Ray McGovern's False Flag Warning - June 24, 2008

Ray McGovern's statement on the Alex Jones show (6/24) never got the attention it deserved. For those who never caught the show or listened to the MP3, here is what McGovern said;

"I'd be more interested in exploring how this thing could get underway. Now, the Iranians are no dopes. They're not gonna be provoked into doing the kind of attack on Israel or US forces that would give us an excuse, and the Israelis an excuse to really zap 'em, and what I mean by really zap them is; go after the lion's share of their nuclear-related activities in Iran.

And so what's likely to happen? Well, I think more likely than anything would be a kind of, what we call in the trade here, in the intelligence trade, a False Flag attack. Ok? You get a boat all painted up with Iranian colors, and you sink a US destroyer escort in the gulf... wow! You kill a bunch of Americans... that could set things off.

Now who would do that? Who has an interest? Cui bono? We used to say. Who would have an interest, who would profit from that kind of thing? It's very clear that the state of Israel would, because many of those extreme leaders think that they have to move against Iran before Bush leaves office."

Until very recently, McGovern has been one of the most restrained voices when it comes to talking about False Flag attacks. As the most vocal and visible member of the VIPS, McGovern's prudence has earned a respected position in the anti-war and impeachment movements in the U.S.

As a former high-level intelligence official, who delivered the President's Daily Brief on more than one occasion, he would know exactly what a False Flag operation is. McGovern is running up a warning flag right now. Considering his track record of 100% on Iraq's WMDs... it wouldn't be prudent, (not at this juncture), to ignore his warning now.

Two hard-hitting pieces from McGovern coming up.

Scott Ritter's recent comments suggest

that he is really worried. His background in military intelligence convinces me that we are surely in very dangerous times. We must wage peace with everything we've got!


I agree Rep....

this issue needs alot of attention

I agree

with Scott Ritter. A war with Iran would turn nuclear and once the genie is out of the bottle, as he puts it, there is a very good chance one or more of our cities would be hit. Say your prayers truthers, madmen are running the show.

Have to love McGovern...

...we need someone to tell it like it is. It's the tenest period in U.S. History since 1968

...don't believe them!