AP: AZ legislator wants McCain to hear Sept. 11 suspicions

(This AP piece was sent out over the wire, and has been picked up by several news outlets:
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Published: 06.03.2008

AZ legislator wants McCain to hear Sept. 11 suspicions

The Associated Press

PHOENIX — An Arizona state legislator wants U.S. Sen. John McCain to give credence to suspicions that demolition explosives were planted in the World Trade Center and another building, causing their destruction on Sept. 11, 2001.

Republican Sen. Karen Johnson of Mesa urges McCain to meet with individuals who have concluded that impacts of hijacked jets and subsequent fires did not cause the buildings' destruction.

Johnson says in a letter to McCain she has spoken with the individuals and agrees with their conclusions.

A Senate aide to McCain did not immediately respond to requests for comment late Tuesday.

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Media Alert -- Call to Action.


Your Phone Calls and email are working! Hunger Strike activist Blair Gadsby has finally broke in to the main stream media. Tuesday evening Blair was interview by the Arizona Republic for an article that should come out Wednesday morning. Rumor has it that the NBC affiliate in Phoenix reported on Karen Johnson's request to senator McCain's office on the 10 o'clock news cast. Please keep it up and call the news outlets on Wednesday and ask then to cover this historic event!

Wednesday (today) will also be the day that Phoenix area citizens have scheduled a plane to tow a 35 feet long banner reading "Google Hunger Strike for 911 Truth". Please call the Radio and TV stations while the plane is in the air (5pm to 7pm pacific time) and ask them if the have seen the plane and if they plan on mentioning it on the air!

Thanks for all your help!

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And regarding Popular Mechanics, Senator...

'Johnson says in a letter to McCain she has spoken with the individuals and agrees with their conclusions.'

Subtext (which it might do well to make explicit): ...and is not persuaded by the arguments of Popular Mechanics in 'Debunking 9/11 Myths,' for which Senator McCain wrote the foreword. Did the Senator write that foreword without actually being exposed to the viewpoint of skeptics? Or does he know that viewpoint only too well, and is simply lying for political reasons in promoting that book?