Boston Helps NY/911 Truth Collect Signatures

On Thursday 5 intrepid members of Boston 9/11 Truth went to NYC in the early morning to help New York members collect signatures to get a referendum on the ballot in November which would re-open the seriously flawed 9/11 commission.

The trip down itself was not without incident: a flat-tire going AND returning, heavy downpours and the predictable heavily congested traffic on I-95 near NYC. Nevertheless, the group arrived by 11 am at Union Square park where the petitioning was taking place that day. They joined other NY chapter members who were stationed through the park, at subway entrances and speaking to many New Yorkers sitting on the park benches to take in the sun.

It was not difficult to collect signatures, as many New Yorkers are well-informed about 9/11 and like to engage in political discussions. At least half of those asked to sign were not NYC registered voters and so were ineligible to sign. Of those eligible perhaps one in four would agree to sign.

The Boston group, though exhausted after the long one-day trip, were happy because they had collected many signatures and because they had given a strong morale boost to the NY 9/11 members. The goal of obtaining 30,000 signatures by the end of July seemed reachable.

Greg Flynn
Newton Chapter, Boston 9/11 Truth

That's the way it gets done

Thanks for going the extra miles Boston 9/11 Truth!

You can also donate money

I recently talked with a NYC activist, and he told me that while they have been given the business by the city (and had to throw out signatures, because of that), OTOH they have gotten an infusion of 30 new workers.

If travelling to NYC is too hard, consider donating money. I got the following budget from Les Jamieson:

Hire 250 people to gather signatures
@$10/hr for 30 hrs/week for 4 weeks $30,000

10 team leaders for 30 hrs/week
@$15/hr for 4 months $9,000

Support staff/administration $2,000

PR firm for 1 month $4,000

Ads on Air America Radio
local NYC market @$120 for
each 60-sec. spot @15 per week $1,800

Ad campaign on NY1 Local TV News $20,000

1/4 page ads in Village Voice
4 weeks $2,000


Donations can be made through Paypal or credit card at Also, checks can be made out to Civic Empowerment Network and mailed to
Les Jamieson,
369 51st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220.