a death blow to any jet fuel fire argument.

This kind of photo evidence also makes a red flag go up. This administration may be very concerned of any renewed examination under a new government?

...don't believe them!

One minute please

"What could have suddenly and cleanly evaporated all the non-steel parts of so many cars?"

Where is the evidence that it was sudden? Where is the evidence that they were evaporated?

The melting point of steel is about 1500deg C. There is no melting of steel apparent, so the temps were well below those produced by thermite (2500deg C).

Glass varies in melting temperature depending on glass type, but is typically around 1500deg C, like steel. It is very common, however for windows to shatter in a fire, due to internal stresses, at lower than1500deg C. (Claiming that the glass is "gone" would imply that it vaporized, which would occur well above the melting point of 1500deg C. But the steel has not even melted!)

I would thus guess that the temps were below 1500deg C, and this was simply a hot fire.

I am not doubting the widely reported pools of molten metal, the basement explosions, or the other strong evidence for thermite/thermate. I am just wondering if these photos show temps consistent with a hot fire, instead of direct contact with thermite.

These Pics Remind 0f The PATH Level Cave in reported by

the Port Authority in their transcripts:

5. PAPD Officer 33 responding to a Cave in at B-4
a. Location: Traveling to sub-level B-4, WTC North Tower
b. “Myself and (inaudible) to the Trade Center responding with scott packs to the B-4 Level. There’s a report of a cave-in and people trapped.”
c. PAPD Desk-“Roger, three three and eight-two Houston, World Trade responding B-4 level on a report of a cave in.
d. Officer 33- “There’s also been a cave-in at the platform of the PATH plaza…there’s a live electrical, and water running. Turn off the power in that area.
e. PAPD Desk reports to other responders-“Three-three is reporting that
there is a cave in, B-4 level, at the World Trade Center, copy? A possibility of people trapped."
Brief Summary: Again not only is a fire not reported, not only that no fireball is described. Officer 33 is responding to the damage that occurred after the explosive device was detonated. This account is perhaps highlights largest amount of structural damage in the sub-levels recorded by the police. What is described is actually two cave-ins, one at B-4 level and one at the PATH plaza platform. You should be asking yourself, how NIST concluded an unreported fireball caused a cave in at B-4 and the PATH subway plaza platform.
Port Authority Transcript

6. Male caller to 310B Fire Command Radio Channel X-Security
a. Location-Near or on the Path Train
b. “Please let me get through! The PATH train, something is going on at the PATH train! Can you ask somebody to make an announcement, 310B, people are running out of the PATH train, copy!
c. Male-“Ten-four. (Inaudible) to 63.” Female-“Yes.
d. Male-“See if you can make an announcement with PAPD with regards to people panicking in the PATH trains! Female-“That’s people by the PATH train, copy.”
Brief Summary: The device that caused the explosion apparently caused the cave in/partial collapse at B-4 basement level and the PATH Plaza platform, even to the point of causing people to panic and get off the train, resulting in the phone calls from PAPD 33 and a call to 310B Fire command. This call like the others mentions no fireball and no secondary fires.
Port Authority Transcript

You can read more of these and many other basement explosion reports at

"I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it." -1993-John Skilling, Head Structural Engineer WTC Towers