Anthrax Suspect Was Committed to a Psychiatric Hospital Shortly Before His Death

Bruce E. Ivins, the anthrax researcher who supposedly committed suicide, and who the government is now trying to blame for the anthrax attacks, was involuntarily committed to 2 psychiatric hospitals shortly before his death.

Specifically, a month before his death, he was involuntarily committed to the Frederick Memorial Hospital and then transferred to Sheppard Pratt, another psychiatric facility.

Was Ivins crazy? Maybe.

Or maybe he was sent to a psych facility for the same reasons that the Soviet Union committed dissidents to psych hospitals. Maybe Ivins couldn't stand it anymore, and was about to blow the whistle on the real anthrax killers, so they ginned up some claims that he was dangerous and had him hospitalized.

And maybe Ivins' suicide was as real as his and hers.

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Time lag.

He also died July 29th yet wasn't reported on as I saw it until today Aug. 1st.

An even bigger time lag

Ivins was found passed out on his bathroom floor. When they got him to the hospital he was still alive. He died 2 days later.

An overdose causing death from Tylenol w/ codeine is extremely rare, especially if you're still alive when you get to the hospital. You might end up like Terry Schiavo but they shouldn't have a problem keeping you alive.

Or maybe some of his Camel Club buddies

were spiking his coffee?

What a great alibi, sure he was crazy.

WashPo says

"Authorities' working theory is that Ivins sought to highlight U.S. vulnerability to such attacks."

See. His motive was honorable. He just loved America so much he had to kill some Americans with anthrax to make a point.

Done and done.

Of course, now we'll never know the real motive, or whether he was the perp. Sometimes these things just happen.

Please review the link below and notice....

This man's therapist says he has been homicidal dating to his graduate days. Does she mean that he has been homicidal since he was in graduate school? Although his letters to the local newspaper editor, which are available on one of the other posts about this case, showed him to be quite religious, there was no indication of homicidal tendencies. He seemed to be pro-life. He was against abortion, against assisted suicide or euthanasia, and against the death penalty. That is inconsistent with her assessment. Maybe he changed recently, but she says it dates back to his graduate days.

Additionally, when you get to the page, look at the form she filled out. What does this handwriting say about her. Maybe it says she was under duress, which would be understandable, but the handwriting is really strange.

Do we have anyone with expertise in handwriting analysis in the group that may want to take a gander at the form? That could be useful, in my opinion.

What kind of therapist

goes around revealing a clients personal information? Especially now a days with the HIPAA law.

Either that, or she was on some serious drugs

Actually, the writing is perfectly normal -- except in the one section "The details of what happened are:".

Here there are cross-outs, oddly cramped handwriting, a general incoherence. Gosh, if I were one of those paranoid conspiracy nuts I might almost suspect someone was holding a weapon to her head, telling her what to write.

Poor Guy was probably scapegoated!

What do you do when you have legal issues? You need to finger someone else and prevent people from examining the case too closely?

You search for a scapegoat and have them suicided, so the naive will view it as a closed case and move on. There was no indication of foul play is almost as common a cover as "for reasons of National Security". It's all a cruel joke, IMHO.

It's also notable, Ivins was a microbiologist involved in the Anthrax vaccine.

We're seeing a spate of suicides? Brig. Gen. Tinsley connected to Minot AFB B-52 missing nuke incident and Air Force shake up

Will we see more before the end of this administration? Is this a possible clean up effort by a criminal government on their way out the door?

Where's Dr Zack these days?

Ivins suicide...
...don't believe it!

They like to multi-task

  • silence this individual
  • warn other would be whistleblowers
  • show Patrick Leahy progress in the case (he's been asking)
  • add new injection of fear into body politic

Also put an end to speculation

Olbermann on Countdown:

Its was Phil Ochs who was the most powerful voice...

Many folks think that it was Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, or other folk singer-activists that were the most powerful in the 60s...and they were, and are still important. But not so as far as I am was Phil Ochs' amazing and simple words in song that went directly AT the Pentagon and exposed them as killers and propigators of war. Phil Ochs' words were so clear and threatening because they made so much sense. One can note that Robert Zimmerman's poetry was brilliant, and that it affected quite a few people, and many artists, but it was still poetry in song which many regular folks just didn't get, and...he stepped up his mumbling...especially after Ochs' interesting death. Another death that mimics the Ivins' death. Too many Ivinses are dying lately...

Although Bill Hicks certainly drank and...? a lot, he almost always ended his comedy work by noting that we should be spending money on healthcare and "feed the people" issues instead of "warring and killing" practices that are conducted by the military machine. Hicks made this pefectly clear in his courageous, funny and pointed humor, and it was simply unavoidable to "hear"...just like Ochs' work was very penetrating on the simplest of levels. Hick's his death was convenient and early much like Ochs' and so many other's deaths have been...

No hard proof here...but far too many similarities and relationships to exposing the Pentagon for me to forget.

So, the beat goes on...and thankfully there are just too many of us now...

Robin Hordon

While I doubt very much that

While I doubt very much that either Phil Ochs or Bills Hicks were murdered I agree that Phil Ochs was one of the most powerful voices of his generation, and I figured not everybody who reads 911blogger has heard him sing. Here's a fix for that: