Hungry For Truth - Day 4

Blair continues his hunger strike for truth in front of McCain's office despite being ignored by the MSM. However, the alternative media has shown a significant interest in his efforts. James Beardsly who represents came by to meet Blair. Starting tonight, May 29th, Blair will be interviewed by Mike Rivero every night at 6pm AZ time. You can listen nightly by going to Also, Kim Matthews with Code Pink stopped by and spent an hour or two with Blair and conducted an interview. These types of visits are empowering as it gives him a boost of energy and hope that people are supporting his efforts. He is quickly making friends with people who drive by on a daily basis and it's not uncommon for some to stop and talk. Blair knows that these daily postings are going up at 911Blogger and he wants to thank everyone for their kind words. But unfortunately words are not enough. Please do all you can to contact the media about this effort. Blair is strong willed but he can't do it without you. Help him expose the truth. Are you hungry for 9/11 truth?
-Tim King

thanks for doing this

we're all pulling for ya!!!!!

Media contacts.

(Compiled by baldfacelie)

PHX MSM Televison


CBS 5 News invites you to become part of our Digital Team! Is there breaking news or weather happening in your neighborhood? Have you captured great video or pictures of storms, accidents or traffic jams using your cell phone? Your digital camera? We want to see them! E-mail your media to
HELPLINE - 602-650-5555.
NEWS TIPS - 602-650-0711 OR
Email address for replying to Morning Show questions -
INVESTIGATION: 5i-TEAM - For your concerns of criminal or unregulated activities and investigative tips

KSAZ Phoenix FOX

News Department
News Desk: 602.685.6397
News FAX: 602.685.6363

The Investigators
Submit a tip to The Investigators

Programming Director
For questions concerning ABC15 TV programming

12 Main Phone Number
(602) 257-1212

12 News Phone Hotline
(602) 257-6630 or

Call 12 for Action
(602) 260-1212 or email Call 12 for Action

Quick copy and paste emails,,,,,,,,

Edit: I had personal contact with two of the above mentioned media outlets today, 1 via email and 1 via phone, and they both showed interest. Fingers crossed...

Hello people !

Here we have a guy starving himself for the truth. Do you think we can get Jesse Ventura, Charlie Sheen, Willie, and Rosie to pay a visit? All at once?
We need to draw as much attention to this as possible. And i would again like to say ......Thank you Blair Hang tough my friend.


What about William Rodriguez? We need to make sure people like Willy, Ventura and so on are aware of his action and at least make him a phone call. Does Blair have a cell where we in Canada can call to give our support?

Sustaining thoughts

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
- Gandhi

Please Reddit

Thank you, Blair. Words

Thank you, Blair. Words could never describe how much what you are doing means to me and so many others. God bless you.

It'll be interesting?

Corporate-controlled Media has gone out of its way to ignore the Hunger Strike! Blair will be hard to ignore as the days go by? Hang in there, Blair!

Also, thanks to Mike Rivero for covering the strike!

...don't believe them!

Like i said above....

We need to make this a HUGE event ! To put in perspective. We have a hundred thousand people trying to drop an elephant with a BB gun........................We need a elephant gun !
If we can get celebrites, family members, our experts, firemen united here the media will have no other choice but to cover it.............Hell maybe Willie will do a few songs!