WeAreChange Robbed of 3 Cameras and Important Footage

On July 26, 2008 around 4am Eastern Time WeAreCHANGE members Sabrina Rivera and myself Luke Rudkowski noticed our cars front widow was knocked out. The only missing property inside the car was three WeAreCHANGE cameras with important video footage. It is important to note that I myself was receiving harassing phone calls for the past 24 hours prior to the robbery. The Robbery took place right after a public WeAreCHANGE meeting which Sabrina and myself attended. The following cameras have been taken.

The cameras were located on the bottom floor of the back seat in a camera bag covered by a towel no way visible from outside. The windows in the car were tinted and no one from the outside was able to see anything resembling a camera or camera bag.


JVC HDD GZ-MG155 - $700

Sony Handycam DCR-HC28 - $300

JVC HDD GZ-HD3 - $850

Along with extended batteries and charges the totally amount of equipment stolen was around $2,000 dollars not including the damages to the car and important video footage yet to be publicly released.

The police have notified us that the person who committed the crime must have watched all of our moves before breaking into the car and stealing the cameras.

The same situation occurred couple weeks ago to our WeAreCHANGE UK chapter when there video cameras, hard drives and original tapes and copies of Elephant In The Room were stolen.

If anyone has any information to this case please contact bri.wearechange@gmail.com immediately.

Support the Troops.

(This is one way of doing it :)

Thank you

we appreciate any support at this time.

More cameras to troops

The raw footage on those cameras is worth how much? How much would the real terrorists pay to prevent the truth?

Here is what let's do-All of us should go get a small video camera so they would not be concentrated.

When I was in the Army we used to say "Get the weapons in the hands of the troops".

Owning a camera shows leadership. We have a job to do! We need to defend the constitution. I think It is time for me to get one of those things.

How about you?

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.

Lets' Learn From This

You guys are probably being targeted by some sort of COINTELPRO. If not you'll have to take extra precautions just the same.

Don't leave your cameras in your cars.

If you must leave valuables in your cars, then hide them beneath the seats or lock them in your trunks.
The surest way to get crooks to take an interest in your valuables such as your cameras is to leave them in an obvious spot in your car.

If you can afford it get your windows tinted.

In fact, don't leave your camera(s) unattended at all, for any reason, except an emergency.

You guys should make sure you can't lose the footage you have already taken.

Can you set up a live feed that gets stored on a server?

Upload or store footage as soon as you take it. Don't put it off.

I hope you guys had insurance on those cameras

That sucks

It's probably a crack head who, by now, has already sold each for $50 and smoked the profit. Whether it is the New World elite or New World crack heads, you are being watched, and not just on You-tube. Be careful and be smart, because your homes might be next.

Insure your gear (it's real cheap) and keep it with you at all times when you are out shooting.

Being violated sucks, just get over it and make it work for you. Use it as a time to upgrade your equipment for better quality video and move on. Your work is too important to waste a single moment getting bent over a petty break-iin. And there's more than enough important footage still to be had. No shortage there.

It Wasn't Crackheads


And as the above report states before that: "It is important to note that I myself was receiving harassing phone calls for the past 24 hours prior to the robbery."

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006 http://praxeology.net/anarchist-jesus.pdf

Theophysics http://geocities.com/theophysics/

This proves We Are Change Is Having An Effect

Truth Rising beautifully showcases the We Are Change confrontations. It has apparently been effective in showing what is behind the sound bite curtains. Those who are behind 9/11, CFR, Bilderberg, PNAC, World Bank, Federal Reserve etc. are feeling it. This is an escalation of their involvement as they cross the line into burglary in order to dampen the spirits of the 911 Truth Movement. Just as they falsely accused German Talis of beating up a little girl in a wheelchair, they believe the ends justify the means. They even were able to get the New York Post to print the bogus wheelchair assault story.


But of course, the NY Post is owned by News Corporation, which also owns the television propaganda sewer pipe known as Fox News. Rupert Murdoch and his underlings are intentionally fabricating messages in an effort to discredit the movement and to maliciously imply that members are appallingly "violent to little girls in wheelchairs". How fucking ridiculous can you get? It reminds me of when Scott Ritter went public with his knowledge that Iraq had no WMD and the next day they were reporting that Ritter had kiddie porn on his computer.

I agree with having more cameras and uploading the raw video onto multiple hard drives in different locations as soon as possible. In other words, back it up.

I like what you guys do and admire your courage to speak truth to power.

I am sure you know what to do better than I do.

Thanks for your important work.

Sounds suspicious to me!

Whatever the content was it must have been important to someone. Check around the neighborhood maybe someone saw something. You may be surprised to find someone who can describe the person(s) even if they won't go on record. It would be nice to set a trap with some new bait and catch the sob's on tape from a safe distance of course. Crack babies don't leave computers and GPS gear behind, sounds personal to me. Keep up the great work and keep the faith.

Try not to leave

stuff in your car. My window has been smashed for no more than a cell phone. I've lost cameras, computers, etc. Even though I now live in the country, I still take my "New Yorker" habits with me, always hide valuable things in the car behind a wad of newspaper, or put it in the trunk. That's not to say some intelligence agencies filched your stuff, but one must be careful. Glad to hear they left your laptop. That's a plus!